Rotatable Collection

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This page contains all the items that significantly change their appearance when rotated, and their appearance in each rotation.

Item Rotations

Academy Locker Room Floor Tile

Amusing Argyle Rug

Antique Steamer Trunk

Apple Blossom Rug

Aquarium Stone Tile

Barnyard Flowering Tree

Berry Blast Hamper

Berry Butterfly Rug

Blue Hearts Rug

Book Nook Rug

Bouncing Bunny Rug

Brilliant Fall Rug

Bright Bedroom Rug

Build a Snow Fort Top Wall

Busy Baker Floor Tile

Calm Hearts Rug

CampKinz Exploration Tile

Candy Tile

Chalet Column

Chalet Window

Charming Stone Column

Cheery Winter Rug

Cherry Blooms Rug

Chocolate Playground Tunnel

Citrus Vase

Classic Villa Floor Tile

Classic Villa Potted Flower

Cloud Kingdom Lamp

Cloud Kingdom Rug

Clover Patch Tile

Coastal Rug

Colored Squares Tile

Colorful Autumn Tree

Colorful Candy Barrel

Colorful Flower Lamp

Confetti Floor Tile

Cool Tones Rug

Countryside Frozen Pond

Countryside Pine Tree

Cozy Christmas Gifts

Cozy Pattern Rug

Cozy Winter Rug

Crafty Floor Tile

Crocus Garden Pond

Cross Country Floor Tile

Daisy Blooms Rug

Dancing Dasher Rug

Darling Rug

Decaying Pumpkins

Deep Sea Side Table[1]

Delightful Directional Rug

Denim & Lace Planter

Denim & Lace Rug

Diner Menu

Diner Place Setting

Dirty Dishes

Divine Dream Rug

Egg Cup

Enchanting Green Rug

Fairykinz Trampoline

Fairy Tale Brick Cottage

Fairy Tale Straw Cottage

Fairy Tale Wood Cottage

Fall Blooms Rug

Fall Carpet

Fall Fairy Treehouse

Fall Fest Floor Tile

Fall Fest Lamp

Fall Flair Rug

Fall Forest Flowering Tree

Fall Forest Shrub

Fall Forest Tree

Fall Fun Tree

Fall Oak Tree

Fall Red Quilt Tile

Fall Tree Quilt Tile

Farmers Field Floor Tile

Farm Fresh Salad Bowl

Farm Fresh Sandwich Platter

Farm Fresh Soup Tureen

Finest Floral Rug

Flower Tile

Freaky Forest Rocks

Frosty Blue Carpet

Frosty Playground Jungle Gym

Giant Gladiolus Garden

Glam Gold Fireplace

Gold Sparkle Rug

Goo Goo Berry Floor Tile

Goo Goo Berry Preserves

Hidden Eggs

Holiday Paw Print Tile

Holiday Plaid Rug

Holiday Silver Carpet

Holiday Sparkle Tree Trio

Hot Dog Cart Floor Tile

Hotel Carpet

Hungry Hog Floor Tile

Hyacinth Garden Pond

Interlocking Brick Tile

Iridescent Rug

Iron Wood Window

Jar of Flowers

Keep Cozy Rug

Kinzcash Tile

Kinzpost Floor Tile

Kinzville Times Newspaper

Lakeside Dock

Lakeside Viewing Dock

Light Living Rug

Lily Pad Tile

Litter Tile

Mayor Dr. Quack Sidewalk Tile

Mega Modern Carpet

Mermazing Rug

Miniature Village Model

Mixed Wild Flowers

Mod Patio Fire Pit

Monster Paw Rug

Mother's Day Vase

Mystic Knots Rug

Neapolitan Rug

Nest Chair

Nest Fridge

Night & Day Bed

Ohh La La Rug

Open Kitchen Shelf

Party Time Column

Party Time Presents

Party Time Snacks

Pastel Plaid Rug

Patchwork Holiday Path Tile

Peppermint Paving Stone

Pet Buddy Barn

Pet Buddy Cabin

Pet Buddy Cottage

Pile of Snow

Pile of Snowballs

Pile of Pizza

Pink Magnolia Tree

Playful Butterflies

Playing Card Floor Tile

Polarberry Floor Tile

Polarberry Preserves

Polka Dot Flower Divider

Precious Autumn Tree

Puppy Love Rug

Pure Elegance Carpet

Red Sugar Maple Tree

Rubber Boot Garden

Russet Ranch Rug

Sculpted Glass Vase

Seashell Cottage Divider Wall

Seashell Cottage Rug

Seashell Floor Tile

Sidewalk Tile

Sleepover Floor Tile


Snow Covered Cedar

Soccer Ball Rug

Soft Spring Rug

Spooky Gothic Dispenser

Spring Blooms Rug

Spring Candy Path Tile

Spring Egg Mosaic Tile

Spring Petals Carpet

Spring Plaid Rug

Spring Sunroom Rug

Stack of Boxes Storage

Stardust Dreams Rug

Starlight Moss Rug

Stylish Kitchen Rug

Sugar Plum Sparkle Rug

Summer Breeze Divider

Summer Breeze Rug

Summer Citrus Rug

Summer Vibes Rug

Sweet Blush Rug

Tall Autumn Tree

Tiki Totem Divider

Toadstool Hollow Lamp

Trick or Treat Street Hedge

Trick or Treat Street Tombstone

Trick or Treat Street Tree

Twinkling Rainbow 4 Color Rug

Wafer Bird House

Wanderer Carpet

Whimsical Wicker Rug

Wild Blue Mushrooms

Wild Chocolate Mushrooms

Wild Red Mushrooms

Wintery Village Model

Withered Plants

Winterfest Snowflake Rug

Wizkinz Apple Tree

Wrapping Paper Tile
  1. This item is also animated
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