Blue Furniture Collection

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Adventure Park Items

Fresh Water Waterfall Wall

Weather Console Machine

Crystal Croc Wading Pool

Blue Crystal Paperweight

Diving Helmet Display

Fish King Floppy Plush

Blue Crystal Flower

Blue Crystal Rock Cluster

Christmas & Hanukkah

Santakinz Workshop (not wide) Window

Santakinz Workshop Wide Window

Silver Christmas Tree

Tabletop Christmas Tree

Festive Fountain

Hovering Menorah


Diamond Apple

Framed Winter Scene

Googles Ice Sculpture

Polar Plunge Poster

Potted Ice Flower

Potted Icicle Tree

Icicle Wind Chime

Winterfest Window


Zum Balloon

Plumpy Holiday Plush

Rubber Whale Toy

2011 Festive Holiday Tapestry

Curio Shop Only

Bone Couch

Bone Lounger

Cat Ottoman

Cat Window

Kid Wall Shelf

Kid's Boom Box

Kids Cupboard Sink

Pineapple Lamp

Rocket Ship Bed

Royal Cat Chair

Space Chair

Space Dining Chair

Space Flooring

Space Jukebox

Space Poster

Space Side Table

Space Study Console

Space Toy Box

Space Trophy Pedestal

Space Viewing Screen

Space Wallpaper

Treasure Chest

Exclusive Items

Antique Fashion Mirror

Artist's Pallet

Balloon Blower

Blue Dragster

Blue Wagon

Crystalline Pond

Daredevil Bed

Dex Dangerous Telescope

Electric Blue Mauna Loa Lamp

Explorer Adventures Bed

Farm Tractor

Flying Saucer

Fresh Waterfalls

Frosty Snow Making Machine

Gemstone Table

Grandfather Clock

Hot Springs Mega Stove

Kinzville Cuckoo Clock

Lunar Moon Bed

Lurking Lagoon

Magic Carpet

Magic Genie Lamp

Railway Dreams Bed

Rainy Day Window

Refreshing Oasis

Starburst Cloud Bed

Topsy-Turvy Window

Undersea Porthole

Wading Pool

Fresh Water Fountain

Webkinz Theme Music Box

Wild Water Ski

Big City Bus

Ice Resurfacer

Speedy Scooter

Webkinz Wishing Well

Explorer Adventures Bed

Dex's Lugbot Lookout

Super Stunt Unicycle


Blue Dragster Replica

Magical Webkinz Wardrobe Replica

Atomic Couch

Alyssa Ice Sculpture

Anchors Away Couch

Angelic Ice Fawn Sculpture

Astrological Area Rug

Atomic Lamp

Avante Bookshelf

Avante Condo Bed

Avante Condo Coffee Table

Avante Condo Counter

Avante Condo Dresser

Avante Condo Flooring

Avante Condo Fridge

Avante Condo Modular Sofa Left End

Avante Condo Modular Sofa Middle

Avante Condo Modular Sofa Right End

Avante Condo Side Table

Avante Condo Stove

Avante Condo TV

Backyard Tiki Sparkler

Beaming Blue Lamp

Bedside Bureau

Birthstone Flooring

Birthstone Wallpaper

Blast Off Rocket Bed

Blue Bell Bed

Blue Frost Evergreen

Blue Hanging Ornament Chair

Blue Paint Paw Prints

Blue Ribbon Veggies

Blufadoodle Crazy Clock

Blufadoodle Dial Tone Phone

Bold Blue Wall Panel A

Bold Blue Wall Panel B

Bold Blue Wall Panel C

Bold Blue Wall Panel D

Bold Blue Wall Panel E

Boogie Down Lamp

Bouncy Castle

Bounding Big Top Cannon

Bountiful Bubble Blower

Brontosaurus Slide

Bubble Fountain

Bustling Backpack

Calm Hearts Bed

