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The Ganz eStore (formerly the Webkinz eStore) is the place for Webkinz World members to buy premium items with real-world currency. Players can purchase eStore Points with a credit card, and use that money in the WShop and in the eStore itself. Deluxe members can also receive exclusive discounts on items in the Ganz eStore, as well as access to items only available for Deluxe members.

Virtual Pets and Pet Buddies

All virtual-only pets can be purchased through the eStore. This is also where the Pet of the Month club is now located - users can subscribe to the Pet of the Month program and receive the virtual pet every month, as well as a bonus pet for signing up.

Adventure Park pets and packs can also be purchased through the eStore, expanding the amount of activities that are available.

Pet Buddies are companions for a pet that fly around when the pet is in a room. They are purely aesthetic, and do not offer any additional gameplay bonuses.


Hamsters are a separate type of pet, used for Mazin Hamsters content. However, Mazin Hamsters is now retired and these hamsters are just like any other pet.

Clothing and Furniture

A majority of eStore exclusive items are clothing or furniture, used to decorate rooms. Some room themes can only be obtained by spending eStore Points on them.


Other items sold in the eStore include things such as virtual figures, charms, and smileys used in KinzChat.

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