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Picture & filename Item name Type Tradeable
Wackyknapsack.png Wackyknapsack.png Wacky Knapsack Backpack Yes
Adventurescoutbackpack.png Adventurescoutbackpack.png Adventure Scout Backpack Backpack Yes
Adventurerbackpack.png Adventurerbackpack.png Adventurer Backpack Backpack No
Applebackpack.png Applebackpack.png Apple Backpack Backpack No
Bumblebeebackpack.png Bumblebeebackpack.png Bumble Bee Backpack Backpack Yes
Butterflybackpack.png Butterflybackpack.png Butterfly Backpack Backpack Yes
Campkinzbackpack.png Campkinzbackpack.png CampKinz Backpack Backpack Yes
Helpingpawsclubbackpack.png Helpingpawsclubbackpack.png Helping Paws Club Backpack Backpack Yes
Hikersbackpack.png Hikersbackpack.png Hiker's Backpack Backpack Yes
Kinzvilleacademybackpack.png Kinzvilleacademybackpack.png Kinzville Academy Backpack Backpack Yes
Onyxmonkeybackpack.png Onyxmonkeybackpack.png Onyx Monkey Backpack Backpack Yes
Owlbackpack.png Owlbackpack.png Owl Backpack Backpack No
Turtleshellbackpack.png Turtleshellbackpack.png Turtle-Shell Backpack Backpack Yes
Unicornbackpack.png Unicornbackpack.png Unicorn Backpack Backpack No
Wackybackpack.png Wackybackpack.png Wacky Backpack Backpack Yes
Wackyjetbackpack.png Wackyjetbackpack.png Wacky Jet Backpack Backpack Yes
Googooberryknapsack.png Googooberryknapsack.png Goo-Goo Berry Knapsack Backpack Yes
Jumbleberryknapsack.png Jumbleberryknapsack.png Jumbleberry Knapsack Backpack Yes
Polarberryknapsack.png Polarberryknapsack.png Polarberry Knapsack Backpack Yes
Zangozknapsack.png Zangozknapsack.png Zangoz Knapsack Backpack Yes
2020candybag.png 2020candybag.png 2020 Candy Bag Bag Yes
2021candybag.png 2021candybag.png 2021 Candy Bag Bag Yes
2022candybag.png 2022candybag.png 2022 Candy Bag Bag Yes
Boneycandybag.png Boneycandybag.png Boney Candy Bag Bag Yes
Catburglarcandybag.png Catburglarcandybag.png Cat Burglar Candy Bag Bag Yes
Creaturecandybag.png Creaturecandybag.png Creature Candy Bag Bag Yes
Jollyowlcandybag.png Jollyowlcandybag.png Jolly Owl Candy Bag Bag Yes
Kinzpostletterbag.png Kinzpostletterbag.png KinzPost Letter Bag Bag Yes
Monstercandybag.png Monstercandybag.png Monster Candy Bag Bag Yes
Trickyowlcandybag.png Trickyowlcandybag.png Tricky Owl Candy Bag Bag Yes
Wiseowlcandybag.png Wiseowlcandybag.png Wise Owl Candy Bag Bag Yes
Applefarmerssatchel.png Applefarmerssatchel.png Apple Farmers Satchel Bag Yes
Springbasket.png Springbasket.png Spring Basket Basket Yes
Pinkeggbasketbelt.png Pinkeggbasketbelt.png Pink Egg Basket Belt Basket Yes
Adventurescoutbelt.png Adventurescoutbelt.png Adventure Scout Belt Belt Yes
Alexandritebelt.png Alexandritebelt.png Alexandrite Belt Belt Yes
Amethystbelt.png Amethystbelt.png Amethyst Belt Belt Yes
Aquamarinebelt.png Aquamarinebelt.png Aquamarine Belt Belt Yes
Bigblackbelt.png Bigblackbelt.png Big Black Belt Belt Yes
Bigbluebowbelt.png Bigbluebowbelt.png Big Blue Bow Belt Belt Yes
Bigpurplebowbelt.png Bigpurplebowbelt.png Big Purple Bow Belt Belt Yes
Bionicbelt.png Bionicbelt.png Bionic Belt Belt No
Blackbelt.png Blackbelt.png Black Belt Belt Yes
Bluezirconbelt.png Bluezirconbelt.png Blue Zircon Belt Belt Yes
Brownbelt.png Brownbelt.png Brown Belt Belt Yes
Butterflywingbelt.png Butterflywingbelt.png Butterfly Wing Belt Belt Yes
Championshipbelt.png Championshipbelt.png Championship Belt Belt Yes
Deluxebelt.png Deluxebelt.png Deluxe Belt Belt Yes
Designerhandbagbelt.png Designerhandbagbelt.png Designer Handbag Belt Belt Yes
Diamondbelt.png Diamondbelt.png Diamond Belt Belt Yes
Dogbonebelt.png Dogbonebelt.png Dog Bone Belt Belt Yes
Eggbasketbelt.png Eggbasketbelt.png Egg Basket Belt Belt Yes
