Purple Furniture Collection

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Adventure Park Items

Stratospheric Tea Pot

Cave Candle Stick

Purple Crystal Flower

Purple Crystal Rock Cluster

Purple Dust Cluster

Wild Mushroom

Annual Click-to-Win

Kinzville Spa Massage Table

Christmas & Hanukkah

Glittering Gem Tree

Purple Christmas Tree


Holiday Tapestry

Curio Shop Only

Funky Chair

Funky Table

Loader Lounger

Cat Sofa

Royal Cat Bed

Wooden Stool

Rocket Ship Wallpaper

eStore Items

Be My Valentine Pedestal

Big Bowl of Soup

Bustling Backpack

Camo Rhino Floor

Camo Rhino Wallpaper

Case of A+ Soda

Chillaxin' Time Bed

Collapsible Card Castle

Creature Closet

Dentist Chair

Dig it Toybox

Downtown Chic Chair

Downtown Chic Sofa

Enchanted Toadstool Bed

Far Out Fridge

Flying Carpet

Gear Up For Bed

Ghostly Grand Piano

Giant Coffee Table

Gorilla Wall Panel

Grand Piano Couch

Incredible Levitating Pet Illusion

Kinzville Academy Cafeteria Tray

Kinzville Academy Clock

Lovely Lark Spur Garden

Magical Magenta Tree

Mini Lark Spur Plant

Nafaria Bobblehead

Night & Day Bed

Night and Day Chair

Pleasant Purple Sofa

Regal Acorn Armoire

Sneaky Garbage Can

Spooky Skeleton Sketch

Studio Loft Flat Screen

Studio Loft Lounger

Sunday Sports Chair

The Astounding Transported Pet

The Deceptive Disappearing Zangoz

Tiger Wall Panel

Totally Rad Coffee Table

Totally Rad Dining Table

Winter Vacation Window

Exclusive Items

Kinzville Window

Amethyst Geode

Rainbow Jelly Cactus

Violet Volcano Lamp

Monster Under the Bed Superbed

Night Light Flower Bed Superbed

Princess and the Pea Bed Superbed

Newton's Giant Cradle

Rainbow Coffee Table

Jewelry Box Bed

Feature Code Items

Glam Boutique Sign

Easter Basket Wardrobe

Halloween Items

Gargoyle Lamp

Ghostly Urn

Spider's Web Window

Creepy Bed

Giant Spider Dining Table

Phantom Trophy Pedestal

Tombstone Chair

Witch's Brew Stove

Gargoyle Chair

Frightening Lightning Window

Gargoyle Bookshelf

Gargoyle Desk

Gargoyle Sofa

Giant Spider Web

Haunted House Walls

Haunted Organ

Haunted Refrigerator

Purple Pumpkin Chair

Purple Pumpkin Dining Table

Spooky Cobweb Bed

Witch's Banquet Place Setting

Holiday Gifts

Chocolate Egg Area Rug

Chocolate Egg Area Rug

Webkinz Day Year 4 Trophy

Kinzville Academy

Athletic Soaking Tub

Decorative Inkwell

Fancy Mirror

Gym Workout Mirror

Overstuffed Bookshelf

Paint Brush Column

Pile of Books Trophy Pedestal

Silver Yoga Ball Chair

Speed Class Treadmill

Stopwatch Clock

Strength of Champions Poster

Strong Appetite Fridge

Stylish Clothes Rack

Webkinz Mannequin

Workout Bench Sofa

Magical Forest

Grand Charmling Tree

Charm Forest Flowers

Charm Forest Window (one of the colors it turns is purple)

