Black Furniture Collection

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Baby Skunk Plushy

Creepy Cauldron

Glowing Fall Lantern

Guitar Case Trunk

Hanging Bat Plushy

Iron Wood Lamp Post

Iron Wood Side Table

Iron Wood Watering Can

Kinzville Shop Window

Robin Plushy


City Street Slide

Freaky Forest Wallpaper

Glampire Bed

Haunted House

Solar System Poster

Spooky Speedster

Witch's Broomstick

Curio Shop Only

Amplifier Stove

Boom Box Vanity

Boomin' Black Couch

Boomin' Black Lounge Chair

Guitar Case Toy Box

Guitar Chair

Rock & Roll Dresser

Rock & Roll Trophy Pedestal

Rock Dining Table

Rock Stage TV

Snare Side Table

Speaker Fridge

Stage Light

Exclusive Items

Cukoo Cat Clock

Medieval Torch

Neo Gothic Piano

Neo Gothic Toilet

Webkinz Newz Camera


Afghan Hound Wallpaper

After Party Chair

After Party Coat Check Desk

After Party Serving Station

After Party Table

After Party Wallpaper

Bacon Rug

Batty Cookie Jar Dispenser

Bear Deck Chair

Bee-autiful Stool

Beetle Bee Chair

Beetle Bee Table

Black Cat Bed

Black Cat Car

Black Cat Chair

Black Cat Divider

Black Cat Sofa

Black Cat Wardrobe

Black Cat Window

Black Licorice Tree

Castle Playhouse

Cherry Blooms Divider

City Center Flooring

Cool Tones Flooring

Creepy Crawly Car

Creepy Crawly Rug

Cute Valentine Wallpaper

Dark Forest Flooring

Dark Forest Wallpaper

Dark Queen Fireplace

Dark Queen Wall Art

Dragon Carved Divider

Dragon Hero Fire Pit

Eau de Skunk Perfume Poster

Eerie Dreary Fence

Eerie Truffle Dispenser

Fangtastic Door

Fangtastic Flooring

Fiery Dragon Lantern

Fireworks Balcony Window

Fluffy Bat Rocker

Framed Photographs

Fuchsia Modern Couch

Fuchsia Modern Shag Rug

Funhouse Flickering Fireplace

Funhouse Ringmasters Throne

Ghoulish Candy Bowl Dispenser

Glam Gold Beanbag Chair

Glam Gold Bed

Glam Gold Carpet

Glam Gold Curtains

Glam Gold Dresser

Glam Gold Fireplace

Glam Gold Hot Tub

Glam Gold Room Divider

Glam Gold Wallpaper

Glamping Campfire

Gold Star Float

Gooey Marshmallow Roaster

Harmony Chair

Harmony Rug

Harmony Sofa

Haunted Door

High End Sandwich Maker

Holiday Silver Fridge

Hot Chocolate Machine

Jasmine Patio Plant

Kinzstyle Chic Boutique

Mayor's Limo

Ming Empire Wallpaper

Misty Graveyard Flooring

Misty Graveyard Wallpaper

Monarch Stained Glass Gazebo

Mosaic Star Tile


Mystic Knots Rug

Neo Gothic Bathtub

Neo Gothic Chest

Neon Flooring

Neon Wallpaper

Northern Express Train

Ohh La La Bench

Ohh La La Lamp

Ohh La La Side Table

Open for Business Sign

Outdoor Lantern

Party Light

Penguin Hot Air Balloon

Piano Sofa

Pioneer Hearth Fireplace

Pointy Hat Cottage

Polka Dot Pumpkin Cottage

Premium Organic Juicer

Puppy Patrol Couch

Puppy Patrol Helicopter

Puppy Patrol Station Captain Desk

Pure Elegance Cake Dispenser

Pure Elegance Lamp

Raccoon Planter

Set and Rinse Shampoo Chair

Sheep Rug

Sitting Skateboard

Skunk Stripes Wallpaper

Smitten Kitten Wallpaper

Snip and Trim Barber Chair

Spiderweb Ferris Wheel

Spooky Gothic Bed

Spooky Gothic Column

Spooky Gothic Curtains

Spooky Gothic Fireplace

Spooky Gothic Flooring

Spooky Gothic Rug

Spooky Gothic Sofa

Spooky Gothic Wallpaper

Spooky Gothic Wardrobe

Spring Melt Bench

Stack of Cookies Dispenser

Stellar Stage Lights

Studio Loft Editing Suite

Studio Loft Lights

Tabby's Job Clock

Taxi Cab Couch

Trendy Tuxedo Rug

Trio of Bears Lantern

Trio of Snowmen Lantern

Tuxedo Wallpaper

Vampire Kitten Rug


Wacky Mirrors

Waterfall Room Divider

Webkinz Shire Lamp

Wicked Halloween Fireplace

Wicked Halloween Flooring

Wicked Wizard Orb Fountain

Wicked Wizard Tower Wallpaper

Wide Wheels Motorcycle

Withered Tree

Holiday Gifts

Crystal Fountain

Holly Hopper Thanksgiving Plushy

Wacky Thanksgiving Plushy

Zangoz Thanksgiving Plushy

Kinzville Academy

Academy Tuba

Science Station

Superstar Makeup Vanity

Pet Specific Items

Arctic ATV

Autumn Paw Print Window

Black and White Skunk Fridge

Chic Black Couch

Comfy Classic Recliner

Cookie Sandwich Wardrobe

Country Sensation Stage

Crystal Hollow

Daytime Rest Chamber

Domino Effect Area Rug

Dressing Room Vanity

Fangtastic Organ

Fine Dining Table

Nightmare Tower

Ohh La La Shower

Ornate English Garden Gate

Polka Dot Shower

Poofy Poodle Chair

Puppy Patrol Car

Puppy Patrol Motorcycle

Rockhopper Chopper

Salt and Pepper Fridge

Sleek Sequin Armoire

Tar Pit Oasis

Tea for Two Table

Trendy Tuxedo Armoire


Wild West Train

King's Royal Lamp

Regal Flame Lamp

Colossal Movie Screen

Neo Gothic Coffee Table

Neo Gothic Couch

Neo Gothic Dining Chair

Neo Gothic Dresser

Neo Gothic Fireplace

Neo Gothic Flat Screen

Neo Gothic Floor Lamp

Neo Gothic Four Poster Bed

Neo Gothic Wardrobe


Bronze Buccaneer Medal

Director's Chair

Gold Galleon Medal

Silver Sword Medal

Virtual Figures & Items

At Your Service Penguin

Magic Hat Side Table

Magic Time Rabbit Figure

Police Chair


Antique Iron Stove

Beach Hibachi


Chic Counter

Chic Counter with Drawers

Chic Cupboard Sink

Enchanted Train Ticket Booth

Puck Dining Chair

Starlight Hanging Chair

Stylish Elements Stove

Train Station Rubbish Bin

Creative Studio Flooring

Antique Produce Scale

BroilKinz BBQ

Wrought Iron Fence

Fancy Footwork Rug

Music Note Wall Charm

Pirate Flag

Black Wall Paint

Enchanted Train Station Wallpaper