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This article is about the physical plush pet. For the virtual world, see Webkinz World.

Webkinz are a series of plush pets made by Ganz. Each Webkinz plush comes with a Secret Code that can be used in the Adoption Center in Webkinz World, letting users play and interact with it online. The first Webkinz toys were released in 2005.

While plush Webkinz pets are only available in the United States and Canada, users from around the world can purchase virtual pets from the Ganz eStore. Even though fewer plush pets have been released in recent years, there are a wide variety of virtual pets to choose from.

There are a variety of different types of plush Webkinz, such as Lil Kinz and Signature Pets. Certain pets have also been featured as Pet of the Month, Caring Valley pets, or Webkinz Cares pets. These pets may come with exclusive perks in the online land of Webkinz World.

Some pets may also only be released at certain times of the year, such as the Black Cat. These pets are considered seasonal, and are harder to find than standard Webkinz plush toys. Other toys may not be released ever again, and are considered retired.

Pet of the Month

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Any Webkinz pet can be selected to be Pet of the Month for a given month. If this pet is adopted during the month it is featured, then the player that adopts it will receive a special gift. Players that own a Pet of the Month may also be able to participate in special activities, like spinning the Wheel of the Month.


Main article: Lil Kinz

Lil'Kinz pets are a smaller version of a standard Webkinz plush. While these toys are smaller, they are also available at a reduced price point. Some Lil'Kinz pets were also available under the Webkinz Cares label at Walgreens stores, giving users access to exclusive prizes after redeeming their code in the Code Shop.

Caring Valley

Caring Valley pets were similar to Webkinz Cares pets, as they both included a tag in addition to the blue tag with the Secret Code. Caring Valley pets came with a green tag that when entered at the Code Shop, allowed users to plant saplings in Caring Valley. However, Caring Valley pets were typically full-sized Webkinz instead of Lil'Kinz. Caring Valley pets were sold until Caring Valley retired in 2013.


Main article: Signature Pets

Signature pets are like standard Webkinz pets, but larger and more realistic. Where regular Webkinz might be more stylized, Signature pets look much more like their real-world counterparts. These pets also cost more as a result, with a suggested price of $27.99 USD. There are three types of Signature pets: standard Signatures, Small Signatures, and Signature Endangered pets. Small Signatures are similar to Lil'Kinz, in that they are smaller versions of a larger plush. They also cost less than regular Signature pets. Signature Endangered pets are a specific line of Signature pets based off of endangered animals.


Retired pets are pets that are no longer being produced by Ganz. These pets can still be adopted in Webkinz World if they have an unused Secret Code. However, they may be harder to find as they are not being sold in stores anymore.


Seasonal pets are usually only in stores during a specific season or holiday. Some seasonal pets include:

  • Love Puppy (Valentine's Day)
  • Sherbert Bunny (Springtime)
  • Black Cat (Halloween)
  • Reindeer (Christmas)
  • Snowman (Winter)
  • Clover Cat (St. Patrick's Day)