Running Class

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The Running Class, also called the Speed Class, is a Kinzville Academy basic pet course in the Physical category. It was introduced in 2008.


In Running Class, your Webkinz is required to run at a certain speed for a certain period of time. You accomplish this by moving your mouse in small circles on the "Power Spinner" to make your Webkinz run. Keep a close eye on your Speed Meter. You want your Webkinz speed to match the speed in the Target area. For every second you spend in the Target area, the Goal heart will fill up a little more. The Target area will move, so keep a close eye on it. If you drop out of the Target area, the heart will stop filling. You need to get the heart completely full before time runs out.

Level 5

The first pet that completes Level 5 will award the Roll Over action. This action can then be used on all pets.

Level 10

Each pet that completes Level 10 will award an Academy Speed Class Gift Box, from which the player may choose one item from the following pool. Kinzville Academy Prizes cannot be Kinzposted or traded.

Academy Running Class Gift Box

Gold Wing Track Shoes

Golden Wings

Marathon Snapshot

Speed Class Treadmill

Stopwatch Clock

Water Cooler Fridge

Winged Helmet

For more information on these items, see (Item Guide) Kinzville Academy#Running.