Amanda Panda

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Amanda Panda is a Webkinz Host and the owner of the Wish Factory, which contains the Wish Machine, a device that gifts exclusive items to the player when at least ten Wish Tokens are inserted. Amanda also hosts the Wheel of Wishes and Token Balloon Dartz. She can be added to the Friend List on the cell phone.

Amanda Panda
Full Name Amanda Miranda Panda[1]
Age 16[2]
Gender Female
Species Panda
  • Wish Factory Owner
  • Camp Councelor
Location Wish Factory
  • Unnamed Father
  • Unnamed Mother
  • Unnamed Grandparents
  • Polly Panda (younger sister)
  • Peter Panda (younger brother)
  • Patrick Panda (younger brother)
  • Penny Panda (younger sister)
  • Kimmy Koala
  • PJ Collie
  • Sasha
  • Lisa
  • Josie[3]
  • Purple
  • Cheese platters
  • Shopping
  • Fashion
  • Art and crafting
  • Pop music
  • Cooking
  • Being active[4]
  • Cleaning her room[5]
Status Active

Kinzapedia Description

"Amanda is a city panda at heart, but she and her family moved to Kinzville after her dad switched jobs. Amanda had a really hard time adjusting and making friends, even though her four younger siblings (especially her 10-year-old sister Polly) did quite well. Eventually, Amanda met Kimmy and things started to look up. Amanda is very artistic, into fashion, and a little self-absorbed. Her family is relatively strict, and her parents aren’t thrilled about her rebellious side. Her siblings love her and look up to her, but sometimes wish she wasn’t such a drama queen."[2]

Fictional Biography

Amanda and her family had previously lived in the Big City, before moving to Kinzville when her father switched jobs. Her experience between after the move and before working at the Wish Factory is detailed in the Kinzville Times W-Tales article "Amanda Panda's Journey Home".

After living in Kinzville for a year, her father had been called by his boss to return to the Big City for work. Amanda was thrilled, contrary to her saddened siblings. Later, after school, she had come home to begin packing, unaware that her father's boss was convinced to let the family stay in Kinzville. After hearing of the new arrangement, Amanda became incredibly angry and upset, causing her to make up her mind to run away and move to the Big City by herself.

Unfortunately, she never learned how to navigate Kinzville, and became tired and hungry after quickly getting lost. Kimmy Koala, a classmate, calls for her from afar, scaring Amanda and causing her to trip over the curb. Kimmy helps her up and learns of Amanda's plan, and decides to show Amanda how great Kinzville can be to convince her to stay. They visit the Curio Shop, the Webkinz Stadium, the Arcade, Le Snout, and finally the Magical Forest to watch a late-night fairy dance.

Amanda realizes what she's missed out on, and makes her decision to stay and go home. Her family, who had been searching for her all day (except Polly, who stayed home), returns home. The tale ends with the family embracing each other and Amanda promising to stay.

Polly Panda had contributed to the Tour of Webkinz World blog series by writing a report on the Wish Factory.[6] Within the report describes the history of the factory and how Amanda came to run it:

The Wish Machine was created by Goober, who wished to put to use the Wish Tokens that pets around Webkinz World were collecting. He began running it to grant pets' wishes, though it had become time consuming and kept him away from the lab. Around the same time, Amanda was searching for a job, and acquired assistance from Tabby Von Meow. Knowing Goober's predicament concerning the factory, Tabby set up a meeting between him and Amanda, which led to Goober agreeing to let Amanda gain ownership of the Wish Factory.

Amanda became happy granting pets' wishes, thoroughly enjoying her job. Much later, Goober visited the factory and gave Amanda a crystal ball. The crystal ball currently functions as the Wish of the Day.

In 2012, Amanda took part in Kinzville Sings.[1]

In 2016, Amanda ran for Kinzville Mayor in the Webkinz Votes 2016 Election.[7] She came in second place, right after Dr. Quack.[8]

Camp St. Bernard

As a kid, Amanda would attend Camp St. Bernard, a summer camp. When she first attended, she had a bad first few days there and was incredibly miserable and homesick. Though, late one night, PJ Collie (who was also attending) was able to make her feel better by hanging out with her all night and bringing in a bag of marshmallows to eat. Despite ending up in the infirmary from eating too many, she learned to love the camp.[9]

When Amanda got older, she became a counselor for the camp and is known for comforting kids who attend there. She especially helped her sister Polly and Roberta Rabbit with their troubles one summer.[10] Amanda also helps out with games and activities just like the other counselors, and especially likes leading indoor activities on rainy days. [11]


Amanda Panda can be found in the following W-Tales:

  • Amanda Panda's Journey Home

Webkinz Host Friends

The first time a user makes a Wish of the Day, they will receive a friend request from Amanda Panda. Even if the user selects "no", they can later send a friend request to "Amanda Panda" to invite her to be their friend. Players who send a Webkinz World letter or package to Amanda Panda will occasionally get a letter or even a gift in return from her.


  • Amanda was included as a result in the "Host Quiz" posted by Sally Webkinz[12].
  • She has made multiple posts on Webkinz Newz about party ideas, including a pool party[13], sleepover[14], movie night[15], picnic[16], and tea party.[17]
  • She went hot air ballooning and hang gliding.[18][19]
  • Her basement was redone by Hailey and Elwin.[20]
  • According to Plumpy, Amanda's favorite job at the Employment Office is Ms. Birdy's Assistant.[21]
  • Being interested in cooking, Amanda has a recipe for sugar cookies and oatmeal cookies.[22][23] She as well made Spicy Chocolate Cake for Plumpy's wedding. [24]


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