The most up-to-date image and information guide on Webkinz Classic items, events, and more!

New account start up- fastest kinzcash method no challenges no games

startup: 3000 kc

Afghan Hound - Stylish Salon Seating - 488 big top elephant - three ring swing - 673 himalayan - 500 fire fox - 650 wolf - 500 penguin - 500 bunny - 625 ice fawn - 390

feed cheapest food item (apple) - sell others (cookie, pizza, strawberries) - 12 kc add clothing to pet to get gift box, remove clothing, sell clothing (red cap, red bow, red shirt) - 28 kc sell default dock items - pet care guide book, adoption balloon - 35 kc open gift box psf - 13 kc psi- see above

theme options: kids room: 3346 + 350 wall/floor pirates room: princess room:

buy cheapest walls and floors from wshop: blue wall paint 50 kc, blue flooring 45 kc (-95kc)

map items: 7362 kinzstyle shop : 5000 kinzville movie theater: 3 kinzville paved road (x26): 50 = 1300 kinzville small pine tree (x5): 100 = 500 kinzville street lamp (x7): 125 = 875

many cannot be sold, including: adoption center, adventure park, arcade, clubhouse, curio shop, employment office, kinzstyle outlet, kinzpost office, kinzville academy, kinzville park, magical forest, music starz, my house, quizzy's corner, today's activities, tournament arena, vacation island, W-Shop, webkinz stadium, wish factory, zumwhere, (feel free to keep these items on the map)

existing helping paws club code: 2,000 kc you can support the webkinz guide by using the author's HPC code: JBNHTR

total: 17,040

as a deluxe free trial member, remember to do all of the [ deluxe dailies ] there are also some simple challenges that can be completed for additional kinzcash - for example, the Your New Pet challenge can easily be completed by purchasing the Red Belt for 10 KC in the Belt section of the Kinzstyle Outlet. Completing the challenge awards a cupcake and 25 kc, and the cupcake and belt together can be sold back to the wshop for 7 additional kc [net 22 kc]