Nafaria Plush

Pixie Pod Balloons

Mazin' Hamsters

Hamster Habitat Lamp

Orange and Purple Hamster Ball Chair

Purple and Orange Rolling Bedroom Bed

Speed Stars Carpet

Tube Television

Nafaria Star Trading

Bubbling Cauldron Stove

Hidden Hideaway Torch

Magic Potion

Nafaria Crest

Nafaria Pedestal

Nafaria Tapestry

Nafaria's Armchair

Poison Ivy Plant

Poison Patch Wreath

Pet Specific Items

Amethyst Bed

Batwing Chair

Blueberry Bumper Car

Freaky Forest Tree Perch

Underwater Television

Timeless Treasure TV

Fabled Fireplace

Sun's Embrace Bed

Plasma Peace Sign

Fortune Telling Pig Statue

Friendly Anemone Stove

Blossoming Flower Tree

Aquarium Castle Toybox

Fuzzy Creature Couch

Purple Easter Egg Chair

Once Upon a Time Dresser

Cozy Water Bed

Springtime Basket Chair

Silky Smooth Drapes

Golden Chariot Bed

Spotted Prehistoric Plant

Winged Window

Sea Floral Cove

Conceal Appeal Lounger

Peace and Loveseat

Starlight Stable

Perfectly Purple Bumper Car


Caesar's Chair

Emperor's Bed

Emperor's Dining Throne

Emperor's Settee

Ascended Princess Throne

Baroness Bookshelf

Bellacourt Blooming Flower

Contessa Candle Lamp

Contessa Candle Wall Sconce

Entitled Tapestry

Royal Reign Rug

Sovereign Stained Glass Window

Magnificent Iwan Rest Bed

Persian Palace Wallpaper

Pile of Persian Pillows

Sultan's Settee

Takht Throne

Violet Persian Rug


Scoreboard Television (hockey theme)

Trading Cards

Nafaria Poster

Perfectly Purple Arm Chair

Quizzy Poster

Supermodelz Poster

Monkey and Monkey Poster

Ms. Cowoline Reading Chair

Quizzy Dining Chair

Quizzy Dining Table

Card Collector Bed

Card Collector Coffee Table

Card Collector Counter

Card Collector Dining Chair

Card Collector Dining Table

Card Collector Dresser

Card Collector Flooring

Card Collector Fridge

Card Collector HDTV

Card Collector Lounging Chair

Card Collector Pedestal

Card Collector Side Table

Card Collector Sofa

Card Collector Standing Lamp

Card Collector Stove

Card Collector Toybox

Card Collector Wallpaper

Chimpanzee Poster

Crafty Kimmy Poster

Crafty Kimmy's Club Sign

Crafty Kimmy's Work Station

Eagle Poster

Little Lamb Bed Poster

Nafaria's Potted Vine

Nafaria's Stained Glass Window

Orca Whale Poster

Party at the Coral Cove Poster

Persephone Designer Manikinz

Persephone Plush Doll

Smoothie Moves Poster

Sweetheart Tart Poster

Treasures of the Crystal Sea Poster

Virtual Figures & Items

Rock N' Roll Beagle Figure

School Time Terrier Figure

Shooting Hoops Cat Figure

Breaking News Cocker Spaniel Figure

Hoop Dreams Seal Figure

Karate Cat Figure

Three Cheers Tiger Figure

Pompom Beanbag Chair

Webkinz Newz Newzpaper Box

Webkinz Foundation

Caring Valley Candle

Webkinz Newz & Ganz Parent Club

City Skyline Armchair

City Skyline Side Table

City Skyline Tuckaway Trunk

Webkinz Newz Glam Boutique Chair

Webkinz Newz Glam Boutique Lamp

Webkinz Newz Glam Boutique Side Table

Wheels & Games

Bundle of Moonberries

Fresh Berry Display

Jam Maker's Stove

Moonberry Bath

Moonberry Pond

Monkey & Monkey Dummy

Drum Set

Rabbit Kinz Banz Wall Art

Yoga Ball Bed


Field Sketch

Table Top Candles

Bratty Zum Lounger

Cloudy Window

Rainbow Rover

Zumwhere Lamp Post

Giggly Zum Dining Chair