P.J. Collie

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Pollie Jean Collie, known as P.J, opened the KinzStyle Outlet on September 16, 2009. She is known for her LONG welcome speeches and sells clothing.


Although her page in the Kinzapedia on the Webkinz Newz site does not exist anymore, according to what can be found through the Wayback Machine, PJ Collie was described by Ganz as such:"PJ Collie is the owner of the KinzStyle Outlet, home of affordable fashion and the Clothing Machine. PJ has been sewing since she was just a puppy, and she has a real passion for fashion. She’s really close with Persephone, and is only occasionally jealous of Persephone’s high-class clothing store. PJ loves to sketch, travel, and volunteer.”[1]


Ever since she was a kid, she always had a passion for clothes and was "fascinated" by others for using fashion to express themselves.[2] As she grew up, she decided to become a fashion designer. Her mother was supportive no matter the career she chose, but her father disapproved. PJ's older sister had become a doctor and he expected PJ to follow the same path. It wasn't until PJ hosted her first fashion show that her father finally accepted her passion.[name="job">https://webkinznewz.ganzworld.com/contests-fun/ella-interviews-pj-collie/]

Later in her life, and with the help of Tabby Von Meow, PJ became a designer for the Kinzstyle Outlet when it was still a part of the WShop. She produced more clothes than the WShop had room for, and PJ soon had to find an empty space in Kinzville to properly store and sell her clothes. Once a space was found, the Kinzstyle Outlet opened up as an independent shop.[3]

PJ took part in the 2012 "Kinzville Sings!" competition[4], hoping to become a pop star (but later rethought the idea when she realized it would interrupt her job at the outlet). She came in second place to Elwin.[5][6]

In Webkinz Votes 2018, she ran for Kinzville mayor, but lost to Sophie Stockwell. [7][8]

During February 2020, PJ Collie was one of the characters to receive an anonymous love letter by the Love Frog.[9][10]

Kinzstyle Outlet


At the outlet, the player can buy their pet clothes, or try to make their own with the Clothing Machine. Along with the regular clothing sections, there is a "Clearance" section, which has clothes for sale, and a "New" section, where the newest clothes are featured. On the counter is a "Specials!" item. More about the mechanics of the Kinzstyle Outlet can be read here.


In an interview hosted by Ella McWoof, PJ was asked about the Kinzstyle Outlet. While PJ picks out the designs for the outlet to sell, Persephone is the main designer. Both are business partners and friends, and frequently talk over the phone and through email in relation to the job. PJ states that Persephone prefers to "be involved from a distance".

In the "Fun Facts" tab on the Webkinz Newz site, more insight on the Kinzstyle Outlet was given:

"Who designs the clothes in the KinzStyle Outlet?

A whole team of designers…but PJ Collie is the one who chooses which fashions to sell, of course. She loves to pick stylish items and create fabulous clothing combinations. PJ has a real passion for fashion, and she always stocks the shelves with unique and interesting items. Her inspiration comes from TV shows, magazines, celebrities, nature, and patterns. She loves bold colors and funky textures! One day, PJ Collie hopes to help out during Fashion Week – what a dream come true that would be!"[11]

PJ Collie mentions how Halloween is the busiest time of the year for the outlet; nonetheless, Halloween is her favorite holiday and loves dressing up. She even let Hailey and Elwin decorate the Kinzstyle Outlet for the holiday.[12][13]


  • While talking about healthy eating, she mentions that she's involved with various sports and activities. After school, she plays basketball on Tuesdays, volleyball on Thursdays, and goes swimming when she can. She used to do yoga as well.[14]
    • When counseling at Camp St. Bernard, she teaches archery and is deemed proficient at it.[15][16]
  • PJ's basement apartment and the Kinzstyle Outlet's Makeover Room were redone by Hailey and Elwin.[17][18]
  • She styled Plumpy's hair for her wedding date.[19]
  • During April 2012, PJ's shirt was gifted to Deluxe Members as a part of their monthly reward.[20]
  • PJ often babysits for her neighbor's baby boy.[21]
  • Her New Years resolution for 2011 was to "put together some fabulous new outfits".[22]

Webkinz Host Friends

The first time a new Webkinz World member purchases a clothing item from the KinzStyle Outlet, the member will receive a request to become friends with PJ Collie. Even if they select "no", Webkinz members can later send a friend request to "PJ Collie" to invite her to be their friend.

Players who send a Webkinz World letter or package to PJ will occasionally get a letter or even one of her Host Gifts in return from her.