Host Gifts

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In June 2011, Ganz introduced the ability to add non-playable character hosts to friend lists by performing special actions with each host or typing their name in the player's Friends List.[1] Doug, Daisy, Sophie, and Mr. Moo were added as friendable hosts in April 2016.[2]

Once you’ve added a host to your Friends List you can use them for help with Challenges and Building Projects (Building Kits), play some games against them in the Tournament Arena and even send them KinzPost.

Each host's pool of gifts is listed below.

Alyssa Fairy

Alyssa Cookie

Alyssa Fairy Plushy

Alyssa House Candelabra

Alyssa House Thin Tapestry

Alyssa Poster

Baby Buttercups Plant

Fairy Falls Charm Candy

Fairy High Council Cloak

Toadstool Dining Chair

Wishful Side Table

Amanda Panda

Amanda Panda Plush

Candy Factory Coveralls

Colorful Characters Coloring Book

Dog Paw Print Welcome Mat

Doll House

Music Note Wall Charm

Red Roses

Spree Bonus Roll

Toy Guitar

Wonder Scooter

Arte Fact

An Air of Mystery Book

Ancient Mummy Actor

Arte and the Lost Tomb Book

Arte’s Clock

Camp Kinz T-Shirt

Dark Woods Playset

Medieval Playset

Night Witch Actor

Pretty Pink Princess Actor

Valiant Knight Actor


Arte and the Lost Tomb Book

Cowabelle Bobblehead Toy

Drop the Beat Stereo

Funky Boy Band Poster

Garden Zangoz

Kinzville Street Sign

Mayor Cowabelle Plushy

Purple Adventure Parka

Tamborine Chair

Zingoz Switcherooz

Daisy Doe

Chef Doe Coat

Chef Doe Pants

Chef Doe Shoes

Daisy Doe Plushy

Daisy’s Diner Booth Seat

Daisy’s Diner Kitchen Counter

Daisy’s Diner V Back Chair

Diner Window

Sweet Soy Smoothie

Debbie Dragon

This Host is retired, and no longer able to be added as a friend.

Beach Sandcastle

Fish & Chips Dinner

Floating Dessert Island

Floppy Sun Hat

Model Jet Plane

Piggies in a Beach Blanket

Smocked Sundress

Swim Goggles

Webkinz Spa Robe

Doug the Dog

Cave Explorer Bottom

Cave Explorer Hat

Cave Explorer Shoes

Cave Explorer Skirt

Cave Explorer Top

Doug the Dog Plushy

Doug the Dog Wanted Poster

Jazzi Jeweloni

Pink Crystal Paper Weight


Dr. Quack

Apple Clock

Cup of Lollipops

Dr. Quack’s Eye Chart

Dr. Quack’s Lab Coat

Farm Fresh Red Delicious Apple

Forest First Aid Kit

Health Juice

Mayor Dr. Quack Plushy

Medical Curtain Room Divider


Fiona Feathers

Decorative Mailbox

Green Notepad and Pencils

KinzPost Cap

KinzPost Letter Bag

KinzPost Shirt

KinzPost Shorts

Letters from Camp

Purple Notepad and Orange Pens

Secret Dreams Diary

Webkinz Cares Ice Cream Sandwich

Fred Rover


Cheerleader Spirit Poster

Cheerleader Team Drape

Fred Rover Poster


Pennant Poster

Scoreboard Clock

Team Webkinz Track Suit


Zingoz Switcherooz

Mr. Moo

Bag of KinzCash Beanbag Chair

Banana Split

Beach House Cooler Bag

Busy City Ice Cream Cone

Cash Cow 2 Poster

Cash Cow Milk Bottle

Drinking Fountain

Goo-Goo Berry Float

Green Grass Pattern Wallpaper

Wish Token

Ms. Birdy

Blue Baby Romper

Heart Warming Wall Art

Ms. Birdy Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch

Ms. Birdy Pink Plushy

Ms. Birdy’s Tchotcke Shelf

Pink Baby Romper

Plush Besties

Webkinz Cares Balloon

Webkinz Cares Clock

Webkinz Cares Place Setting

Ms. Cowoline

Academy Choir Robe

Booger’s Times Tables Poster

Classroom Clock

Collegiate Chair

Goo Goo Berry Juice Box

Jumbleberry Juice Box

Kinzville Academy Plaque

Ms. Cowoline Plush

Student Chair

Student Desk

Nafaria Fairy

Fairy Falls Charm Candy

Lovely Toadstool Lamp

Nafaria House Candelabra

Nafaria’s Stained Glass Window

Nafaria House Thin Tapestry

Nafaria Poster

Nafaria’s Potted Vine

Nafaria’s Purple Slippers

Potted Pink Lily

Toadstool Trampoline

PJ Collie

Bright Spies Trench Coat

Cowboy Hat

Cowgirl Dress

Diner Waitress Dress

European Flare Shades

PJ Collie Plush

Tie Dye Top

Toy Soldier Coat

Trendy Sneakers

Wizard’s Apprentice Robe

Sheldon Turtle

Beach Background

Fishing Hat

Iced Tea

Lifeguard Actor

Lifeguard Jacket

Pink Lemonade

Purple Flip Flops

Sheldon’s Surfboard

Sunshine Shirt

Umbrella Hat

Sophie Stockwell

Blue SPREE! Shopping Bag

Blue W Pattern Wallpaper

Cafe Style Hot Chocolate

Mint Chocolate Coin


Orange W Pattern Wallpaper


Sweet Shop Cake Slice

W-Shop Coupon: 50% off any item

Tabby Von Meow

Cinema Ribbon Divider

Classic Diner Clock

Diner Window

Film Strip Rug

Ruby Red Wall Sconce

Store Bread Display

Tabby Von Meow Hot Cup of Coco

Today’s Menu Chalkboard

Top Shelf Store Ladder

Webkinz Cafe Uniform