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Camper Van Bunk Bed

Crystal Palace Bed

Desk Gyroscope

Dr Quack Bronze Statue

Electric Sports Car

Excavation Under Glass

Gizmo Buddy

Gone Fishing Pond

Goober Plush
Hammock Bunk Bed

KinzCash Machine[1]

Kinzville Mountain Snow Globe

Kinzville Valley Home

Kinzville Valley Home Wallpaper

Lava Fountain

Mechanical Horse Ride

Moon Pie Snack Machine[2]

Morgan Fairy

Mosaic Park Bench

Movie Marquee

Ms Birdy Topiary

Music Box Dancers

Neon Magic W

Ornate Checkers Table

Playground Teeter Totter

Ragtime Player Piano

Safety Helmet

Secret Hideout Treehouse

Serenity Wall Fountain

Sliding Patio Window

Snowman Fridge

Spiral Staircase

Spiral Water Slide

Stained Glass Flooring

Stained Glass Solarium

Stainless Steel Mega Fridge

Standing Basketball Hoop

Surf Pool

UFO Lamp

Webkinz Elite Trophy

Webkinz Player Trophy

Webkinz Trophy Display

Webkinz Wisdom Trophy

Webkinz World Globe
  1. Dispenses a 100 KinzCash Coin once per day
  2. Dispenses a Moon Pie once per day

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