Pool (game)

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Pool, or sometimes referred to as 'Billiards', is a Webkinz game which can be played in a Webkinz' room using a Billiards Table. The Billiards Table can be found on the Wheel of Wishes, WShop and Curio Shop for 1,200 KinzCash. Once the table is obtained, it can be placed in a Webkinz' Room and left-clicked to operate. The objective of the game is to 'sink' the pool balls in as few turns as possible.


The objective and gameplay vary depending on the mode selected. Alongside the options of single player and multiplayer, players 'normal game' and 'quick game', which changes the amount of balls in each set.

A 'quick game' screen on a 'single player' Pool game in the Webkinz Clubhouse

In single player games, the player places the cue ball and simply needs to shoot every other ball into the holes located around the board. In single player, the 8-ball (solid-black ball) can be sunk at any time.

A game screen on a 'shared play' Pool game

There are a few different ways to play the game multiplayer: Shared play, which is a 'local co-op' version of the game in which players take turns on the same device, and inviting another player online to play, either in a Webkinz room, or in the Games Room of the Webkinz Clubhouse. When the game starts, a random player will be selected to place the cue ball and take the first shot. The first player to sink a ball will then need to sink all balls of that set (striped or solid). The opposing player will then have to sink all the balls of the opposing set. Your turn continues as long as you sink your own set. If you hit a ball from the other set, it's a "scratch". After a "scratch", the opposing player places the ball anywhere on the board. In multiplayer, the 8 ball (the sold-black ball) must be the last ball sunk by either player to win.


The player controls a pool cue by moving the mouse to angle it around the ball. Once the player has the cue in angle, they then hold left-click to charge their shot, with a longer hold being a more powerful shot.