Fashion Class

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The Fashion Class, also called the Style Class, is a Kinzville Academy basic pet course in the Mental category. It was introduced in November 2007.


Models walk down the runway sporting different outfits that the player must memorize. After the model leaves the runway, the player will be given 30 seconds to recreate the outfit. The difficulty of the class increases per level, according to the following table.

Level Minimum score required Articles active Choices per article
1 5 Top, Pants 3
2 5 Top, Pants 7
3 9 Hat, Top, Pants 4
4 9 Hat, Top, Pants 8
5 13 Hat, Top, Pants, Shoes 4
6 13 Hat, Top, Pants, Shoes 6
7 18 Hat, Top, Glasses, Pants, Shoes 3
8 18 Hat, Top, Glasses, Pants, Shoes 5
9 22 Hat, Top, Glasses, Belt, Pants, Shoes 3
10 22 Hat, Top, Glasses, Belt, Pants, Shoes 4


Level 5

The first pet that completes Level 5 will award the Dance action. This action can then be used on all pets.

Level 10

Each pet that completes Level 10 will award an Academy Fashion Class Gift Box, from which the player may choose one item from the following pool. Kinzville Academy Prizes cannot be Kinzposted or traded.

Compact Vanity

Fancy Mirror

Make-up Coffee Table

Manicure Chair

Stylish Clothes Rack

Superstar Makeup Vanity

Webkinz Mannequin

For more information on these items, see (Item Guide) Kinzville Academy#Style.

Tips and Trivia

  • The class must be completed to pass; an early exit is considered a forfeit no matter how many points the player has earned.
  • The last guess will be used if time runs out.
  • Take screenshots or use Snipping Tool instead of memorizing the outfits.
  • Some clothing that appears on models is Unreleased.