Electricguitarbelt.png Electricguitarbelt.png Electric Guitar Belt Belt Yes
Emeraldbelt.png Emeraldbelt.png Emerald Belt Belt Yes
Fashionweekbelt.png Fashionweekbelt.png Fashion Week Belt Belt Yes
Galaxysuitbelt.png Galaxysuitbelt.png Galaxy Suit Belt Belt Yes
Gardenerstoolbelt.png Gardenerstoolbelt.png Gardener's Tool Belt Belt Yes
Garnetbelt.png Garnetbelt.png Garnet Belt Belt Yes
Goblincostumebelt.png Goblincostumebelt.png Goblin Costume Belt Belt Yes
Goldbucklebelt.png Goldbucklebelt.png Gold Buckle Belt Belt Yes
Goldloopbelt.png Goldloopbelt.png Gold Loop Belt Belt Yes
Goldmodernvampirebelt.png Goldmodernvampirebelt.png Gold Modern Vampire Belt Belt Yes
Goldvoguevampirebelt.png Goldvoguevampirebelt.png Gold Vogue Vampire Belt Belt Yes
Goldensolarbelt.png Goldensolarbelt.png Golden Solar Belt Belt Yes
Groovyguitarbelt.png Groovyguitarbelt.png Groovy Guitar Belt Belt Yes
Holidayspiritbelt.png Holidayspiritbelt.png Holiday Spirit Belt Belt Yes
Hulacoconutbelt.png Hulacoconutbelt.png Hula Coconut Belt Belt Yes
Jointheadventurebelt.png Jointheadventurebelt.png Join the Adventure Belt Belt Yes
Kinzstyleaquahighbelt.png Kinzstyleaquahighbelt.png KinzStyle Aqua High Belt Belt Yes
Lunarbelt.png Lunarbelt.png Lunar Belt Belt Yes
Mayorsbelt.png Mayorsbelt.png Mayor's Belt Belt Yes
Mazinhamsterstuntbelt.png Mazinhamsterstuntbelt.png MAZIN' Hamster Stunt Belt Belt Yes
Melodybelt.png Melodybelt.png Melody Belt Belt No
Modernvampirebelt.png Modernvampirebelt.png Modern Vampire Belt Belt No
Nicksbelt.png Nicksbelt.png Nick's Belt Belt No
Offtoschoolblackbelt.png Offtoschoolblackbelt.png Off to School Black Belt Belt No
Offtoschoolwhitebelt.png Offtoschoolwhitebelt.png Off to School White Belt Belt No
Peridotbelt.png Peridotbelt.png Peridot Belt Belt Yes
Pinktutubelt.png Pinktutubelt.png Pink Tutu Belt Belt Yes
Purplepawbelt.png Purplepawbelt.png Purple Paw Belt Belt Yes
Redbelt.png Redbelt.png Red Belt Belt Yes
Retrorainbowbelt.png Retrorainbowbelt.png Retro Rainbow Belt Belt Yes
Rockinblackbelt.png Rockinblackbelt.png Rockin' Black Belt Belt Yes
Rosezirconbelt.png Rosezirconbelt.png Rose Zircon Belt Belt Yes
Rubybelt.png Rubybelt.png Ruby Belt Belt Yes
Sapphirebelt.png Sapphirebelt.png Sapphire Belt Belt Yes
Seacaptnbelt.png Seacaptnbelt.png Sea Capt'n Belt Belt Yes
Securityguarduniformbelt.png Securityguarduniformbelt.png Security Guard Uniform Belt Belt Yes
Sheriffsbelt.png Sheriffsbelt.png Sheriff's Belt Belt Yes
Silverbraidedbelt.png Silverbraidedbelt.png Silver Braided Belt Belt Yes
Skinnystuddedbelt.png Skinnystuddedbelt.png Skinny Studded Belt Belt Yes
Solarbelt.png Solarbelt.png Solar Belt Belt Yes
Sparklinggembelt.png Sparklinggembelt.png Sparkling Gem Belt Belt Yes
Studdedpinkbelt.png Studdedpinkbelt.png Studded Pink Belt Belt Yes
Topazbelt.png Topazbelt.png Topaz Belt Belt Yes
Vinebelt.png Vinebelt.png Vine Belt Belt Yes
Voguevampirebelt.png Voguevampirebelt.png Vogue Vampire Belt Belt No
Whitebelt.png Whitebelt.png White Belt Belt Yes
Windupdollbelt.png Windupdollbelt.png Wind-Up Doll Belt Belt Yes
Zumbuckledbelt.png Zumbuckledbelt.png Zum Buckled Belt Belt Yes
Cummerbund.png Cummerbund.png Cummerbund Belt Yes
Featheredicecape.png Featheredicecape.png Feathered Ice Cape Cape No
Supercamouflagecapeandring.png Supercamouflagecapeandring.png Super Camouflage Cape and Ring Cape Yes
Sharkfinfloatie.png Sharkfinfloatie.png Shark Fin Floatie Floatie Yes
Brownreindeerharness.png Brownreindeerharness.png Brown Reindeer Harness Harness No
Greenreindeerharness.png Greenreindeerharness.png Green Reindeer Harness Harness Yes
Redreindeerharness.png Redreindeerharness.png Red Reindeer Harness Harness Yes