Calm Hearts Dresser

Calm Hearts Fireplace

Calm Hearts Nightstand

Calm Hearts Rug

Calm Hearts Toybox

Camera Buggy

Candy Blue Prints

Chess Flooring

Chess Wallpaper

Classic Baroque Bed

Classic Sewing Machine

Colossal Versailles Vase

Cool Cosmos Fridge

Coolest Thing Beat Machine

Cosmos Coffee Table

Cosmos Countertop

Cottage Life Dock

Cotton Candy Tree

Cozy Camper

Cozy Collapsible Tent

Designer In-ground Pool

Diamond Cruiser

Downtown Movie Screen

Electric Guitar Coffee Table

Elegant Ice Fountain

Enchanted Garden Bed

Enchanted Tower

Exquisite Armoire

Extravagant Versailles Vanity Chair

Extravagant Versailles Vanity Dresser

Fear Filled Fireplace

Fishing Derby Dingy

Fishing Derby Sign

Fountain of WOW

Frozen River Ride

Fun and Sun Beach Set

Fun in the Sun Bed

Gaggle of Googles Silkscreen

Gazing Gazebo Seat

Giant Sofa

Goo Goo Berry Parade Float

Googles Wall Panel

Goo-Goo Berry Ball Pit

Grand Palace Harpsichord Stool

Grand Palace Harpsichord

Grey Owl Wonderful Waterfall

Gum Fall Slide

Hairdresser Dresser

Half a Webkinz Illusion

Hologram Projector

Iceberg Slider

Icepresso Table and Mug

Icicle Bowling Lane

Internal Reflections Bridge

Internal Reflections Pond

KinzPost Mailbox

Kinzville Academy Clock

Kinzville Academy Sandbox

Kinzville Academy Swing

Kooky Test Tubes

Large Garden Waterfall

Laser Pyramid Decoration

Lazy River Ride

Log Jammer Ride

Love Bird Lake

Magic Stone Skipping Pond

Majestic Meals Dining Chair

Majestic Meals Dining Table

Marine Biologist Tool Case

Mauna Loa Lamp Column

Milkshake for Two

Moon Flower

Nafaria Ice Sculpture

Night & Day Bed

Night and Day Chair

Night and Day Wallpaper

Number 1 Dad Mug

Ocean Breeze Beach Bag

Open for Business Sign

Out of Control Pie Maker

Outdoor Ski Resort Cafe Table

Palace Splendor Sofa

Party Punch Dispenser

Patriotic Fireworks Cannon

Patriotic Picnic Blanket

Peace Out Convertible

Peaceful Park Bridge

Pig Paradise Lake

Playful Water Fountain

Playground Playset Bed

Plumpy Bobblehead

Podkinz Host Chair

Podkinz Recording Booth

Polar Bear Dip Pond

Polka Dot Aquarium

Pond with Fountain

Pop Star Mirror

Posin' Scarecrow

Print Panels of Paws

Regal Palace Room Divider

Regal Recliner

Rejuvenating Rainbow Pool

Rococo Coffee Table

Sailboat Pond

Serene Dream Pond

Set and Rinse Shampoo Chair

Sideburns Side Table

Sign Dining Table

Sign Side Table

Signs of Spring Fountain

Ski Resort Hot Tub

Sleepy Robot Bed

Slimy Spa Shower

Sneak Attack Snowman

Snow Patrol Mobile

Snowflake Bed

Space Captain's Chair

Space Saver Barber Station

Solar Speedster

Spilled Blue Paint Can

Stainless Steel Kitchen Stool

Stone Tile Swimming Pool

Storage Work Bench

Stress Soaker Hot Tub

Studio Loft Editing Suite

Studio Loft Wallpaper

Subway Car Couch

Sugar Rush Raft

Superstar Styling Station

Tea Cup Waterfall

Teapot Sprinkler System

Underwater Cavern Wallpaper

