Swings Collection

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Item Availability Tradeable

Autumn Apple Swing
eStore No

Autumn Living Swing
2020 Fall Mystery Bag Yes

Autumn Patio Swing
eStore No

Autumn Swing
2014 Awesome Autumn Mystery Bag Yes

Autumn Tree Swing
eStore No

Autumn Wood Swing
eStore No

Backyard Fun Tire Swing
eStore No

Backyard Living Swing
2020 Mystery Summer Bag Yes

Bamboo Shoot Swing
PSI Charming Panda Yes

Beachball Party Swing
2022 Summer Super Mystery Bag Yes

Beanstalk Swing
eStore Promo - Seeds & Planter Boxes
2023 Planter Mystery Box Series 3

Berry Patch Swing
eStore No

Big Link Swing
PSI Ten Ton Elephant Yes

Big Pile of KinzCash Swing
eStore Promo Seeds & Planter Boxes
2023 Planter Mystery Box Series 5

Blue Ribbon Swing
eStore No

Butterfly Conservatory Swing
eStore No

CampKinz Sign Swing
2013 Summer Sensation Yes

Candy Cane Swing
2021 Candy Cane Collection Yes

Celestial Swing
eStore No

Cherry Blossom Tree Swing
eStore Promo - Seeds & Planter Boxes
2023 Mystery Patio Plant Box Series 1

Cherry Swing
eStore No

Chocolate Playground Swing
eStore No

Cool Cat String Swing
PSI Signature Orange Tabby Yes

Creepy Clock Tower Swing
eStore No

Cute Octopus Swing
eStore No

Dino Egg Swing
PSI Baby Raptor Yes

Easter Basket Porch Swing
eStore No

Eucalyptus Tree Swing
eStore No

Fairy Den Tree Swing
eStore Promo Yes

Fall Floral Swing
eStore No

Fall Fun Tree Swing
2017 Acorn Collection Event Yes

Fall Teak Hammock Swing
2020 Fall Mystery Bag Yes

Forest Hollow Swing
eStore No

Frosty Playground Swing
eStore No

Garden Oasis Swing
Holiday Gift
Summer Sensation - 2024

Garden Party Swing
eStore No

Gingerbread Swing
2015 Magnificent Knit Stocking Yes

Green Spring Swing
PSI Lil Green Duckling Yes

Hammock Chair Swing
eStore Promo Yes

Hanging Flower Chair
eStore Promo Yes

Holiday Porch Swing
Christmas WShop 2022 Yes

Holiday Spirit Swing
eStore Promo Yes

Hover Swing
eStore No

Jolly Jumbleberry Swing
Pet Specific Item
Jumbleberry Snail

Jungle Nest Swing
PSI Coati Yes

Kinzville Academy Swing
eStore No

Knitted Swing
Pet Specific Item
Sock Cow

Ladybug Swing
2021 Summer Super Mystery Bag Yes

Lazy Tree Swing
PSI Panama Sloth Yes

Leprechaun Hat Swing
eStore No

Lollipop Swing
eStore No

Lovely Swing
eStore No

Lovely Tree Swing
PSI Love Puffin Yes

Lucky Clover Hanging Chair
eStore No

Lunar Swing
PSI Moon Monkey Yes

Magic Meadow Tree Swing
PSI Magic Meadow Unicorn Yes

Morning Glory Swing
PSI Morning Glory Lion Cub Yes

Mystical Purple Tree Swing
eStore No

Mystical Tree Swing
eStore No

Palm Tree Swing
eStore No

Persian Swing
eStore No

Playground Chain Swing
2016 Flower Collection Event Yes

Playground Swing
eStore No

Poison Apple Tree Swing
eStore No

Poinsettia Swing
PSI Poinsettia Lion Cub Yes

Pond Tire Swing
2020 Growing Garden Seeds Series 5 Mystery Box Yes

Precious Purse Swing
PSI Small Signature Pug Yes

Pretty Peppermint Swing
PSI Peppermint Panda Yes

Purple Hammock Swing
eStore No

Purple Spring Swing
PSI Lil Purple Duckling Yes

Refined Swing Set
eStore No

Rocket Swing
eStore Promo Yes

Rosy Swing
2015 Super Summer Mystery Bag Yes

Schoolyard Swing
2021 Super School Challenge Yes

Schoolyard Swing Set
September 2014 Deluxe Monthly Challenge Yes

Secluded Garden Swing
eStore No

Secluded Swing
eStore No

Serene Green Swing
PSI Panda Cub Yes

Shamrocking Swing
PSI Pine Marten Yes

Snowflake Swing
2013 Lots of Presents Stocking Yes

Spiderweb Swinging Chair
eStore No

Spring Oasis Tree Swing
eStore Spring Mystery Promo
2024 Sunny Spring Super Mystery Bag

Spring Sunroom Swing
2022 Spring Mystery Bag Yes

Springtime Tire Swing
Wheel of Wishes Yes

Sprinkles Donut Tree Swing
2014 Bursting Blue Stocking Yes

Sprocket Swing
PSI Tinker Chimera Yes

Summer Cedar Hammock Swing
eStore No

Summer Teak Swing
2020 Summer Mystery Bag Yes

Sunroom Swing
eStore Promo Yes

Super Sugar Swing
PSI Sugar Rush Butterfly Yes

Swing in the Sky
PSI Rainbow Rascal Yes

SPREE! Mall Yes

Tennis Ball Swing
PSI Labradoodle Yes

Terrifying Tree Swing
Was a WShop Seasonal; now retired Yes

Three Ring Swing
PSI Big Top Elephant Yes

Tiki Swinging Chair
eStore Promo Yes

Toadstool Hollow Swing
eStore Promo Yes

Toadstool Swing
Quirky Cauldron ?? Box Yes

Totally Tangled Liana Swing
PSI African Chimpanzee Yes

Tranquil Fall Tree Swing
2020 Fall Mystery Bag Yes

Tranquil Tree Swing
eStore No

Villa Courtyard Swing
PSI Donkey Foal Yes

Violet Tree Swing
PSI Violet Lion Cub Yes

Wacky Zingoz Porch Swing
eStore No

Whimsical Wicker Swing
eStore Promo Seeds & Planter Boxes
2023 Planter Mystery Box Series 6

White Poinsettia Swing
2022 White Poinsettia Stocking Yes

Wild Apricot Tree Swing
PSI Pebble Giraffe Yes

Winter Wreath Swing
PSI Chillaxin Sloth Yes

Woodland Fairy Swing
eStore Promo Yes

Yellow Spring Swing
PSI Lil Yellow Duckling Yes
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