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I encourage you to pick ways of earning KC which you enjoy. Spending 30 minutes doing something you hate will drag on and on, while spending two hours doing something you enjoy doing will seem like no time at all.


I don't tell you my plan for making a Million KC, rather I provide the information you need so you can develop your own plan.

Each method has been ranked in terms of how fast it earns KC (i.e. its KC/hr.).

I highlight the strengths and weaknesses for each so you can decide which is right for you.

I provide links to related posts for additional information.

I am open to all feedback - both praise and criticism. It is your feedback which will ensure this thread remains the ULTIMATE Guide to earning KC.


The following methods, listed in order of how fast they let you earn KC, are all proven methods to earn BIG KC.

(1) stadium

(1) Employment Office - Up to 7,000 KC/hr.

(Max 700 KC/day – 1050 for Deluxe)

The fastest way by far to earn KC is at the Employment Office.

There are three types of jobs - easy (Yellow), medium (Blue) and hard (Green). Also, for each job there are three skill levels which you progress through as you successfully complete the job.

Once you have progressed to the top level will earn between 175 KC and 350 KC each time you complete the job depending upon how hard the job is and what level you are working at. Since jobs average less than 3 minutes you can earn between 3500 and 7000 KC/hr.


Only do those jobs which you are good at. Jobs change every hour - If there are no jobs that you can do this hour wait until later.


You can only complete one job once every 8 hours (plus 1 extra for Deluxe members).

Not every job is available each hour.

(2) Farming - Up to 3360 KC/hr. (Average of 160 KC/day/yard)


The idea is simple enough... one of your pets just take up farming.

All you need to do is purchase an outdoor yard, fill it with vegetables, care for your crops, harvest your crops and then sell your produce back to wShop.

To calculate the rate for gardening I assumed a carrot garden, and ignored the start-up costs since the first months harvest will pay for the startup costs.

A carrot garden with 100 plants will produce around 200 carrots every 7 days. These can be sold for to wShop for 7KC each for a total income of 1400 KC. Assuming a fast internet connection, on average you will spend 2.5 minutes per day weeding, 4 minutes once per week harvesting, and another 6 minutes selling for a total of 25 minutes. This works out to 3360 KC/hr.

Tips: I have had no problem with 100 plants in each yard. Other people have reported problems with more than 80 (which happen to also be the maximum you can plant with a pathway connecting the garden's four entrances). Plants do occasionally lock up which will stop them from growing. After you finish gardening for the day, take your pet back to each of your yards to unlock any stuck plants. Although Strawberries earn as much as carrots, I prefer carrots for the following reasons: They are easier to care for since the weeds are easily see; Strawberries may produce higher yields, but carrots grow faster and sell back to wShop for more KC; and Since they sell for more KC per vegetable selling your produce is easier on your wrist. Plant the entire yard at the same time and with a single crop. Daily care is easier since you simply have to look for the plants which look different to know which ones need extra care. You do not need to water your plants - only weed and harvest. I guess it must rain every night in WW. You have 4 days to harvest / weed before your crop dies. Although this does mean that you can skip gardening for 3 days, this is not a good idea since plants with weeds stop growing. Don't waste time 'inspecting' your plants. This does nothing for you and simply wastes time. DISADVANTAGES There is a one-time set up cost to purchase the yard and plants. For a 100 plant carrot farm the cost is 6000KC. You have to commit to keeping up with the daily maintenance of your gardens. Count on spending on average 4 MINUTES PER DAY PER GARDEN. If you plant 10 gardens count on 40 minutes per day. If you don't have a fast internet connection, gardening can become very slow and tedious. I tried a dial up connection and found that harvesting a single yard took nearly half an hour. OTHER THOUGHTS For gardeners with limited time and energy, consider pumpkins or watermelons. Although at harvest time you'll only get one per plant, their growing cycle is one day less and they sell back for 10 KC. You also save a bit upfront as the seeds are less expensive.

(4) Daily Stuff – 2,770 KC/hr. (average of 510 KC/day)

Without a doubt, it is worthwhile to do your daily activities since they offer some 'easy money'.

