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Atomicolicious is a two player game from the Tournament Arena that was introduced on Feburary 22, 2008 as Goober's Atomicolicious. It was known as that until early March 2008, when its name changed to a shortened Atomicolicious. The objective of the game is to fill your test tubes with the required atoms before your opponent.



Atomicolicious is similar to Goober's Lab, with multiplayer mechanics added for the tournament arena. Getting larger combos of four and five will give you bonus turns and have a chance to take atoms out of your opponent's test tubes. There is a 20 second time limit for each player's turn, if a move isn't made in this time, the player's turn will be forfeited. If the player attempts to make move atoms that don't result in a combo, nothing will move and their turn will be over. At the end of the game, the winner gains an additional ten KinzCash and the loser gains five KinzCash on top of their earnings.

Game Goal: To fill up your test tubes. If both players have not filled up their vials before the moves are used up, the game ends and whoever is ahead in the score wins. The winner could receive more kinzcash than their opponent, but sometimes the opponent had more cash than the winner while the game was still going on and wins more cash in the end.

Power ups

Special combo blocks also appear throughout gameplay. The three special combo power ups include:

  • Eye-Dropper: Getting a combo with these will remove atoms from your opponent's test tubes.
  • Dead Atom: Getting a combo with these give no atoms for your test tube.
  • Wildcard: A multi-colored atom that can be used to make combos with any color.

There are also Kinzcash atoms that can be matched and give the player bonus KinzCash.


Game Over


  • If the game ends with a player receiving a bonus turn, it may bug out and require the player to take their turn before returning to the tournament arena screen.