Leapin' Llama

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Leapin' Llama is an arcade game that was introduced May 2016. Currently it's available to Deluxe Members only.


The object of the game is to guide Lulu the Llama over mountainous terrain, collecting bonuses and jumping over obstacles such as scorpions, plants and rocks, and gaps between the terrain. Each time Lulu hits an obstacle she will lose one hit point. The game ends if Lulu loses all of her hit points or she falls into one of the gaps.

A unique feature to this game is the use of a multiplier, which starts at 1.0. Collecting beans will increase your multiplier, doubling, tripling and even quadrupling the points you earn from meters and coins. If you hit an obstacle your multiplier will reset to 1.0, and you must start the process of building it up all over again.

You can collect three different bonuses in the game.

  • Bean: Collect three beans and your multiplier will raise by 0.5. You can keep collecting beans until your multiplier reaches 4.0, after which they have no effect.
  • Coin: Collect coins for bonus points. Each coin is worth 300 points.
  • Alfalfa: Collect jars of alfalfa to increase your hit points. There doesn't seem to be a maximum amount of hit points you can have at any one time.


Reaching a distance of 1500 will award you with a trophy. This trophy can only be earned once, and can't be traded or sold.


  • The game is randomly generated as you play. Therefore, it's easy to memorize the best way to cross each part of the mountain for when it comes up.
  • Only jump when absolutely necessary (to avoid an obstacle or a gap in the mountain). Otherwise, Lulu might not touch the ground fast enough to jump over an obstacle or mountain gap that's coming up.
  • Don't try to collect a bonus if there's an obstacle beside it. It's better to avoid it and not risk losing your multiplier.
  • Lulu can run on top of obstacles if she jumps and lands on them, and you will not lose a hit point or reset your multiplier.
  • Lulu speeds up as she runs along, moving from the left side of the screen and to the right, which makes it harder to anticipate obstacles that are coming up. To get her back to the left side of the screen, simply have her run into an obstacle. (Note: doing so will make you lose a hit point and reset your score multiplier, so this is only advised if you're playing to get the trophy.)


  • Lulu the Lively: Uncertain method, possibly by passing 600 meters.
  • Cliff-tastic: Uncertain method, possibly by passing 800 meters.