Valor Hall Wallpaper

Vaudeville Judge's Chair

Waiter's Tray

Water Balloon Cannon

Water Sign Dresser

Watermelon Pool

Webkinz 5th Anniversary Cake

Webkinz Day Year 6 Display Cake

Webkinz Fine Jewelry Kiosk

Wellness Waterfall Divider

Wellness Waterfall

Wild Ride Ice Slide

Wild Water Trampoline

Winter Carnival Carousel

Winter Wishes Carriage Bed

Winter Wishes Window

Gem Hunt

Carved Gem Fountain

Small Blue Geode

Sparkling Gem Flooring

Holiday Gifts

Tabletop Christmas Tree

Webkinz Day Year 3 Trophy

Webkinz Day Year 5 Trophy

Sun Seeking Solar Panel

Webkinz Day Year 6 Trophy

Blue Moon

Wacky Zingoz Plush

Blue Bean Bag Chair

Kinzville Academy

Cooking Class Griddle

Gym Workout Mirror

Makeup Coffee Table

Stopwatch Clock

Water Cooler Fridge

Magical Forest

Alyssa Plush

Fairy High Council Throne

Pixie Pod Balloons

Mazin' Hamsters

Classic Maze Flooring

Floor Flag Follies Trophy

Maze Blueprint

Shrewd Searchers Trophy

Misc. Items

Beach Ball Bean Bag Chair

Blue Welcome Balloon

CampKinz Pool

Crystal Falls

Hanging at the Pad Poster

Magical Webkinz Wardrobe

Petal Tea Pot

Social Media Couch

Touring Van

W Tales Book: Color Catastrophe

Yoga Mat

Pet Specific Items

Aquamarine Dresser

Arctic Window

Beautiful Swan Mirror

Big Bark Clock Tower

Blue Moon Lagoon

Blueberry Fountain

Bubbly Blue Bathtub

Cat's Meow Garden

Celebration Throne

Cloud Nine Window

Color Changing Chair

Crazy Confetti Chest

Day Outdoors Bathtub

Dog Show Trophy Display

Fantastic Flowerbed


Ferris Wheel Lamp

Float Away Fantasy Fridge

Fortune Teller's Table

Friendly Anemone Stove

Frosty Fireplace

Frozen Fountain

Frozen Pond

Frozen Tundra Treadmill

Golden Glide Water Slide

Hidden Hot Spring

Hidey House Lounger

Hungry Pup High Chair

Ice Age Ice Box

Iceberg Island

Icy Fishing Hole Fridge

Icy Ocean Bathtub

Leaping Dolphin Fountain

Little Lamb Bed

Mangrove Treasure Trove

Max'n and Relax'n Beach Chair

Milk Carton Fridge

Ming Vase Panda Fridge

Musical Ice Box

Mysterious Pool

Nocturnal Night Lamp

Northern Lights Lamp

Northern Nights Bed

Panoramic City Window

Plasma Peace Sign

Poco Fiesta Throne

Polar Playpen

Pretty Poodle Vanity

Retriever Treadmill

Sapphire Bathtub

Seaspray Sub

Serpentine Stream

Solar Speedster

Sparkling Star Bed

Suddenly Spring Trampoline

Treasure Map Throw Rug

True Blue Birdbath

Twin Side Tables

Wallowing Tub

Water Sign Waterfall

Whale Sized Wardrobe

Yarn Ball Sofa

Zircon Sofa


Ancient Wading Pool

Aztec Artisan's Toy Box

Azure Aztec Fridge

Bed of the Pharaoh

Blue Minaret Vase

Delicate Swan Bed

Desert Destiny Window

Egyptian Vanity Chair

Egyptian Vase

Fancy Fountain

Golden Sun Stove

Golf Cart

Jade Persian Rug

Luxury Hot Tub

Machu Picchu Pedestal

Magnificent Iwan Rest Bed

Persian Palace Wallpaper

Pile of Persian Pillows

Precious Stone Side Table

Quetzalcoatl's Chamber Bed

Royal Banquet Chair

