The Last Adventure

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The Last Adventure is a W-Tales story featuring Arte Fact and Doug the Dog. It tells the tale about how Arte and Doug's friendship ended after their very last adventure. It was previously in the Kinzville Times, but was removed in 2010.


Arte Fact was cleaning the backroom of the Curio Shop one rainy, slow day when his nephew Sparky Fact stopped by. Arte asks where he'd been, and Sparky responds saying he'd been on an adventure with Doug the Dog. Arte's expression fell glum, prompting Sparky to ask what's wrong. Arte mentions that it's all "ancient history" and it's nothing to worry about, but Sparky guesses that something happened between him and Doug. Sparky insists Arte tells the story, in which Arte finally does.

He begins by stating he and Doug used to be best friends, "like brothers", who would go on many adventures together. They had met each other as young puppies and were always exploring and collecting things, and even had their own club, the "Adventure Dogs". Doug is said to love gems "more than anyone else", and would become more and more focused on finding and keeping gems. Arte had become worried over Doug's obsession, and even more so after he was offered one particular adventure through Mount 'Kinz.

After finishing packing for the trip, Doug came to visit. He remarked that he was excited for the adventure and didn't think he could wait. Arte woke up and left early the next morning and waited near the town square's fountain for Doug. After several hours, it occurred to him that Doug must have went on without him, and decides to begin the journey. He starts the long trek through Mount 'Kinz, but mainly looks out for Doug. Once he set up camp for the night, he decides to give up the adventure and to instead find Doug.

On the seventh night, he hears a howling noise, and thinking it's Doug, rushes to find where the noise came from. It turns out it was coming from Howling Horse Mine, one of five gem mines. He looks through each mine and finds a large amount of gems, the last mine he looks through being the brightest. Inside, he finds the Webkinz Crown of Wonder and a map of the mines.

The next day on his way back to Kinzville, he carefully marks his path as to be able to find the mines again. He quickly returns to Kinzville and is approached by Dr. Quack, who asks about Doug's sprained ankle. Realizing that Doug hadn't gone ahead of him after all, he hurries to Doug's house to talk to him. Doug, who is in crutches, confronts Arte about going on the adventure without him, and that he himself would never leave without Arte. Arte apologies and tries, and successfully, makes it up to Doug by telling him all about the gem mines he found and by gifting him a gem from each one (the Webkinz Diamond, though, was lost). Doug then declares that he's going to keep all the gem mines to himself.

Arte responds that the mines will be for everyone to explore, but Doug insists that the mines should be kept a secret from the town. Doug does his best to persuade Arte to let him take all the gems, but the latter refuses to allow it. As Arte is about to leave, Doug questions if Arte values their friendship. Arte returns to the Curio Shop to think over the situation.

After pondering over his options, Arte decides to hold a town meeting and let everyone know about the mines and how to explore them. He assumes that Doug will see everyone's happiness and change his mind. After the meeting, however, Doug can be seen leaning against a wall, visibly angry. Arte tries to reach him to talk, but Doug had already left.

A month passes by before Doug suddenly enters the Curio Shop on a busy day with a large sack. He demands to be shown the mines, but Arte still refuses. Doug threatens to end their friendship if he isn't let near the mines, in which Arte doesn't allow him to. From that day forward, they had never spoken to each other again.

Sparky is shocked by the story once it's over, and is concerned if it's okay that he goes on adventures with Doug. Arte states he doesn't mind and asks him to take a small Webkinz Diamond to Doug. Sparky accepts and remarks that Doug will love it. Arte agrees.



  • Arte Fact, the owner of the Curio Shop. He had previously been friends with Doug before their falling out.
  • Doug the Dog, a collector of gems and former friend of Arte.
  • Sparky Fact, the nephew of Arte and a member of the 'Kinz Crew. Despite his uncle's falling out with Doug, Sparky still hangs out with Doug much to the indifference of Arte.
  • Dr. Quack, a former doctor and current mayor of Kinzville. He makes a small appearance.