Silvercymbals.png Silvercymbals.png Silver Cymbals Instrument Yes
Marchingbandcymbals.png Marchingbandcymbals.png Marching Band Cymbals Instrument Yes
Marchingbanddrum.png Marchingbanddrum.png Marching Band Drum Instrument Yes
Marchingbandhorn.png Marchingbandhorn.png Marching Band Horn Instrument Yes
Silvermarchingbandhorn.png Silvermarchingbandhorn.png Silver Marching Band Horn Instrument Yes
Marchingbandtrombone.png Marchingbandtrombone.png Marching Band Trombone Instrument Yes
Silvertrombone.png Silvertrombone.png Silver Trombone Instrument Yes
Adventurescoutspetpack.png Adventurescoutspetpack.png Adventure Scouts Pet Pack Pack Yes
Greenpetpack.png Greenpetpack.png Green Pet Pack Pack Yes
Rescueteampetpack.png Rescueteampetpack.png Rescue Team Pet Pack Pack Yes
Googooberrypurse.png Googooberrypurse.png Goo-Goo Berry Purse Purse Yes
Polarberrypurse.png Polarberrypurse.png Polarberry Purse Purse Yes
Merrygoroundsaddle.png Merrygoroundsaddle.png Merry Go Round Saddle Saddle Yes
Lemonlimesash.png Lemonlimesash.png Lemon Lime Sash Sash Yes
Piratecostumesash.png Piratecostumesash.png Pirate Costume Sash Sash Yes
Redpiratessash.png Redpiratessash.png Red Pirate's Sash Sash Yes
Piratesheath.png Piratesheath.png Pirate Sheath Sheath Yes
Campkinzscubaoxygentank.png Campkinzscubaoxygentank.png Campkinz Scuba Oxygen Tank Tank Yes
Scubaoxygentank.png Scubaoxygentank.png Scuba Oxygen Tank Tank Yes
Amethystwings.png Amethystwings.png Amethyst Wings Wings No
Aquamarinewings.png Aquamarinewings.png Aquamarine Wings Wings No
Awesomealyssawings.png Awesomealyssawings.png Awesome Alyssa Wings Wings Yes
Butterflywings.png Butterflywings.png Butterfly Wings Wings No
Candywings.png Candywings.png Candy Wings Wings No
Charmforestwings.png Charmforestwings.png Charm Forest Wings Wings Yes
Cloudadventurewings.png Cloudadventurewings.png Cloud Adventure Wings Wings Yes
Cupidswings.png Cupidswings.png Cupid's Wings Wings Yes
Diamondwings.png Diamondwings.png Diamond Wings Wings No
Emeraldwings.png Emeraldwings.png Emerald Wings Wings No
Enchanteddragonwings.png Enchanteddragonwings.png Enchanted Dragon Wings Wings Yes
Enchantedwings.png Enchantedwings.png Enchanted Wings Wings No
Evilnafariawings.png Evilnafariawings.png Evil Nafaria Wings Wings Yes
Fallleafwings.png Fallleafwings.png Fall Leaf Wings Wings Yes
Fallwings.png Fallwings.png Fall Wings Wings No
Fierydragonwings.png Fierydragonwings.png Fiery Dragon Wings Wings Yes
Flowerpetalwings.png Flowerpetalwings.png Flower Petal Wings Wings Yes
Garnetwings.png Garnetwings.png Garnet Wings Wings No
Gingerbreadwings.png Gingerbreadwings.png Gingerbread Wings Wings No
Glitterbutterflywings.png Glitterbutterflywings.png Glitter Butterfly Wings Wings Yes
Goldenwings.png Goldenwings.png Golden Wings Wings No
Monarchbutterflywings.png Monarchbutterflywings.png Monarch Butterfly Wings Wings Yes
Opalwings.png Opalwings.png Opal Wings Wings No
Pearlwings.png Pearlwings.png Pearl Wings Wings No
Peridotwings.png Peridotwings.png Peridot Wings Wings No
Rainbowwings.png Rainbowwings.png Rainbow Wings Wings Yes
Rubyredwings.png Rubyredwings.png Ruby Red Wings Wings No
Sapphirewings.png Sapphirewings.png Sapphire Wings Wings No
Snowflakewings.png Snowflakewings.png Snowflake Wings Wings Yes
Springwings.png Springwings.png Spring Wings Wings No
Summerwings.png Summerwings.png Summer Wings Wings No
Topazwings.png Topazwings.png Topaz Wings Wings No
Vampirepanthercostumewings.png Vampirepanthercostumewings.png Vampire Panther Costume Wings Wings Yes
Webkinzbutterflywings.png Webkinzbutterflywings.png Webkinz Butterfly Wings Wings Yes
Zirconwings.png Zirconwings.png Zircon Wings Wings No