Daily Activities:

Daily KinzCare - 'I Love my WebKinz' Free Food & Cash

Kinzville Academy

Choice of 3 Courses per Pet (plus an extra class for Deluxe)

Don’t forget recess after 15 days of classes (you can earn back 500KC of your cost)


Jumbleberry Fields

Wheel of Wow

Wishing Well


wheel of deluxe

Magical Forest

Alyssa's Star Challenge

Curio Shop

Gem Hunt

'Semi Daily' Activities

wkn food?

To come up with the rate I tracked the time spent doing and the total KC received for these activities for two accounts over an entire month. On average the tasks took 11 minutes per day per account and yielded a total of 30,510 KC for both accounts. This works out to a very respectable 2770 KC/hr.

List of Activities with Return for Month (Totals for Two Accounts) Daily KinzCare: 1840 KC (Selling Free Food) Jumbleberry Fields: 3140 KC (Selling the Berries) Wheel of Wow: 4370 KC (Selling Object Prizes) Wishing Well: 4750 KC Star Challenge: 8840 KC (Selling Stars & Object Prizes) Gem Hunt: 6670 KC (Selling Gems) Weekly Newspaper Poll: 900 KC (50KC Monday and Friday) Total: 30,510 KC The following daily activities are discussed in other sections Employment Office Quizzys Gardening Feature Code Extras Zum Sightings (Feature Code to Unlock) Woodland Wonders (Feature Code to Unlock) Magical Mire - Once every 8 hours (Feature Code to Unlock) Charm Forest - Once every 6 hours (Feature Code to Unlock) 'Special' Objects like eStore Milkshake Machine (Dispense Free Food)

(5) Quizzy's – Up to 1,800 KC/hr.

If you enjoy trivia this is definitely a great way to earn KC. Even if you’re not a fan of Trivia I highly recommend that you at least do the Daily & Endangered Safari questions since these are worth double KC. The bonus questions are: Daily Bonus Questions – 10KC Each (1 question each day) Endangered Safari Questions – 10KC Each (1 new set of 30 questions each month) Calendar Page Questions – 5KC Each (1 question each day) My own experience, the experience of my son, and the experiences reported by various other members suggest that it is possible to answer around 6 questions per minute which works out to 1,800 KC/hr – a little more for bonus questions.

Some people report that since you win a bonus when you play Quizzys Whizkinz that this is a better way to earn KC with trivia Quizzys. While it is true that you will earn more for each set of questions due to the prize money, I found that due to the delays waiting on the other player this method only earned around 1,200 KC/hr.


Unless you really like trivia this activity can quickly become boring (not to mention frustrating if you don't know many of the answers).

questions not infinite

(6) Arcade / Tournament Games – Up to 1500 KC/hr.

Playing games is by far the most enjoyable way to earn KC... but some games pay very little. In this section I point out which games are your best bets for earning BIG KC.

I have taken my own experience and what others have reported to categorize the games as having either Poor OR Average OR Good OR Excellent payouts. Within each of these groups the games are listed in alphabetical order, not rate of return. The reason for this is that within a group individual skill will significantly alter the order.

While testing Person versus Person (PVP) games, in order to level the playing field I completed the testing playing against myself using two accounts. This opens an interesting question - Should 'winnings' include the amount won by both accounts or should it be the average winnings per account? For the purpose of this table I have gone with 'average winnings'.

So far the rankings are:

Excellent (1500+ KC/hr. _-_ 25+ KC/min)

Lunch Letters

You have to be a real good typist. If you are, play the very hardest level and as soon as the floor starts to get messy end the game and start over (Grandma who types at 110 words per minute lasts about 4 minutes at this level).

PVP Checkers

Since this is a PVP game the only way to earn in this range is to be playing against a really bad player OR if playing against the computer aiming for a ‘stalemate’ where neither player can make any more moves.

Good (900 to 1200 KC/hr _-_ 15 to 20 KC/min)

Arcade Games

Candy Bash

Hungry Hog

Lily Padz

Operation Gumball


Zacky's Quest

Zingoz Pop

In Room & PVP

Breaking Newz Jigsaw Puzzle

On the "hard" level, which is still quite easy, the player is given 55 kc for each puzzle solved. There is no time limit and no opponent to have to beat. A puzzle can be completed in around 3 minutes (once you become familiar with the puzzles in the game) which works out to 1100 KC/hr.

The downside of the jigsaws is that the very familiarity that can help you get faster can also make it monotonous if you play repeatedly since there are only 4 puzzles to do at each level.

