Polar Plunge

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Polar Plunge is an Arcade game in Webkinz World that came out in 2007. Originally the game had only one course, but in early 2008 it was changed to four. They were Kewl Runnings (easy), Ice Cream Float (medium), Polar Plummet (medium), and Black Diamond (hard). Inukshuk is featured in this game. Polar Plunge is also available as an app for iOS devices.

In July 2017, the game had another update and was given new artwork and slopes. Each slope, "Easy", "Medium", and "Hard" no longer have names.[1]


The objective is for Inukshuk to get to the bottom of the slope while jumping over obstacles The hills are very dangerous and you must leap over a variety of objects to make it safely down. There are three slopes to choose from: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The harder the slope, the more obstacles and rocky terrain there will be.


Use the arrow keys to control Inukshuk. The right arrow key is used to speed up, the left arrow key is to slow down, and the up arrow key is used to jump.


Snowmen, snowpigs, trees, and tree trunks are obstacles to avoid while sliding down the slope. Snowpigs will slow you down, and will have either a green, yellow, or red scarf. Green scarves reduce speed by about a quarter, yellow scarves by about a third, and red scarves by a little over half, if going full speed.

Snowmen, trees, and tree trunks will end the game if hit at all.

Snowflakes and Ramps

Snowflakes can be gained to earn extra points, each one rewarding 50 points. Ramps are littered throughout the slope to jump from.


A bronze, silver, or gold Polar Plunge Trophy is awarded after reaching the finish line depending on the total points earned.

Previously, the original trophy, which has been discontinued[1], was given out at random when crossing any of the former four slopes' finish lines. The message would be either "Congratulations! You are a Plunging Pro!" or "You are a Plunging Pro! A surprise has been placed in your dock!", the latter indicating that the trophy had indeed been won. The odds of winning being the following:

  • Kewl Runnings: 1 in 4 chance (once the course is finished)
  • Ice Cream Float: 3 in 10 chance (once the course is finished)
  • Polar Plummet: 3 in 10 chance (once the course is finished)
  • Black Diamond: 4 in 10 chance (once the course is finished)

  1. The original version of Polar Plunge (and the original Polar Plunge Trophy) is available in the Tournament Arena.

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