Bounce N Burst

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Zingoz Bounce N Burst (or simply Bounce N Burst) is an Arcade game exclusive to Deluxe members. The player controls Livingston Lion, who is on a mission to tickle as many Burstos as possible.


Livingston is controlled using the arrow keys. Pressing the spacebar releases a feather directly upwards, tickling any Burstos it hits. Burstos that have been tickled split into smaller Burstos. Tickling the same size Burstos in a row will award bonus points. Each level is also timed, and completing a level quickly will award a time bonus.

A level is completed when all of the smallest Burstos have been tickled. However, if the Burstos touch Livingston, he will lose a life. Livingston will also lose a life if the time on a level runs out. The player starts out with four tries, and if all of them are lost then the game ends. There are twenty levels in total, and completing all twenty will award a trophy.

There are also a variety of powerups and ticklers to use. The Double Tickler allows Livingston to shoot two ticklers at once, and the Plunger Tickler will stick to the top of the screen until something runs into it. Other powerups include a clock that stops time, a shield that protects Livingston, and a Super Pop that tickles all the Burstos on screen at once.


Bouncenbursttrophy.png Won by completing all 20 levels.


  • Hide under the solid objects to keep away from the oncoming enemies.
  • The lighter colored platforms are breakable. Hit them with your feather and get a small point bonus!
  • When under an enemy, keep shooting as fast as possible, so it will be destroyed before it even touches the ground.


  • The gameplay in Zingoz Bounce N Burst is nearly identical to the gameplay in the real-world game Buster Brothers, also known as Pang.