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i'm a wonk about home before dark and autowikibrowser, and i'm good at googling. i'm gifted9 in webkinz, discord, and webkinz insider, gifted09 on webkinz newz, webkinzgifted9 on reddit, and webkinz gifted9 on youtube. i contributed to the webkinz insider wiki, mostly in the wigev, and i make occasional edits to the real wikipedia. my edit count on the old shoutwiki site was 10,150 when it closed. stay hydrated and donate to internet archive

all my automated edits are marked as minor, and all manual are not. unregistered edits to article talk pages are probably me, noting stray thoughts while on a public computer

Lunkthegiant.png this user is a wikiogre

the w-p-g-ames randi educational foundation challenge[edit | edit source]

i have numerous safeguards to ensure a high degree of accuracy in my contributions, but sometimes they fail and i make a bad post. if you, dear reader, correctly point out an error in my editing, i will kinzpost you a gift from your webkinz wishlist. conditions:

  • only applicable to the edits of me, gifted9, in main: or file: namespaces, that i did not later correct
  • applicable to errors of all types, from typos to factual errors to poor original research to fundamental worldviews; the value of your gift will be proportional to the significance of the error
  • you must meet or exceed my standard of evidence: primary sources if canon, video if original research, dated and contemporary screenshots if historical. list is non-exhaustive, and i'm open to other avenues of debunking
  • no limit on number of claims

if this sounds like you, leave a message on my talk page with 1) a link to the diff between my edit and the former, 2) evidence of incorrectness, and 3) your webkinz username and wishlist

significant contributions[edit | edit source]

Home Before Dark

Plushie KinzStyle Clothing

Jellybean Challenge





Wallpaper Collection & Flooring Collection

Adventure Park Daily Quest Prizes

Fashion Class

Trophy Collection

Shirt Collection, Skirt Collection, Pants Collection

to do: in progress[edit | edit source]

user:gifted9/wallfloor every maintenance

sweep wig and wpg, add hatnotes, standardize link order

sweep & standardize common references

Pet Care and Family Score


(Picture Guide) eStore_Promo_Gift_With_Purchase googlery

Smoothie Moves reverse engineer

category: Wacky Zingoz & Zangoz, Wacky Zingoz & Zangoz Collection

(Item Guide) Zumwhere & Zumbuddies + zummies cost




to do: not started[edit | edit source]

WackyER Zingoz - pics, [-guide--best-easiest-routes-669085]

Color Storm reverse engineer

vehicles Collection page is not exhaustive

remaster of kinzcash guide? [1]

Counter Collection ?

Pet Expressions ?

zingoz pop tutorial [2]

pinky's big adventure tutorial [3]

chef challenge tutorial [4]

supermodelz tutorial [5]

Pet Party Parade?