(Picture Guide) WShop Decorations

The most up-to-date image and information guide on Webkinz Classic items, events, and more!
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Antique Store Clock

Classic Diner Clock

Classic Wooden Clock

Grape Wall Clock

Nursery Wall Clock

Scoreboard Clock

Stainless Steel Clock

Starry Night Grandfather Clock

Sunburst Wall Clock

Strain Station Floor Clock

Winter Wonderland Clock


Bamboo Strip Flooring

Beach Flooring

Beach House Flooring

Black and White Tile Flooring

Blue and White Tiled Flooring

Blue Flooring

Boho Balcony Flooring

Brown Flooring

Cafe Flooring

CampKinz Cabin Flooring

Creative Studio Flooring

Crimson Flooring

Dance Studio Flooring

Deep Green Parquet Flooring

Deep Purple Flooring

Enchanted Train Station Flooring

Fantastic Fantasy Flooring

Fantasy Flooring

Farm Flooring

First Snow Flooring

Forest Green Flooring

Friendly Froggy Cottage Flooring

Fruitland Flooring

Funky Parquet Flooring

Galactic Deck Flooring

General Store Flooring

Gold Square Flooring

Golden Hardwood Flooring

Green Flooring

Hotel Flooring

Jungle Flooring

Light Pine Wood Flooring

Magenta Flooring

Majestic Mahogany Flooring

Mega Modern Flooring

Mocha Squares Flooring

Movie Magic Flooring

Natural Maple Flooring

Nursery Flooring

Observatory Flooring

On Deck Pirate Flooring

Orange Flooring

Parade of Pink Flooring

Party Time Flooring

Playful Squares Flooring

Plush Flooring

Pop Star Flooring

Powder Blue Flooring

Purple Flooring

Red and White Tiled Flooring

Red Flooring

Royal Blue Flooring

Sandy Beach Flooring

Sea Green Tiled Flooring

Sports Fan Flooring

Spring Flooring

Starlight Flooring

Starry Slumber Flooring

Stone Age Flooring

Sweet 16 Flooring

Undersea Flooring

Wizard Flooring

Yellow Flooring

More Stuff

Antique Produce Scale

Art Easel

Art Station

Baby Monitor

Baby Supply Basket

Ballerina Piano

Beach Sand Castle

Beach Surfboard Rack

Beach Volleyball Net

Blue Crib

CampKinz First Aid Kit

Cinema Ribbon Divider

Colorful Candy Barrel

Corsair Cannon

Cozy Woodland Fireplace

Dex Dangerous Standee

Drop the Beat Stereo

Dynamic Dancer's Duffel

Enchanted Train Station Pillar

Fashion Fabric Rolls

Fashion Mannequin

Fashion Sewing Machine

Flowered Room Divider

Funky Girl Karaoke Machine

Funky Girl Room Divider

Funky Girl Stereo

Galactic Hull Pillar

Ice Block Wall

Light-So-Bright Lamp

Magic W Sand Sculpture

Manhole Cover

Mermaid Sand Sculpture

Nursery Record Player

Party Time Column

Party Time Presents

Party Time Snacks

Pink Crib

Plush Dairy Bar

Railway Tracks Curved

Railway Tracks Straight

Rocking Horse

Saloon Doors Divider

Shoji Room Divider

Snowy the Snow Bernard

Soccer Pennant

Sonic Sound Waves Set

Starry Slumber Fireplace

Studio Room Divider

Top Shelf Store Ladder

Traditional Taiko Drum

Train Platform Divider

Usher Statue

Wooden Room Divider


Allium Flowers

Backyard Cooler


Begonia Flower Box

Big City Fire Hydrant

Bity City Parking Meter

Big City Street Lamp

Blue Petunias

BroilKinz BBQ

Cabbage Patch

CampKinz Activity Board

CampKinz Archery Range

CampKinz Cooler

