Plushie KinzStyle Clothing

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Clothing Preview
Webkinz Newz Announcement

Physical clothing for players' plush Webkinz were released for dressing their plushies up. Each clothing product comes with a Feature Code that can be entered into the Code Shop for a unique clothing item.

"Dress your Webkinz for success! Our amazing line of plush pet clothing is sure to have something that’s just perfect for your pet! From a sporty hoodie to an angel dress, we’ve got your WShop favorites and all-new KinzStyle Shop exclusives! Each piece comes with a Feature Code that unlocks a visit to the KinzStyle Shop to buy a super special piece of clothing for your pet in Webkinz World not found anywhere else! It’s time to get runway ready, so pick up a whole closet full of new outfits today!"[1]

Angel Dress With Wings

Argyle Sweater

Army Pants

Army Shirt

Artes Bomber Jacket

Ballerina Costume

Baseball Uniform

Basketball Outfit

Big Funky Hat

Black Jeans

Black Vest

Blue Ball Cap

Blue Floral Dress

Blue Football Jersey

Blue Hoody

Blue & Pink Striped Polo Shirt

Brown Cords

Bubble Vest

Bunny Hoody Set

Camo Cargo Pant

Camo Tank Top

Candy Capri Set

Cargo Pant

Chalk Flower Top


Cherry Tank

Cuffed Jeans

Cupcake Tee With Skirt

Cute Cropped Jacket

Cute Blouse

Dude Hat

Elf Set

Funky Flowered Pants

Funky Flowered Tee

Gathered Top Pant Set

Glam Girl Coat

Green Layered Tee

Green Striped Polo

Green & White Fleecy

Hand Knit Sweater

Jean Jacket

Kaleidoscope Skirt Set

Kilt Skirt

Leopard Tank

Lilac Sparkle Party Dress

Lime Track Suit

Love Diva Pet Coat

Maroon Hoody

Mod Jacket

Pink Baggy Jean

Pink Knit Capelet

Pink Poodle PJ Set

Pink & Purple Fleecy Top

Pink Striped Polo Shirt

Pink Striped Swimsuit

Polka Dot Hoody

Polka Dot PJ Bottoms

Polka Dot PJ Top

Polo Dress

Pop Rock Princess

Pumpkin Costume

Purple Layered Tee

Raincoat And Hat

Red Dotty Party Dress

Red Football Jersey

Red & Green Polo Shirt

Red Sport Pant

Red Webkinz Ball Cap

Rhinestone Jeans

Ruffle Skirt with Tee

Sailor Tunic

Santa Suit


Sleeveless Hoody Set

Smart Sweater Vest

Smocked Sundress

Snowboarding Toque

Snowboarding Jacket

Star Fly Pants

Stonewash Jeans

Stripy Toque

Swimming Trunks

Tank W Striped Leggings

Terry Robe

Turquoise Blouse

Tuxedo Outfit

Varsity Jacket

Warm Up Set

Webkinz Hoody

Webkinz Layered Tee And Capris

Webkinz Pet Coat

Webkinz Sparkle Tee

Webkinz Sports Set

Wedding Dress

Wheel Of WOW Tee

Wildflower Swimsuit

Witch Costume