Amanda Panda's Journey Home

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Amanda Panda's Journey Home is a W-Tales story featuring Amanda Panda and Kimmy Koala. The story is about Amanda learning to love and adjust to the town of Kinzville. It was previously in the Kinzville Times but was removed in May 2010.


Amanda Panda has been miserable ever since her family had to move to Kinzville due to her father's job, but recently, her father was told that they would be relocating back to the Big City. Excited to be able to see her old friends and live her old life, Amanda hurries home after class to pack her belongings. When she gets home, her siblings try to tell her about some great news, but Amanda brushes them off. She heads to her room and puts on loud music as she begins packing. Her little sister, Polly, learns that their father is in fact not moving them back to the Big City, and had successfully convinced his boss that the family would prefer to stay in Kinzville.

Later during dinner, Amanda is finally told by her parents and siblings that they won't be moving back. Angry and upset, Amanda argues with them, then runs upstairs to hide in her room. Her parents try to console her through the door but she doesn't listen. Seeing a fallen Big City postcard on the floor, she gets the idea to run away to the city herself. She sneaks downstairs and exits quietly through the front door.

While Amanda tries to find a bus terminal, her family soon realizes that she's missing. Her father decides to search by car, Polly decides to stay in case Amanda comes back, Peter volunteers to call her Big City friends, and her mother decides to walk and ask among the neighborhood with Peter, Patrick, and Penny.

Lost and hungry, Amanda realizes she has no idea how to navigate Kinzville. She ends up walking around until sunset and decides to go home, only to once again notice she doesn't know her way around, let alone home. A voice calls out to her and she starts to run, but trips on the curb. It turns out to be her classmate- Kimmy Koala. After helping Amanda put her fallen things back in her purse, she hears Amanda's plan and informs her that there's no bus terminal, but a travel agency that is currently closed. Amanda mentions that that she doesn't like Kinzville very much, which prompts Kimmy to show her around.

Kimmy proceeds to show Amanda the Curio Shop, the Webkinz Stadium, Arcade, Le Snout, and then finally a fairy dance in the forest. Amanda realizes how much Kinzville has to offer and decides she wants to stay. With help from Kimmy, she finds her way back to her house and is greeted by an angry Polly. Polly asks where she'd been all night, in which Amanda explains, and begins to talk about her wonderful time around town. Just then, her parents and remaining siblings return home and reunite with her. They all hug and Amanda tells them that she's fine with staying in Kinzville after all.



  • Amanda Panda, a dramatic teenager with a rebellious side, and later the shopkeeper of the Wish Factory.
  • Peter, Patrick, and Penny Panda, the younger siblings of Amanda.
  • Polly Panda, a younger sister of Amanda, and arguably the closest to her.
  • Amanda's Mother and Father, Amanda's mildly strict parents.
  • Kimmy Koala, also known as Crafty Kimmy, is Amanda's classmate and a well-known artist.
  • Chef Gazpacho is a famous chef of Kinzville; he makes a minor appearance.
  • Sam McWoof, a famous detective. (mentioned)
  • Sasha, Lisa, and Josie, Amanda's friends. (mentioned)