CampKinz Curvy Trail

CampKinz Dead End Trail

CampKinz Flag Pole

CampKinz Marshmallow Pit

CampKinz Nature Trail

Canopy Carpet

Carrot Garden

Cherry Blossom Tree

Corn Stalk

Country Rail Fence

Daisy Patch

Decorative Wheelbarrow

Elegant Iron Fence

Elegant Stone Pillar

Elm Tree

Farmyard Fence

Fine Fowl Fountain

Fir Tree

Flagstone Path Tile

Flower Garden

Flowered Stone Well

Garden Spruce Tree

Garden Zangoz

Garden Zingoz

Geranium Bush

Gian Pumpkin Patch

Ginkgo Tree

Glass-Topped Patio Table

Good Neighbors Fence

Googles Wind Spinner

Guzmania Plant

Hippo Topiary

Iris Garden

Oak Paneled Pool

Palm Tree

Pink Petunias

Plastic Patio Chair

Plastic Patio Table

Pointed Picket Border Fence


Pool Lounger

Poolside Umbrella

Pumpkin Patch

Purple Blossom Trellis

Rainbow Pinwheel

Rose Bush

Round Hedge

Ruby Steel Patio Chair


School District Sign

Semi-Private Fence

Sidewalk Curved Tile

Sidewalk Tile

Simply Elegant Patio Lantern

Smiling Snowman

Spiral Bush

Square Hedge

Stone Sundial

Stop Sign

Strawberry Pot Table

Street Tile - Curvy Turn

Street Tile - Four Way Stop

Street Tile - Parking

Street Tile - Parking Lot

Street Tile - Sharp Turn

Street Tile - Straight

Street Tile - Three Way Stop

Stylish Stone Pond

Summer Stylin' Patio Chair

Summer Stylin' Patio Table


Tomato Garden

Weathered Stone Border Wall

Webbed Roped Hammock

White Picket Fence

Wisteria Tree

Wrought Iron Fence

Yellow Rose Trellis


Carved Wood Trophy Pedestal

Cheerleader Pedestal

Corinthian Trophy Pedestal

Fantasy Trophy Pedestal

Floating Trophy Pedestal

Ionic Trophy Pedestal

Jungle Trophy Pedestal

Peace and Harmony Pedestal

Polar Trophy Pedestal

Rising Star Trophy Pedestal

Wooden Trophy Pedestal



Bamboo Tree

Barrel Cactus

Boho Terracotta Planters

Hibiscus Tree

Juniper Bonsai Tree

Miniature Orange Tree


Paleolithic Plant

Ponytail Palm

Rainbow Flowers

Red Roses

Saguaro Cactus

Spider Plant


Synthosphane Floor Vase

Tulip Planter

White Daisies


Art Paint Palette Rug

Boho Rug

Circle Sensation Carpet

Colored Squares Tile

Dog Paw Print Welcome Mat

Enchanted Area Rug

Fancy Footwork Rug

Film Strip Rug

Forest Floor Tile

Friendly Froggy Rug

Full Tatami Mat

Funky Girl Area Rug

Green and Groovy Tile

Half Tatami Mat

Hotel Carpet

Nursery Rug

Pink and White Swirl Rug

Plush Rug

Polka Dot Welcome Mat

Rough Hewn Rug

Shaggy White Rug

Shaggy Yellow Rug

Sidewalk Curved Tile

Sidewalk Tile

Starlight Moss Rug

Starry Night Rug


All Stocked Up Display

Ballerina Bookcase

Books and Toys Shelf

Bountiful Bottled Goods Display

Delicious Store Desserts Display

My Preserves Shelf

Starry Wonders Bookshelf

Store Bread Display

Sweet Snacks Store Display

Waxed Cheese Display

Webkinz Wares Wall Shelving

Wise Wizard Bookshelves

Zangoz Fruit Stand

Wall Decor

Ancient Monkey Mask

Art Painting Wall Art

Ballerina Poster - Bear

Ballerina Wall Mirror

Bamboo Brush Painting Scroll

Beach House Buoy Mirror

Beanstalk Art Poster

Cheerleader Spirit Poster

Cheerleader Team Drape

Citrus Swirl Painting

Classic Fifties Poster

Cooking Made Simple Chalkboard

Dance Studio Long Mirror

