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Stardrops is a game in the Webkinz Arcade that is only available for Deluxe members.


Gameplay takes place on an 8x8 grid full of different colored pieces. The player controls a "net", which can be used to select a 3x3 group of tiles on the grid. The object of the game is to capture as many matching pieces as possible in the net, scoring enough points to fill the meter on the side of the screen. Multiple groups of three or more tiles can be made in a single net, and if enough tiles are matched in one capture then a Starburst will occur. There are two types of Starbursts: small and large. A large starburst occurs if the entire net is matched, and a small starburst occurs if every tile but one is matched. The player loses the game if no more moves are possible.


Levels are not timed, and the player is free to move at their own pace. A level is completed when the meter on the side of the screen is full. There are twelve levels in total - completing all of them awards a trophy.


  • Starburst Fever: Make 8 of the small starbursts
  • Super Starburst Nova: Make 6 of the large starbursts
  • I Reached the Upper Stratosphere: Earned by getting 96,500 points

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