Air Hockey

Trading Cards Game

Average (450 to 750 KC/hr _-_ 7.5 to 12.5 KC/min)


Ant Mania, BullsEye Batter, Bamboo Break, Goober's Lab, Home By Dark, Mini Golf, Pinky's Big Adventure, Polar Plunge, Pumpkin Patch, Wacky Zingoz, Where's Wacky, Bananza Tropical Troubles, Booger gets an A, Get Eleven Solitaire, Smoothie Move, Tile Towers, Triple Strike Solitaire, Tunneling Twigzy, Stack'Em Up Solitaire, Zingoz Bounce N Burst

In Room & PVP

Billiards, Kinz Pinz Bowling

Poor (150 to 450 KC/hr _-_ 2.5 to 7.5 KC/min)


Bananza, Cash Cow 1 & 2, Dex Dangerous, Go Go Googles, Hide N Skunk, Pizza Palace, Tile Towers, Zingo's Pie Throw, Skunksweeper, Eager Beaver Adventure Park Quizzy's Word Challenge

In Room & PVP

Farming Frenzy, Go Fish Card Game, Link'd, Zingoz Switcherooz

I still need to rank the following games:


Polarberry Jam

Tulip Trouble 2

Waddell's Icecap Adventure

Webkinz Rally

In Room & PVP

Chef Challenge

Dogbeards Bathtub Battles

Duck Crossing

Goober's Atomicolicious

Quizzy's WhizKinz

Rock Paper Scissors

Wacky Zingoz

Webkinz SuperModelZ


IF YOUR ONLY GOAL IS MAXIMIZING KC EARNED - When playing PVP games with a friend, decide who will win and who will lose BEFORE playing then work together to finish the games as quickly as possible.

When 'considering' the payback per minute one 'factor' which may affect your choice of games is the chance of winning a trophy especially if you like trading since these are very tradable (warning: some trophies for newer games can’t be traded).

Play games in the Tournaments Arena before playing them in the Arcade.

The game plays and pays the same either way, but if you win the tournament you will also pick up the Jackpot.

Always watch the Game of the Day and Hourly activities for when bonus KC is being offered for games you are good at. Often the bonus is as high as an extra 40%.

For games which pay well, read the tips and tricks postings in the WI Arcade Forum.

You may find with these tips a game you were only ok at your able to excel at (or one you were good at you can be excellent at).

Focus play on earning KC rather than beating your high score or winning a trophy.

With some games (in particular the word games) play at the higher levels takes much longer yet the higher levels don't pay anything more than lower levels.

Focusing on speed over accuracy may earn more KC per minute but prevent moving up the levels.


Games simply do not pay as much as the other methods.

Since you have to be entirely focused on the game while playing you need to have a block of time to play when you are reasonably sure that you will not be interrupted.

In room games like jigsaws need to be purchased at wShop.


Remember these 'Ratings' are based on 'ideal conditions' and assume that your strategy is earning as much KC as possible with each game.

Various posts I have read regarding PVP games seem to be split between those suggesting that these are good ways to earn KC', and those claiming the opposite.

One big factor would appear to be who you are playing and how well the other player plays the game.

In order for games to payout in the ranges listed you need to develop a strategy to maximize points per minute for the given game.


In researching for this thread I came upon literally hundreds of tips and suggestions how to either earn extra KC, or reduce the amount you spend. The tips presented here all work, but in my opinion are too unpredictable to be a key part of a BIG KC plan... Think of them as ways for your pets to pick up some extra pocket change to buy treats with.

1. Take Advantage of Sales

Sales and deals occur frequently at the KinzStyle Outlet, WShop and the Curio Shop. If you're not in a rush for something, it pays to wait for a sale. However, watch out for Arte – sometimes his prices are higher than wShop.

Kinzstyle Outlet hourly sales occasionally exceed 50% off. If you run in to one of these opportunities, take advantage of it even if you don't want the item. Simply sell the item back to wShop and you'll profit.

2. Watch for Coupons

Watching hourly events for free wShop coupons always makes sense. Although in my opinion it is best to use these to reduce the cost of items purchased for your room, it is possible to actually profit from coupons.

