Sam McWoof

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Sam McWoof is a character featured in Webkinz World. He was featured in the Kinzville Times contests section before its removal.

Kinzapedia Description

"Sam McWoof is Webkinz World’s foremost detective. He is also Andy McWoof’s half-brother. Sam’s demeanor is quiet and gruff, but he’s extremely observant and always solves his cases. He won’t rest until the case is solved, sometimes to the chagrin of those he’s questioning."[1]

Appearances on Trading Cards

Sam appears on the following trading cards:

Series 2

Name Type Number Text
Sam McWoof
Character, Adventure B2-12/85 When mystery is afoot in Webkinz World, Sam McWoof is on the case!


  • His favorite item is the Puppy Patrol Command Station.[2]



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