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KinzChat is a prewritten chat program that players can use to communicate with each other in social areas like the Clubhouse and Tournament Arena.

There are three buttons available when using KinzChat - SAY, ASK and RAP. Clicking on these buttons provides sentence starters about Webkinz World or different sayings that can be used to talk to other players. If a player asks a question, clicking on their question will pop up a menu that allows the player to answer.

Smileys can also be attached to KinzChat messages, and new smileys can be purchased from the Ganz eStore. Smileys come in the form of animated faces, but there are also other icons such as the Magic W available. Deluxe members can also customize their chat bubble, changing what color it is or adding decorative symbols.

KinzChat Plus

KinzChat PLUS is the open chat feature for Webkinz World. It can be used in the Clubhouse, Kinzville Park, and in the Coral Cove area of Vacation Island. Players must have a parent's permission before being able to use KinzChat PLUS. The service has rules that players must agree to upon entering a KinzChat PLUS area of the Clubhouse, as well as filters to prevent users from sharing personal information. Breaking or attempting to circumvent the rules can result in bans from using KinzChat PLUS.

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