If you are lucky enough to get a coupon worth over 50% off, using the coupon to purchase a high priced item then selling it back to wShop will earn you KC. The most expensive item for Deluxe members is the Charming Waterfall in the Garden Oasis theme for 12,000 KC; for Full members, it's the Mega Stove for 2,125 KC. If you receive an 80% Off coupon and purchase the Mega Stove it will only cost you 425 KC but can be sold back for 1063 KC for a 'profit' of 638 KC.

3. Trade, Trade, Trade

If you have items you don't want, trading them for items that you do want is always better than selling the items back to wShop then buying the items you want (remember wShop only pays you 50% of what you paid). Trading allows you to 'refresh' your pets home without putting out additional KC. Other players often are willing to buy items for Kinzcash.

Generally I do not recommend selling objects as a way to earn KC, however, if you have decided to do so, then trading allows you to unlock an items 'hidden' value.

The idea is simple - rather than selling exclusives and retired items to wShop, you trade the items for regular priced items which you in turn sell.

For example, if you sell a Snow White Mirror to wShop you will only get 100 KC. However, say you instead trade the mirror for an Oak Paneled swimming pool (which also has a trade value of 1000KC) and then sell the swimming pool you will end up with 1000 KC (900 KC more than just selling the mirror)


  • If you have been a member more than a year you will likely have accumulated a few retired items. Check the Item Guide to become familiar with those items which have been retired - if there are any that you have which you don't consider to be one or your treasures these are the ones you should consider trading for profit.
  • If you have a room done in a retired theme and there is a current theme which you like just as much as or more than the old theme these objects are another good choice. The KC you get by trading up then selling will not only pay for a new theme but will also significantly increase the KC on your dock.
  • Trade Gems with Doug, then trade the 'Prizes' received from Doug (especially once you have moved up a few levels) for 'cashable' objects.
  • When playing games play those with a chance at a trophy. When you get multiple trophies trade the extra trophy for 'cashable' objects.
  • Your best trade is for wShop items since these trade at around the same value as they can be sold back to wShop for, your next best bet would be trading for rares (since these sell back at 50% off regular price). Avoid trading for any other items.
  • When trading, always try to 'Trade Fair' - in other words, try to ensure you are trading items of similar value. If you are tempted to 'steal' an item in a trade, think about how you feel when someone else cheats you. Webkinz World is funnest when everyone plays nicely together.


  • It can take a long time before you are able to reach the right trade in the trading room - time which could be spent earning KC using other methods.
  • You may be getting rid of items which you will never be able to replace - certain retired items are becoming harder and harder to find. Be sure that you won't be sorry that you no longer have the item.

4. Special Events / Click to Wins – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Click to Wins offer easy KC… only problem is that they are only offered a few times each year AND even while running you need to wait a long time between opportunities to click. This severely limits the amount of KC you can earn from the click to Win.

For example, during Winterfest snowflakes came at the rate of about one every 6 minutes. The prizes were worth on average 40 KC so the best possible hourly rate works out to only 400 KC/hr.

HOWEVER if you combine the click to win with playing games such as checkers, doing puzzles OR answering Quizzy's Questions (all of which have acceptable pay backs on their own) then this extra KC can really add up.

Promotional events offer great opportunities especially if you hold on to the objects you win for a while. During this event it was possible to pick up hundreds of items which quickly appreciated in value such that a single click was easily worth 1000 KC (see section Trade / Trade / Trade).

5. Buy new WebKinz

Rarely a day goes by without a posting by someone suggesting that buying a new pet is a great way to earn KC.

Personally I see buying a new pet as being a drain on KC - you end up with another mouth to feed, another pet to clothe, and another room to decorate (what pet would be happy without a bed to sleep in?). Yes you do get up to 4,500 KC (after your 11th pet if you get the 1000KC coin) but this KC can quickly be used up by your new pet and more.

I am not against buying more pets, it is just that can't recommend this as a way of working towards your KC goal.

The one way that adopting a new pet can significantly increase your KC is if you create a separate account for your new pet. This way each pet will be able to do their own daily / weekly / monthly activities. That said, do you really want a dozen accounts to log on to rather than your pets sharing one house?

You'll receive an extra 50% KC from adopting new pets if you have 10 Pet Care hearts filled before you adopt.

6. Cut Feed & Care Costs

You can save a bundle on food for your pets if you feed your pets mostly eggs, the most cost-effective food in the WShop, or by growing your own farm fresh food. Several times each week wShop has a sale on different food items at up to 50% off. Stocking up when nutritious economical foods go on sale is a great way to reduce costs.

