Kinzville Academy

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Welcome to the Kinzville Academy! This is a school for your Webkinz pets to learn skills such as strength and style. Ms. Cowoline is the superintendent, and she helps players sign up for classes with their pets. These skills help your pet to succeed in the Webkinz Stadium competitions, some games and some jobs at the Employment Center.

When you go to the Academy, you can only play one pet at a time. However one or all of the pets on your account may take classes. There used to be a fee of 50 KinzCash per class but as of October 20, 2010 the fee was removed, along with the ability to tutor your pet. Tutoring was available up to level 10 of any class and allowed the pet to immediately and successfully pass said class, for a fee of 250 KinzCash per class.

Each pet is limited to 3 different classes per day. Deluxe members get one bonus class per day.

If you want your pet to attend a class, click on the Sign Up Sheet. You will be able to view your report card and see the list of the courses that are available. You can choose from the Basic courses or the Talent courses.

Report Card

Your report card will show you how you have been doing in school as well as how much more work you need to do to complete the course. Classes you passed on your last attempt will be in green, classes you failed will be in red. Your last completed level will be shown.

Pins will be awarded when you complete a level. To see your pins, click VIEW PINS on your report card.

Courses at the Kinzville Academy

Basic Pet Courses

There are six Basic Pet Courses at the Kinzville Academy. Each course has 10 levels. When you complete level 5 in any course, a new action will be unlocked for your pet. When you complete level 10 in a course, you'll get to choose from a selection of special gifts. When you complete level 10 in all six Basic Pet Courses, your pet will be awarded a diploma from the Kinzville Academy. The Basic Pet Courses are split into two categories:



Pet Talent Courses

Pet Talent Courses do not count towards your diploma, but they still count towards earning Recess. When you complete level 5 in a Pet Talent Course, you'll be awarded a special gift for your pet. When you complete level 10 in a talent course, a special game will be unlocked that you can play as often as you'd like.


There are several types of prizes that your pet can obtain after completing certain levels of the Kinzville Academy Courses. Prizes can not be traded nor can they be sent by KinzPost.

Level 5 - Pet Actions

When you complete level 5 of the basic classes with your first pet you will unlock a new action. All of your pets on that account can use this action.

Level 10 - Prize Box Items

Each pet that completes level 10 will receive a prize box from which you can choose one of six prizes. Every pet that completes level 10 gets a prize box. (see individual classes for details).


When you complete level 10 for all six basic courses you will receive a diploma that you can hang on your wall. The diploma cannot be traded nor sent by kinzpost.

Uses of Skills

You can put the skills you earn to good use in WW.

Your skills will help you win tournaments.

For example, in Webkinz Rally your skill level affects the kinds of cars you get and how well you can maneuver.

Super School Day

On certain days, typically two to three times a month, Ganz holds a "Super School Day" at the Kinzville Academy. Every class a player passes on that day counts twice! This helps the player save a little bit of time.

However, super school days do not count as two days you get to take off of the number of days you get until recess.


After 15 full days of classes at the Kinzville Academy (3 classes taken by one pet), your pet can attend Recess! There are 4 activities to do at recess: Hopscotch, Buried Treasure, Hide and Seek, and Merry-Go-Round. After Recess you get a lunch bag you can open in your room.


For the first couple of years, players had to pay to attend classes at the Academy. The minimum cost of getting one pet through Level 5 in one class was nearly 4,000 KC. The minimum cost of getting one pet through Level 10 in one class was nearly 14,000.

On October 20, 2010, Ganz changed the programming to make it FREE to attend the Academy.

When the Academy no longer cost anything to attend, the Tutor option was removed as well. The tutor option let players have their pets "tutored" for 250 KC and would pass that class automatically.

How long does it take to Complete a Level?

Once a pet completes level 10 the requirements for the rest of your pets go down.[1]

Level 1st Pet 2nd Pet 3rd Pet 4th Pet 5th Pet
1 5 classes 4 classes 3 classes 2 classes 1 class
2 10 classes 8 classes 6 classes 4 classes 2 classes
3 15 classes 12 classes 9 classes 6 classes 3 classes
4 20 classes 16 classes 12 classes 8 classes 4 classes
5 25 classes 20 classes 15 classes 10 classes 5 classes
6 30 classes 24 classes 18 classes 12 classes 6 classes
7 35 classes 28 classes 21 classes 14 classes 7 classes
8 40 classes 32 classes 24 classes 16 classes 8 classes
9 45 classes 36 classes 27 classes 18 classes 9 classes
10 50 classes 40 classes 30 classes 20 classes 10 classes
Totals 275 classes 220 classes 165 classes 110 classes 55 classes

Super School Give-A-Ways