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KinzPost is an area in Webkinz World where players can send letters, packages, or postcards to friends added on the KinzChat phone. Players can choose between a letter, package, or postcard (Deluxe only), then customize the message, stationery, stickers, or wrapping paper. Sending mail in Webkinz World is free.

Players can send a maximum of three items per package and can only send one gift to each friend per day.

Starting in June 2011, players can add Webkinz Hosts as friends and to send them packages, letters, and postcards. These hosts occasionally respond with a letter or a package. Sending a package is not required to receive a Host gift.

Wrapping Paper

Preview Name Type
Plain Paper Default
Blue Wrapping Default
Red Paper Default
Crown of Wonder Paper Deluxe Only
World Traveler Paper Deluxe Only
Golden Paper Deluxe Only
Pink Paper Default
Silver Paper Default
Hearts Paper Default
Polka Dots Default
Wizard Paper Default
Blue Snowflakes Paper Christmas Seasonal
Red Snowflakes Paper Christmas Seasonal
Unicorn Paper Default, added in Apr '09
Deluxe Paper Deluxe Only
Fairy Paper Default, added in Apr '09
Wacky Paper Default, added in Apr '09
Sparkly Paper Default
Blue Dot Paper Deluxe Pencil Case
Flower Paper Deluxe Pencil Case
Magic W Paper Deluxe Pencil Case
Yellow Star Paper School Essentialz
Paint Splatter School Essentialz
Rainbow Paper School Essentialz
Yellow Swirlies Retired Default


Preview Name Type
Adventure Park Default
Classic Mail (Air Mail) Default
Celebrate (Balloons) Default
Bamboo Default
Monkey Around (Blue Jungle Pets) Default
Paw Prints (Blue Paws) Default
Spring Fun (Blue Spring Bunny) Default
Bike Ride (Blue Team Bike) Default
Bubbles Default
Car Default
Crayons Default
Citizens of Kinzville (Deluxe Blue Hosts) Deluxe Only
Sun and Moon (Deluxe Day Night) Deluxe Only
Deluxe Member (Deluxe Hats) Deluxe Only
The Whole Crowd (Deluxe Meadow All) Deluxe Only
Flowers Default
Just Hanging (Green Jungle Pets) Default
Hearts Default
Webkinz Dancing (Hoedown) Default
Magic W Default
New Friends (Mountain Scene) Default
Plain Paper (Notepad) Default
Art Splat (Paint Splatter) Default
Valentine Pegasus (Pegasus) Default
Pals (Pink Four Pets) Default
Blank Page (Plain) Default
Best Friend (Purple Flowers) Default
Gold Seal (Red Bottom Seal) Default
Movies (Red Gold Stars) Default
Scooter (Red Scooter Cat) Default
Mail Cat (Stamp Cat) Default
Stars Default
Sparkles (Stars Animate) Default
Hang Ten (Surf) Default
Trading Cards (Trading Swirl) Default
Webkinz Pals (Yellow Four Pets) Default
Join the Band (Yellow Music Scene) Default


Preview Name Type
Alyssa Head Default
Amanda Panda Head Default
Beach Ball Default
Beach Glasses Default
Beach Palm Default
Beach Sun Default
Beach Surf Default
Birthday Slice Default
Blue Heart Default
Bubbles Default
Butterfly Default
Chihuahua Head Default
Cow Head Default
Crown of Wonder Default
Cupcake Default
Deluxe Coins Deluxe
Deluxe Laugh Deluxe
Deluxe Logo Deluxe
Deluxe W Deluxe
Deluxe WOW Deluxe
Diamond Default
Dog Head Default
Fireworks Default
Food Burger Default
Food Cone Default
Food Fries Default
Food Taco Default
Gift Default
High Heel Default
Hippo Head Default
Ladybug Default
Lion Head Default
Lollipop Default
Magic Cloud Default
Magic W Default
Magic Wand Default
Magic Wizard Hat Default
Medieval Castle Default
Medieval Knight Default
Medieval Shield Default
Moonberry Default
Moon Smile Default
Movie Drink Default
Movie Popcorn Default
Movie Slate Default
Movie Tickets Default
Nafaria Head Default
Paint Palette Default
Perfect Pear Cone Default
Pink Bear Default
Pink Heart Default
Plants Cactus Default
Plants Daisy Default
Plants Flowers Default
Plants Sunflower Default
Race Car Default
Rainbow Default
SPREE Bag Default
Star Green Default
Stars Shooting Default
Star Yellow Default
Toucan Default
Trading Cards Default
Travel Backpack Default
Travel Camera Default
Travel Case Default
Travel Map Default
Tulip Pink Default
Tulip Red Default
Valentine Candy Default (seasonal)
Valentine Card Default (seasonal)
Valentine Heart Default (seasonal)
Valentines Hearts Default (seasonal)
Webkinz W Default
Wish Token Default
Xmas Cane Default (seasonal)
Xmas Flake Default (seasonal)
Xmas Gift Green Default (seasonal)
Xmas Gingerbread Default (seasonal)
Xmas Holly Default (seasonal)
Xmas Ornaments Default (seasonal)
Xmas Santa Hat Default (seasonal)
Xmas Snowman Default (seasonal)
Zingoz Default