Although some posts talk about not feeding your pets as a way to reduce your expenses I see this as sending the wrong message. To me it says that it is alright to abuse others in order to achieve your own goals.

7. Perhaps Sell Your 1000 KC Coins

I have mixed feelings regarding whether or not to recommend selling these.

Why do I have mixed feelings?

It comes down to the fact that my kids and I love visiting the trading room and these coins are very popular there since they are the only 'currency' which can be traded.

Many traders are in need of KC and will trade really nice stuff for these coins. 1000 KC may be less than the WIGEV of these items, but it is significantly more than what wShop will pay for them.

Bottom line is if you like trading in the trading room, keep the coins, but otherwise sell them.

8. WebKinz Extras

Webkinz Extras are those 'other things' that you can purchase from GANZ like charms, Deluxe Membership, Trading Cards, etc. The affect each of the WebKinz Extras offered for sale has on KC is discussed below.

I have flagged as ‘RECOMMENDED’ the ones which can significantly help with earning KC.


Much is offered by going deluxe which can help as you work towards your KC Target. Consider that following: You get 41,000 eStore points which you can use to purchase items to decorate your room saving you from having to spend your KC to decorate your room.

You can also use these points to purchase pets (see adopting new pets), charms, and figures all which will help you work towards your goal.

You get extra hourly activities (more KC & Object Prizes).

You are able to do more jobs each day (see Employment Office Section).

You are able to play the Deluxe Wheel and Deluxe Prize Machine (more KC & Object Prizes).

You get a Deluxe Clothing of the Month Item (very tradable it you don’t want it).

Taken all together if you convert this all to KC a Deluxe Membership will increase your monthly income by about 20,000 KC.


Trading cards definitely offer a way to pick up some additional KC.

In each pack you get codes which unlock KC, Food, Objects or wShop coupons.

If you don’t keep the object prizes you’ll need to use the Trade / Trade / Trade tip since most are ‘worth’ more than their wShop sale value.

My experience has been that on average the ‘value’ of what the code unlocks is around 1000 KC.

You also have about a 1 in 36 chance of winning a virtual pet (see Adopting Pets).

Although stores charge $3 to $4 per pack, you can purchase a box of 36 packs on eBay for around $35 including shipping – less than $1/pack.


The KC benefits of Kinz Clips are fairly limited. The code which comes with them unlocks 500 KC and lets you play the Zumwhere game to win prizes but this game does take a lot of effort before you will win a prize.


Purchasing a Zum Buddy unlocks the "Visit Zums" game in Zumwhere and lets you win zummies which you trade for prizes.

However it takes a lot of play time to collect enough zummies to trade for the better ‘prizes’ and the only way to earn KC is with the Trade / Trade / Trade strategy. Not only that but Zumbuddies need to be fed and entertained which costs lots of KC.


Charms unlock the Magic Mire Game in the Magical Forest. You have a chance at prizes including recipe foods, Magic Mire Clothing and other objects. You can play the game every eight hours, which translates to about twice a day. On average the prize is worth about 50KC.

You often win Pixie pods which allow you to play another game which gives a chance at 250KC but this is very hard to win.


Each figurine comes with a virtual copy of the figurine in Webkinz World and a figurine specific item.

Many of the figurine specific items are really great for decorating, and some are highly sought after (see TRADE / TRADE / TRADE).

Although it only takes one figure to play the game, everyone agrees that you won't find much of anything unless you have twenty or more figurines registered on your account. It takes 40 to get a full unlock of the Woodland Wonders prizes.

When you find virtual figurines in Woodland Wonders, every duplicate figurine that you find of one you already have earns you 50 kinzcash. You can also find W Shop items (like dark sunglasses) that you can sell back to the W Shop, and Pixie Pod Pachinko seeds.


You can go in every six hours, or about three times a day if you time it right. This allows you on average to pick up and extra 100 and 200 KC a day, and sometimes 500 KC or more.

In addition, after your 8th charm you get KC with each additional charm you buy.

