Red Furniture Collection

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Adventure Park Items

Confection Perfection Press

Fire Protection Helmet Display

Red Flower

Christmas & Hanukkah


Red & Green Gem Christmas Tree

Santakinz' Side Table

Small Red Christmas Tree

Holiday Warmth Candle Lamp

Jolly Holiday Dining Table

Santakinz' Christmas Chair

Santakinz' Helper Stool

Santakinz' Sofa

Santakinz' Workshop Dresser

Santakinz' Workshop Wall Lantern

Steps to Santakinz Room Divider

Magical Holiday Wardrobe


Snowflake Rug


Tea Party Set

Ruby Apple

Dancing Toy Robot

Kinzville Station Train

Plumpy Holiday Plush

Santakinz Snow globe

Santakinz Nutcracker

Curio Shop Only

Captain's Quarters Flooring

Fast Food Recycling Station

Fast Food Menu

Apple Chair

Royal Red Carpet

Gumball Machine

Kid's Coffee Table

Kid's Bed

Kid's Boom Box

Kid's Chair

Kid's Dining Table

Kid's Dresser

Kid's Refrigerator

Kid's Side Table

Kid's Sofa

Kid's Standing Floor Lamp

Kid's Study Desk

Kid's Toy Box

Kid's TV

Baseball Chair

Baseball Desk

Baseball Locker

Baseball Side Table

Baseball Stool

Baseball Table

Baseball Toy box

Baseball Wallpaper


Exclusive Items

4-Wheel ATV

Circus Ball Trampoline

Classic Car Booth

Gas Pump

Webkinz Arcade Sign

Webkinz Dragster

Toadstool Table

Red Plasma Ball

Propeller Plane

Mauna Loa Lamp

Large Pane Window

Rockin' Robot Digital Clock

Regal Rug

Signature Sofa

Stately Bookshelf

Stately Dining Table

Masterful Wardrobe

Fashionable Gas Fireplace

Dignified Dreams Bed

Dignified Draped Window

Carnival Strength Tester

Air Hockey Arcade Unit

Night at the Movies Bed

Big Top Circus Bed

Antique Wishing Well

Bumper Car

Jelly Lollipop Tree

So-Mod Moped Scooter


Carnival Carousel

Caramel Apple Seeds

Super Stunt Unicycle


After Party Red Carpet

Burning Hot Seat

Burning Light Lamp

Candy Apple Booth

Circus Clown Car Chair

Circus Marquee Sign

Circus Spectacular Spotlight

Downtown Penthouse Wallpaper

Dynamo Dragster

Holiday Season Piano

Holly Days Gazebo

Kinzville Academy Recess Bell

Kinzville Academy School Supplies

Lounging Lion Throne

Mega Barbeque

Mighty Ming Bed

Mood Tester

Poinsettias Trellis

Race Car Bed

Red Ming Lantern

Santakinz Gift Bag

Santakinz Parade Float

Single Red Rose

Ski Lift Chair

Ski Rental Shop

Tool Box

Washing Machine Wardrobe

eStore Promo

Cherry Cream Soda Dispenser

eStore Mystery & Stockings

Red Gingham Closet

Holiday Gifts

Valentines Bouquet

Valentine's Tubby Tummies Bear

Enchanted Mushroom Lamp

Hover Sleigh

Mazin' Hamsters

Chili's Chili Crock Pot

Cinnamon's Candy Jar

Sweetie's Sweets

Red Space Coaster Car

Ye Olde Roller Tapestry

Pet Specific Items

Deluxe Grooming Chair

Cave Bed

Best in Show Throne

Puppy Collar Clock

Fire Hydrant Fridge

Water Sign Waterfall

Cardinal Nest Chair

Charming Cherry Bumper

Egg Chair

Cozy Hayloft Hideaway

Rapid Rescue Fire Truck

Tulip Tower Windmill

Molten Meals Oven

Garnet Desk

Garnet Desk Chair

Garnet Poster

Frozen Fun Slide

VIP Booth

Healthy Harvest Dining Table

Hibernation Hammock

Elegant Vardo Wagon

Hopping Drum Kit

Brilliant Hibiscus Chair

Candy Cane Canopy Bed

Treats For Santakinz

Double Decker Bus

Bubblegum Balloon

Luscious Lip Leather Sofa

Radiant Rose Bush

Far North Sleigh

On the Farm Alarm Clock

Ruby Window

Bagpiper's Trampoline

Starlight Mint Sofa

Puppy Picnic Table

Clown Fish Clown Car

Lap It Up Pool


Hockey Bed

Hockey Locker

Hockey Wallpaper

Space Dresser

Trading Cards

Topiary Of Diamonds

Topiary Of Hearts


Bronze Open Competition Medal

Candy Bash Trophy

Gold Open Competition Medal

Silver Open Competition Medal

Skater Kat's Skateboard

Whimsy Skies Trophy

Virtual Figures & Items

Fire Chief Elephant Figure

Apple Clock

Flaming Guitar Rack

Dining Out Table

Marching Band Floppy Pig Figure

Webkinz Foundation

Webkinz Cares Clock

Webkinz Cares Sofa

Webkinz Cares Dining Chair

Webkinz Cares Dining Table

Webkinz Cares Place setting

Caring and Sharing Television

Lovely Caring Bouquet

Webkinz Cares Balloon

Wheels & Games

Fast Food Booth Chair

Fast Food Booth Table

Fast Food Chair

Fast Food Counter

Fast Food Flooring

Fast Food Fryer

Fast Food Hot Counter

Fast Food Table

Fast Food Wallpaper

Inflatable Chair

Inflatable Sofa

Soda Fountain Fridge


Rainbow Airship Docking Station

Rainbow Slide

Rainbow Airship

Zummie Gumball Machine

Rainbow Rover

Zumwhere Music Maker