Lily Padz 2 Downpourz

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Lily Padz 2 Downpourz is a game in the Arcade.


The game is similar to the original Lily Padz. The object of the game is to get to the other side of the forest without drowning or touching the water. You jump over mushrooms, logs, and other solid objects. Rocks are the only platform that will not sink. When the sky turns darker it means it is going to rain. You have more lives to start with than Lily Padz (3 in Lily Padz and 5 in this version). There are 10 levels in this game.


Control the frog with the arrow keys. When you press the right arrow key, the frog will hop approximately 1 1/2 lily padz, so be careful.

To jump, press your spacebar. Hold to get the power gauge to the power you want, and then let go. To change the angle of the jump, press the right and left arrow keys while holding the spacebar.

If you know you will need a different angle soon, but you don't want to jump, press the Shift button and find the angle you want by moving the left and right arrow keys.


The first time you finish the entire game, you earn a trophy. Trophies can be earned only once.


For an entire level, stay dry on a mushroom whenever it rains to win this badge.