1st to 8th -- Unlocks 1 Row of Virtual Charms

9th to 10th -- 100 Kinz Cash

11th to 13th -- 200 Kinz Cash

14th to 15th -- 300 Kinz Cash

16th -- Fairy Falls Fountain

17th to 19th -- 400 Kinz cash

20th to 23rd -- 500 Kinz Cash

24th -- Super-Exclusive Charm Forest Item


Although eStore objects cannot be traded or sold, however you can sell the food which some eStore objects dispense (however, the machines only dispense 1 food item each day).

Hot Chocolate Machine dispenses Cups of Hot Chocolate selling for 10KC

Popocorn Machine dispenses Bags of Popcorn which selling for 5 KC

Milkshake Machine dispenses Milkshakes selling for 5 KC

9. Hourly Events

Some hourly events offer a tremendous way to pick up some extra KC. The following is a complete list of all activities. Those activities to watch for since they offer the greatest potential for building your KC are highlighted in Purple.

I have assumed that earning KC is your objective and based the recommended activities on the presumption that you will be selling (or trading for KC) the items you win with these activities.

Games & Activities

Prize Klaw

Dunk the Zingoz

Wheel of Yum

Quizzys Blast

Balloon Dartz

Bonus Activities

Extra Bingoz Ball

Extra Spin Wheel of Wow

Game of the Hour (Extra % KC for Playing)

Free Stuff / Discounts

Quick Drawz

Big Button of Cash

Free Cash

Free Food

wShop Discount on an Item


wShop Coupon Machine

Bingoz Coupon

Wheel of Wow Coupon

Deluxe Members

Wheel of Deluxe

Deluxe Prize Machine

Weekly Events

Super Wheel: Possibly Retired

Token Balloon Dartz

Wheel of Wishes

Wheel of Month

Other Activities

There are also hourly sales @ Kinzstyle Outlet.

KinzStyle for Deals: 90 KC (Buying when >50% off then selling)


No discussion of how to earn KC would be complete without debunking some of the bad advice floating around.


Ganz take these actions seriously and if you are caught they will close your account.

In other words, you risk losing everything… all the KC you have earned, all your online pets, all your hard work on your online creations.

Not only that, but how 'good' does it really make you feel inside knowing that the only way that you achieved what others have done through hard work was by cheating?


Simply selling items to convert them to KC at 50% or less of their value makes no sense to me. All you do is end up with an empty house and a slightly larger number for the KC on your dock.

Over time by keeping the stuff you have, and adding to your collection as neat stuff comes along, you will build a collection to be proud of. You will have lots of things to boast about and have fun with… boast about having the complete Egyptian theme, have fun watching your pet ride on that hard to find Pet of the Month Unicycle, or show off your pet in bunny ears at Easter.

Think about the following:

Which is a better way of showing off all you have achieved, a wonderfully creative home for your pets filled with treasures or a number on your Dock?

How 'happy' will you be if your pets ‘home’ is nothing but a bunch of empty rooms and some vegetable farms?

With that said, if you decide you still want to sell your stuff to increase the KC on your Dock see the section 'Trade / Trade / Trade' for tips on how to get the most KC possible from your treasures.

DON’T SELL THE Crown of Wonder / Fairy Throne

I have seen various posts suggesting that selling these items as a great way to get KC.

But what seems to be forgotten is that these items take a lot of effort and luck to obtain AND rather than saving the gems / stars you had accepted the offer to purchase you could have had much more KC than you get from selling the item'.

In the case of the Crown, wShop pays 2250 KC but selling the stars would have earned around 4500 KC.

In the case of the Fairy Throne, wShop pays 1250 KC but trading the stars would have earned around 4200 KC.


(Putting it all Together)

Ok, you know the methods and are ready to put your plan together. By following the steps below you can create a 'custom' plan in no time.


Before thinking about how to earn KC, I suggest that first you decide exactly how much KC you want to earn.


Is your goal to have 1 Million KC sitting on your Dock or is your goal to earn just enough KC to fund your pets spending habits? Do any of your pets have 'costly hobbies' that you need to budget for? Is one of your pets a Gourmet Chief trying to solve unknown recipes?

Cooking can easily burn through 500+ KC/Hour.

Even if you only cook food to feed to your pets this can still be expensive - feeding rice gives a hunger boost of 7 for a cost of 5 KC while the ingredients for a recipe often costs 20 KC yet when fed provides the same boost.

Is one of your pets a seamstress?

Trying to solve clothing machine recipes can burn through 6000+ KC/Hour.