Dogbeard's Portrait

Dogbeard's Treasure Map

Dogs Playing Poker Painting

Enchanted Train Station Wall Sign

Fanciful Bathroom Mirror

Funky Boy Band Poster

Groovy Wall Stars

Hippo on a Half Shell Painting

Hotel Elevator

Hotel Magic W Sign

Lime Twist Painting

Magic Mirror

Modern Art Prints

Mosaic Mirror Set

Movie Poster Set

Music Note Wall Art

Music Note Wall Charm

Paleolithic Cave Painting

Party Time Banner

Party Time Poster

Pennant Poster

Perfect Squacolate Poster

Pirate Flag

Polarberry Compass Quilt

Pop Art Painting

Pretty in the City Painting

Pretty in the City Panel Painting

Roaming Buffalo Painting

School Spirit Poster

Solid Gold Record

Sour Pango Shake Poster

Space Sensors Wall Panel

Spicy Shream Shake Poster

Starlight Fairy Lights

Starlight Tapestry

Studio Mirror with Stretching Bar

Superstar Poster

Tasty Free Treats Chalkboard

Today's Menu Chalkboard

Two Right Paws Poster

Volcano Poster

Wizard Wall Scroll

Wizard's Magic Mirror


Aquatic Expedition Wallpaper

Ballerina Wallpaper

Bamboo Print Walls

Beach House Wallpaper

Beach Wallpaper

Black Wall Paint

Blue Sky Wallpaper

Blue Wall Paint

Boho Balcony Wallpaper

Brown Wall Paint

Cafe Playset Wallpaper

CampKinz Cabin Wallpaper

Cheerleader Gym Wallpaper

Conservatory Wallpaper

Country Home Wallpaper

Creative Studio Wallpaper

Crimson Wall Paint

Dance Studio Wallpaper

Deep Purple Wall Paint

Diner Wallpaper

Elegant Exposed Brick Walls

Enchanted Train Station Wallpaper

Fantasy Wallpaper

Farm Wallpaper

Forest Green Wall Paint

Friendly Froggy Cottage Wallpaper

Fruitland Wallpaper

Funky Girl Wallpaper

Galactic Wallpaper

General Store Wallpaper

Gray Wall Paint

Green Wall Paint

Hotel Wallpaper

Ice Block Wallpaper

Jungle Wallpaper

Kingdom-in-the-Clouds Wallpaper

Light Coral Wall Paint

Light Sea Green Wall Paint

Light Steel Blue Wall Paint

Magenta Wall Paint

Mega Modern Wallpaper

Mocha Swirls Wallpaper

Movie Magic Wallpaper

New Jungle Wallpaper

Nursery Wallpaper

Observatory Wallpaper

On Deck Pirate Diner Wallpaper

Orange Wall Paint

Painted Glass Wallpaper

Party Time Wallpaper

Pastel Green Striped Wallpaper

Pastel Red Striped Wallpaper

Playfully Pink Wallpaper

Plush Wallpaper

Pop Star Wallpaper

Powder Blue Wall Paint

Purple Pastels Striped Wallpaper

Purple Wall Paint

Red Wall Paint

Royal Blue Wall Paint

Royal Undersea Wallpaper

Sandy Beach Wallpaper

Sports Fan Wallpaper

Spring Wallpaper

Starlight Wallpaper

Starry Slumber Wallpaper

Stone Age Wallpaper

Sweet 16 Wallpaper

Undersea Wallpaper

White Wall Paint

Wizard Wallpaper

Yellow Daisies Wallpaper

Yellow Wall Paint


Astral Wonders Window

Basic Sliding Window

Beach House Beachview Window

Boho Door

Boho Window

Cave Hole Window

Chic City Window

Diner Window

Four Pane Window

Friendly Froggy Stained Glass Window

Galactic Viewport

Galactic Viewscreen

Garden Window

Hotel Window

Modern Window

Party Time Window

Rising Sun Window

Round Top Sliding Window

Square Swing-Open Window

Square Tilting Pane Window

Stained Glass Window

Wheat Fields Window

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