Weight Lifting Class

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The Weight Lifting Class, also called the Strength Class, is a Kinzville Academy basic pet course in the Physical category.


The pet must complete a certain amount of "reps" on the weight machine in 30 seconds by hitting the upper and lower green marks. The player clicks and holds the mouse button to lift the weights and releases the button to lower them. The green marks indicating the top and bottom of each rep are the same size every level, but change positions after every rep.

Level Number of Reps to Complete
1 10
2 11
3 11
4 12
5 12
6 13
7 13
8 14
9 14
10 15


Level 5

The first pet that completes Level 5 will award the Flip action. This action can then be used on all pets.

Level 10

Each pet that completes Level 10 will award a gift box, from which the player may choose one item from the following pool. Kinzville Academy Prizes cannot be Kinzposted or traded.

Academy Strength Class Gift Box

Barbell Rack

Dumbbell Weight Rack

Gym Workout Mirror

Strength of Champions Poster

Strong Appetite Fridge

Weight of the World Pedestal

Workout Bench Sofa

For more information on these items, see (Item Guide) Kinzville Academy#Strength.


  • There's a glitch where the lift button unpresses on the way down. Get the jump on this glitch by always moving the mouse a few pixels on the button after mouseup, so it catches the button again.
  • The visible area of the targets is offset from their actual hitboxes so aim for the centers, especially at higher levels.
  • The timer does not start counting down until the first rep is started on mousedown, so there's no need to start immediately.
  • Try playing with sound on - the success/failure sounds can be helpful auditory cues.
  • Try physically covering the ticking-down timer if its presence is unnecessarily stressful.
  • Try using Pale Moon browser, as sometimes it throws fewer glitches.
  • Throttling the computer's CPU, either with vanilla or third-party tools, simultaneously running high-power programs, or playing on an emulated older computer may be helpful; please note that the legality of these is according to the Terms of Service is not guaranteed and account holders are solely responsible for any actions taken.