Do your pets like to go to Vacation Island?

Vacations costs increase based on your pet's meters.

Is one of your pets a collector?

Even purchasing just one rare a week could set you back 200,000+ KC/year.

Are you Pets willing to all bunk in a single unfurnished room?

If not – each furnished room (even if you don’t go with a rare theme) can easily set you back 10,000 KC or more?

If you want it all (you want a Million KC on your Dock , you pets cook, attend school, collect rares, take frequent vacations and each want its own rooms) you’ll need to set your KC target over 2 Million KC/year.


Answer the following question:

What is the MINIMUM time you spend on WebKinz on a daily basis (Min_Time)?

(Exclude the odd 'missed' day BUT remember plants can only be ignored for a maximum of 3 days)

Now calculate the time required for you to complete your ‘minimum’ daily routine (Routine_Min) as follows:

How many jobs will you be doing each day at the Employment Office?

Add 3 minutes for each job.

Will you be doing your Daily Activities (Feeding & Caring, Gem Hunt, Magically Forest, etc.) each day?

If yes, add 11 minutes.

add 1 minute if Magic Mire is unlocked (2 minutes if you log in twice).

add 1 minute more if Woodland Wonders is unlocked.

add 1 minute more if Fairy Falls is unlocked (2 minutes if you log in twice).

Is there any other activity you want to do every day (DO NOT INCLUDE GARDENING)?

add 5 minutes for each Pet in School

add 5 minutes for each round of Garbage Collecting

add 1 minutes if you trade with Doug

add time spent on any other ‘must do’ activities (e.g. visiting trading room). If you only do these on those days when you have extra time don’t subtract them.


INCOME = 3 x 1 + 11 + 1 x 0 + 1 x 0 + 1 x 0 + 5 + 0 + 0

= 19 Min

Subtract the time to do your daily routine from your minimum daily time on WebKinz. The time remaining will limit the number of gardens you can care for. The following table will give you an idea of the MAXIMUM number of gardens you have time to care for (a garden is a yard with 100 carrot plants).

04 minutes = 01 Gardens ____ 07 minutes = 02 Gardens

09 minutes = 03 Gardens ____ 12 minutes = 04 Gardens

14 minutes = 05 Gardens ____ 17 minutes = 06 Gardens

19 minutes = 07 Gardens ____ 23 minutes = 08 Gardens

25 minutes = 09 Gardens ____ 28 minutes = 10 Gardens

30 minutes = 11 Gardens ____ 33 minutes = 12 Gardens

35 minutes = 13 Gardens ____ 38 minutes = 14 Gardens

42 minutes = 15 Gardens ____ 45 minutes = 16 Gardens

47 minutes = 17 Gardens ____ 50 minutes = 18 Gardens

52 minutes = 19 Gardens ____ 55 minutes = 20 Gardens


It is your choice how many gardens you want to care for – choose any number equal to or less than the value from this table.

Don't forget to stagger your planting dates, planting one garden each day so you don't need to harvest every garden the same day. It only takes 2.5 minutes to weed a garden but it takes 4 minutes to harvest. If you plant all your gardens the same day you won't have enough time on harvest days.


Now you’re ready to calculate your ‘base ‘income.

INCOME = # of Jobs Daily x Average Pay (175 to 350 KC per job)

+ Daily Average from KinzCare (25 KC)

+ Daily Average from Jumbleberrys (50 KC if selling the Berries)

+ Daily Average from Wheel of Wow (75 KC if selling Objects)

+ Daily Average from Wishing Well (80 KC)

+ Daily Average from Star Challenge (140 KC if trading Stars & selling Objects)

+ Daily Average from Gem Hunt (110 KC if selling Gems)

+ Daily Average from Weekly Newspaper Poll (15 KC)

+ Daily Average from Magic Mire (If Unlocked = # of Times Daily x 50 KC)

+ Daily Average from Woodland Wonders (If Unlocked = 50 KC)

+ Daily Average from Fairy Falls (If Unlocked = # of Times Daily x 100 KC)

+ Daily Other (add anything I may have missed)

+ # of Gardens x 160 KC / Garden


INCOME = 1 x 350 + 25 + 50 + 75 + 80 + 140 + 110 +15 + 4 x 160

= 1485 KC/day


You are going to have to revise the numbers above a bit based on how well you normally do (e.g. Are you successful every time at the Highest Level doing the Hardest Job?) and whether you save or sell your 'winnings' from your dailies or save them (e.g. gems and stars).

