Pixie Pod Pachinko

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Pixie Pod Pachinko is a game that can be played in the Magical Forest.


To play, you need at least one Pixie Pod Seed. Seeds can be earned from Woodland Wonders, Magic Mire, or an hourly event on the Today's Activities. Once you have acquired one or more seeds, you can play the game. To play, use the arrows in the Magical Forest to go to the game.


Once in the game, you will see a basket moving across the bottom of the screen. The object of the game is to get your seed(s) into that basket. The more seeds you get into the basket, the more KinzCash you will earn. If you don't use all your seeds, the unused seeds can be used in later games.


To score, shoot a seed out of the Seed Launcher. It will fall through circular obstacles and spinning wheels. If you're lucky, it will eventually land in the basket. The amount of KinzCash the basket will award you changes each time the seed hits an obstacle.


Here are a few tips to get the most out of each game.

Save Up!- One of the best ways to score as much as possible is to save up at least 10 seeds before playing the game. The more seeds you have, the more likely you'll win a lot of KinzCash. Whereas if you play one or two seeds at a time, you might not score at all or only very little.

The Ideal Shot- The best time to shoot a seed is right when the basket changes direction on the right. As soon as it starts coming back to the left, fire your seed at the middle of the bumper circled in red in the picture below. This strategy will not always result in a win, but most players average about 7 out of 10 using this strategy.

Pixie Pod Perfection