Hairdresser Class

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The Hairdresser Class, also called the Grooming Class, is a Kinzville Academy Pet Talent course. It was introduced on April 4, 2008.


Style Plumpy's hair according to the reference photo.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always start with the feature that is hardest for you to remember. For some it's curling/straightening the hair, for others it is coloring. Whatever you need to have the picture up for as reference - this doesn't matter at level 1 but is really important by level 4 when you don't have a lot of time with the picture up.
  • Count curls! To figure out how much cutting to do count the number of ringlets on the model and then cut - you will loose one ringlet per cut.
  • Match to the curls Once you have your curl length in place, cut the straight/braided hair so that it is the correct length relative to the curls.
  • Color the hair after the style is correct. That way if the model disappears, you have something you can do that doesn't require careful observation.
  • Use bows as a reference point for cutting.
  • The size and type of bow you see is important. Curly hair has a large ribbon at the top of the curl; straight hair has a large ribbon at the bottom of the hair; braided hair has a smaller ribbon at the bottom of the hair.
  • You do not have to color the blue hair blue. If the model has blue hair, you don't have to recolor it blue--saving yourself valuable time.
  • Say the color out loud, in order of the hair strands. For example, to remember the colors, say: "blue, orange, yellow, brown, yellow, orange" and just before the model fades, quickly look at the style, and say: "curl, curl, straight, braid, straight." (thanks momwhoplays)
  • Be careful with the bangs - they can be tricky. Check out where the end of the bangs are relative to the customer's glasses (inside or outside the frame).
  • Jot down all the information (except for the cutting lengths) when the class first starts. For example, write: "g, bk, br, bl, pur, y" for the hair colors (green, black, brown, blue, purple, yellow) then: "b, c, s" (braid, curl, straight). Then write ribbon colors down, like "r, pk, pur" (red, pink, purple). You should have time to jot all these before the picture leaves the screen.
  • You have five chances to look at Plumpy's picture, so don't panic when it disappears. Do as much as you remember, then check the model to see if you did it right.
  • Bows are smaller when attached to hair that has been braided. When hair layers are the same color and side by side, it can be difficult to tell how they are styled. This tip makes it easier.
  • Use peeks for the tougher stuff. Jot down notes while Plumpy's picture is up the first time: write down hair and bow colors and get them done before peeking, and then use your peeks for the tougher stuff such as cutting and curling.


Level 5

The first pet to complete Level 5 will award a Beauty Class Vanity.

Level 10

The first pet to complete Level 10 will unlock the Plumpy's Hairdresser Arcade game.