You will also need to adjust the 'profit' from gardening if you haven't planted 100 plants per garden OR grown something other than carrots.


The first step is to determine if your goals are realistic, and then choose which methods you will use to earn your KC.

Step 1 - Decide the following: How much do you want to earn over the next 12 months (TargetKC)? How many hours per day on AVERAGE will you spend on Earning KC (Avg_Time)?

(Don't forget that 'average hours/day earning KC' does not include the time you want to spend in WebKinz on other activities like working on your Homepage, visiting the Clubhouse, Collecting Garbage, or Decorating your Room.)

Step 2 - Calculate Your Required Rate of Earning

Create the following table of values:

Average WebKinz Time (Avg_Time) = _____ Min/day

Time to Complete Daily Routine (Routine_Min)= ______ Min

from previous calculation

Number of Gardens (Gardens) = ______

Income = ______ KC/Day

from previous calculation

TargetKC = _____ KC/Year

We can now calculate the Rate you will need to achieve from gaming (which includes Dicekinz & Quizzzys).

Game_Min = Avg_Time – Routine_Min – ( 5 x Gardens )

Required_Earnings = TargetKC – ( 365 x Income )

Rate = (Required_Earnings / (Game_Min x 365)) * 60


Avg_Time = 90 min/day

Routine_Min = 19 min

Gardens = 4

Income = 1485 KC/Day

TargetKC = 750,000 KC/Year

Game_Min = 90 – 19 – ( 5 x 4 ) = 59 min

Required_Earnings = 1,000,000 – ( 365 x 1485 ) = -457,975

Rate = ( 457,975 / (59 x 365) ) x 60 = 1,275 KC/hr

As long as the rate you calculate is lower than 2,500 KC/hr. you should be able to hit your target – otherwise you should lower your target or commit more time each day to earning KC or you’re likely going to be disappointed.

Step 3 - Gaming

The fastest 'Gaming' method to earn KC is with Quizzys, then by other games. Depending upon which combination of games you choose the 'RATE' you earn will vary and hence the number of hours each week you will need to spend playing games. All you need to do is ensure that your ‘average hourly earnings’ from games exceed the Rate calculated above and you will reach your target.

Step 4 - Track Your Progress

I suggest keeping a simple log tracking how much money you have earned - not the amount that you have on your Dock.

This way you can look back and see exactly how successful you have been at earning KC. Fact is that long before you have a Million KC on your Dock you will have earned a Million KC - especially if any of your pets have expensive hobbies.

Seeing how much you have earned will help you feel better about your progress and help motivate you to keep up the effort.


I intentionally ignored KC earned from most of the methods listed in the 'Other Tips' section. I feel that these are too unpredictable to include in a 'base plan'. I suggest thinking about KC earned from these tips as a gift to be used for something special... like purchasing an extra rare or taking your pet to vacation island.


For those interested in learning more about the topics raised along with other KC earning Tips the following posts provide a wealth of additional information.

If you come upon one of these gems, please send me a PM so I can add it to the list.

Quizzy's Blast - Max Points Tip (+5 every time) Boost DiceKinz Earnings to 5,000+ KC/hr. Why I DONT have a Million KC! (Discusses KC Spending Choices) Employment Office Tips and Tricks Gardening for Profit Guide Easy, daily money. (Good Summary of Daily Activities) Cash Per Minute - The Economy of Games Webkinz Insider Gift Exchange Value (WIGEV) Guide Webkinz Insider Picture Gallery Spending Money on the Extras: A Comparison Guide Boost Values - Webkinz Insider Wiki


Most people with tons of KC on their dock have done so not just by earning lots of KC, but by spending very little KC. If you feel bad that you don't have much KC on your Dock try the following:

For one week write down every single KC you earn and object you win.

Look up the WIGEV for each object and write down their values.

Total up the KC earned and value of the objects won.

Multiply this amount by 52 (# of weeks in a year) to calculate your 'Income'.

If you are spending half hour per day or more focused on earning KC I think you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much KC you are earning.

One thing that every Millionaire knows is that wealth is not just about how much money you have on hand but also how much enjoyment spending your money brings yourself and others. You may be richer than you think.