Sandstone Spa

Sofa of the Nile

Takht Throne

Turquoise Dining Chair

Turquoise Dining Table


Earth Table

Goalie Mask Shelf

Helmet Lamp

Hockey Chair

Hockey Coffee Table

Hockey Couch

Hockey Desk Chair

Hockey Dining Table

Hockey Flooring

Hockey Side Table

Hockey Skates

Hockey Study Desk

Hockey Table

Hockey Wallpaper

Seasonal WShop

Beautiful Game Wallpaper

Corner Kick Stool

Free Kick Side Table

Ice Cold Wardrobe

Snowball Beanbag Chair

Winter Wonderland Clock

Trading Cards

At Paw Level Display Screen

Charm Forest Poster

Collector's Paradise Waterfall

Dex Dangerous' Landing Pad

Dex Dangerous Master Control Chair

Dr. Quack Bed

Dr. Quack Side Table Lamp

Dragster TCG Poster

Plumpy Plush Doll

Plumpy's Chair

Plumpy's Writing Desk

Pool TCG Poster

Puppy Patrol Car Poster

Quizzy TCG Poster

Series 1 Trading Cards Pedestal

Series 2 Trading Cards Pedestal

Series 3 Trading Cards Pedestal

Sheldon's Surfboard

Sketched Kinzville Window

Trading Card 2.0 Bed

Trading Card 2.0 Chair

Trading Card 2.0 Coffee Table

Trading Card 2.0 Counter

Trading Card 2.0 Dining Chair

Trading Card 2.0 Dining Table

Trading Card 2.0 Dresser

Trading Card 2.0 Flooring

Trading Card 2.0 Fridge

Trading Card 2.0 Lamp

Trading Card 2.0 Side Table

Trading Card 2.0 Sink

Trading Card 2.0 Sofa

Trading Card 2.0 Stove

Trading Card 2.0 Toybox

Trading Card 2.0 TV

Trading Card 2.0 Wallpaper

Trading Card Bed

Trading Card Chair

Trading Card Condo Coffee Table

Trading Card Condo Flooring

Trading Card Condo Lamp

Trading Card Condo Lounger

Trading Card Condo Sofa

Trading Card Condo TV

Trading Card Dining Table

Trading Card Dresser

Trading Card Fridge

Trading Card Side Table

Trading Card Sofa

Ultimate Challenge Sports Car

Zangoz TCG Poster


Stardrops Trophy

Writing Trophy

Writing Trophy

Zingoz Bounce Trophy

Vacation Island

Model Jet Plane

Ship in a Bottle

Vacation Deck Chair

Virtual Figures & Items

Ahoy Cheeky Monkey

American Buffalo Catcher Figure

Bowling Pin Chair

Cocker Spaniel KinzPost Carrier Figure

Decorative Mailbox

Fraidy Cat Lion

Gnarly Surfer Photo

Golden Goal Deer Figure

Golden Goal Stadium Seat

Himalayan Ski Set

House Painting Hippo

Kite Flyer Blue Jay Figure

Moonlight Night

Megaphone Lamp

Model Airplane

Out of This World Moon Globe

Table-Top Rock Garden

Tee Time Raccoon

Totally Bogus Bean Bag Chair

Yorkie Cheerleader Figure

Webkinz Foundation

Caring Valley Candle

Webkinz Foundation Plush Bear

Wheels & Games

Kinzville Mall Security Booth

Kinzville Mall Shopping Bag

Link'd Arcade Unit

Monkey Kinz Banz Wall Art

Moonberry Greenhouse

Moonberry Pantry

Pet Of The Month Medal

Ring In A Box

Zingoz Bounce Ball


Awesome Arctic Television

Ballet Swan Floor Lamp

Beach House Striped Couch

Beach House Striped Sofa Chair

Beach Sofa

Blue Change Table

Blue High Chair

Blue Skies Bed

Blue Skies Counter

Blue Skies Counter with Drawers

