Pet Care and Family Score

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The Pet Care Heart is the fourth pet meter, on the left side of the pet's avatar.[3]

Filling the Pet Care Heart earns Family Score, seen at the top right of the player's screen.[4]

Both the Pet Care Heart and Family Score features were added to Webkinz on July 8, 2015 with the Webkinz X update.

Pet Care Heart

Within one day, the Pet Care Heart will only fill and will never deplete. At midnight KinzTime, it will lose 25% of its value the prior day.

Filling Pet Care Hearts is not mandatory, and a full or empty Pet Care Heart will not affect the pet in any way. Filling up Pet Care Hearts will earn the player bonus KinzCash and Family Score.[5]

How to fill Pet Care Heart

Per pet

Action Value Notes
Bed 10 Pet Care Heart will fill instantly.
Pool 5
Shower[1] 5
Trampoline 5
Treadmill 5
Bath 5 A minimum of Rinse and X must be clicked to invoke the points.
Sink 5
Hunger to 100 5 Pet Care Heart will fill instantly.
Dr. Quack's Caring Clubhouse Room[2] 5 Sit on and get off an examination table to instantly invoke the points. Alternatively, the points will be added to your Pet Care Heart if you stay in the room long enough. The points only appear when the Pet Care Heart is not full.
Kinzville Academy class 2 if pass, 1 if fail The Deluxe bonus class does not count for extra points.
Sleeping floater 10 A pet that has been sleeping will give 10 points. The timing is random and may appear during any Webkinz activity, as long as the pet is in bed. It can be instantly invoked by logging out and in per sleeping pet. It may fully or partially stick to a Pet Care Heart boost from a different action, such as a +6 boost for completing an Arcade game and a later boost of +5, or a +11 boost for failing a Kinzville Academy class.
Pet Requests 25 The Pet Requests only appear when the pet is awake and the Pet Care Heart is not full.

Per event

Action Value Notes
Completing a job at the Employment Office 5 if pass, 2 if fail The Deluxe extra job and hourly special jobs in Today's Activities do count for extra points.
Arcade: playing a game for the first time that day 1 All Arcade games, including Plumpy's Hairdresser and Griddling Gourmet, and daily activities except for Wheel of Deluxe count; Treasures of the Crystal Sea at the Vacation Island does not count. Not stackable with the other two Arcade boosts; the first game per day will only give +1 no matter your score. Picnic, Smoothie Moves, Tile Towers, and Wheel of WOW on Webkinz Mobile are coded as separate games from their Desktop counterparts and do count for additional points; games at the Tournament Arena are not coded as separate games from their Arcade counterparts and do not count for additional points.
Arcade: beating your own high score 5 Not applicable to any daily activity. Not stackable; the high score of the day boost takes priority. Beating the high score of the day will give +25, even if lower than your own high score. May not apply to Tournament Arena and Mobile games.
Arcade: beating the high score of the day 25
Purchase of new room 2 Any room size or type counts.
Placing an item for the first time, per room 1 Any object, including driving a vehicle into the room, counts.
First recipe created on any Stove 1 Gunk or MegaGunk count. Certain stoves will not count, and comprise their own category. Not applicable to any cooking appliance in the Clubhouse or Stadium Ready Room.
First recipe created on any of: Camping BBQ, Master Grill, Cooking Class Griddle, or Fast Food Fryer 1 Gunk counts.
First recipe created on any Blender 1 Gak counts.
First recipe created on any Sandwich Maker 1 Blech counts.
Code entered into the Code Shop 5 Community Codes count.

Pet Requests

As you play in Webkinz Classic, you’ll see your pet ask you for something. When your pet makes a request and you fulfill it, you’ll also earn a 25 point boost to their Pet Care Heart! You’ll have to be quick though—in order to get the boost you’ll have to respond to the request within three minutes. A timer will appear over your pet so you’ll be able to see how much time you have remaining.

The active Pet Request will be forfeited if you switch pets, log out, or run out of time.

What your pet requests will depend on how much you’ve played with them. The more times you fill up their heart, the smarter they will get, and soon they will start making more specific requests, along with a wider variety of requests.

For players that have multiple pets, once you fill up your active pet’s heart, another pet will let you know that they have a request. You can either switch right away to that pet and begin filling up their heart, or you can wait until you are ready to switch. That pet’s request won’t start until you switch to them.[6]

Pet Requests will only appear while the active pet is awake and its Pet Care Heart is not full. Additionally, the following activities will pause any active Pet Request timers or prevent new ones from appearing; Pet Requests can be re-activated by opening and closing the WShop.

The following is a list of possible Pet Requests.

Icon Action required Notes
Use Bathtub or Sink
Complete a job at the Employment Office
Complete 1 to 20 questions at Quizzy's Question Corner
Complete Gem Hunt
Make a Wish of the Day at the Wish Factory
Complete any, or a particular, class at the Kinzville Academy
Place an item in a room
Play any, or a particular, game at the Arcade Wheel of Deluxe will not fulfill the general request
Spin the Wheel of WOW
Buy an item from the WShop
Use the Stove, Sandwich Maker, or Blender
Feed the pet
Make your first wish in Wishing Well 2
Use a daily roll in SPREE!
Complete Jumbleberry Fields
Alyssa's Star Challenge
or any other WShop item Purchase the pictured item at the WShop
or any other Kinzstyle Outlet item Purchase or wear the pictured item at the KinzStyle Outlet
Dress the pet with any, or a particular category, of clothing
Put the pet to bed Only possible when the pet has low energy meters
Have the pet use the pool, treadmill, trampoline, or any of the above

Family Score

Family Score is what you earn for playing with your family of pets all around Webkinz Classic! The more you play and do, the more Family Score you’ll earn! Your Family Score can only EVER go UP. You won’t ever lose Family Score.

Want to know how your score compares? You can see other players’ scores in places like the Clubhouse, in your Friend Finder, and even in the Message Center![7]

Hearts Filled Bonus

By filling up Pet Care Hearts you will also earn BONUS KinzCash and Family Score! If you have multiple pets, you can get bonuses for filling up a maximum of 10 Pet Care Hearts each day. When this happens, the Family Score icon will turn gold, and the following bonuses will be active.

  • 1.5x multiplier on additional Family Score
  • 1.5x multiplier on KinzCash earned from pet adoption
  • 1.5x multiplier on some Arcade games

These bonuses are pro-rated if fewer than 10 Pet Care Hearts are filled.


As you earn Family Score, you’ll also win prizes! There are a whole bunch of exciting new prizes to be won for the many Family Score milestones! Just click on the trophy button next to your Family Score (at the top of the screen) to see all of the milestone prizes and which one you’ll earn next!

To see all the milestone prizes for Family Score and their point values, see (Picture Guide) Family Score and (Item Guide) Family Score.


  1. A Pet Care Heart boost was added to the game due to Dr. Quack's tenure as Mayor. [1]
  2. This feature was introduced on February 11, 2021. [2]