Dr. Quack's Clinic

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Dr. Quack's Clinic is a place for your pet if they are sick. The Clinic closed on March 25, 2015 because of Dr. Quack's retirement.  

"If your pet has a green snout, a thermometer in its mouth, and looks sad, it is sick. you will have to take it to see Dr. Quack in the clinic to make it feel better. You can listen to him examine your pet, but you can't watch him since he will pull out a screen divider. Medicine to cure your pet costs 25 Kinzcash. Make sure that you take care your pet better!"

According to March 3, 2015, it is said that because Dr. Quack managed to cure Webkinz out of all illnesses with help from Goober


  • This place is the only place where you can actually hear your Webkinz talk that is not possible to move around. In "Go Fish", they say "Go Fish".
  • The Clinic closed on March 25, 2015 because Doctor Quack retired and had a cure to all pets not to be sick.