Blue Skies Dining Table

Blue Skies Kitchen Sink

Blue Striped Bed

Blue Striped Coffee Table

Blue Striped Dresser

Blue Striped Side Table

Blue Striped Sofa

Blustery Day Vanity

Boho Basket Table

Boho Sofa

Brilliant Blue Mosaic Table

Campkinz Cot

Campkinz Fishing Chair

Campkinz Lantern

Campkinz Picnic Table

Checkered Counter

Cheerleader Bed

Cheerleader Chesterfield

Cheerleader Locker Wardrobe

Cheerleader Television

Clam Sofa

Cloud Chair

Cloud Couch

Cloudy Day Dresser

Comfy Coral Chair

Concession Stand Back Counter

Concession Stand Front Counter

Conch Coffee Table

Condiment Stand

Constellation Convection Oven

Constellation Cruiser Counter

Constellation Cruiser Passenger Seats

Cool Blues Counter

Cool Blues Counter with Drawers

Cool Blues Cupboard Sink

Cool Breeze Fridge

Cool Colorful Fridge

Cool Ice Coffee Table

Coral Clam Bake Dining Chair

Coral Clam Bake Dining Table

Covers of Coral Bed

Crazy Colorful Bed

Crazy Colorful Sofa

Crustacean's Choice Table

Daedalus Dining Chair

Daedalus Dining Table

Daedalus Head Dining Chair

Dance Studio Locker

Daydreamer's Stool

Deep Sea Dining Chair

Depths of Demeter Dresser

Fabled Grand Table

Fantasy Dresser

Flying High Lamp

Frozen Delights Dining Chair

Frozen Stasis Fridge

Glass Table with Flower

Glowing Depths Floor Lamp

Head in the Clouds Desk

Hotel Chair

Hotel Trolley Wardrobe

Hydra Definition Television

Ice Block Counter

Ice Cold Wardrobe

Ice Sculpture Fridge

Icy Cold Ice Box

Icy Cool Blender

Imperial Head Chair

Jellyfish Jewel Lamp

Lawn Lounger

Magical Dreams Bed

Majestic Dining Chair

Manic Magic Audience Chair

Moonlight Counter

Moonlight Counter with Drawers

Moonlight Cupboard Sink

Navigation Control Center

Neptune's Nap Bed

Night Stand

Ocean Floor Dresser

Painted Glass Blue Chair

Painted Glass Fridge

Painted Glass Lamp

Painted Glass Stove

Party Time Counter

Party Time Dining Table

Party Time Kitchen Island

Party Time Sink

Perfectly Plush Dining Chair

Pie in the Sky Stove

Plush Pillows Bed

Plushy Soft Sofa

Potter Kiln Oven

Princess Bed

Saltwater Sofa

Sea Blue Bathroom Sink

Sea Blue Bathtub

Sea Blue Toilet

Sea Blue Towel Rack

Sea Blue Wave Mirror

Sea Life Sofa

Shell Fin Side Table

Sky Blue Book Box

Sky High Dresser

Sky Vision

Snowflake Side Table

Soft Baked Stove

Star Collector's Carousel

Strategic Space Control Table

Tentacle Table

Ticket Booth

Toadstool Treasures Chest

Toyster Treasure Box

True Blue Dining Chair

Turquoise Lawn Chair


Windy Day Coffee Table

Winter Breeze Dresser

Winter Counter

Winter Counter with Drawers

Winter Cupboard Sink

Winter Feast Dining Table

Winter Wonderland Bed

Winter Wonderland Stove

Wizard Potions Table

Wizard Side Table

Woodland Wardrobe


Cloudy Armchair

Cloudy Couch

Ponder Pond

Window to Zumwhere

Zum Fountain

Zum Poster

Zum Sanctuary

Zumwhere Cloud Machine

Zumwhere Tapestry