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This page only contains items exclusively or originally available as Community Codes. For all items available as Community Codes, see (Archive) Community Codes.

Acorn Buddy

Adventure Community Cap

Adventure Community Plaque

Adventure First Aid Hat

Adventure First Aid Plaque

Amazing World Cannon

Antique Water Pump

Apple Buddy

Apple Farmer’s Satchel

Aurora Borealis Flooring

BFF Cupcake Recipe Poster

Black Batty Bat Hat

Blanche's Dress

Blue Egg Holder with Egg

Blue Spring Kiwi Plushy

Bon Bon Beret

Boney Candy Bag

Brownie Brogues

Cactus Cat Costume

Cactus Cat Hat

Cactus Cat Poster

Campkinz Counselor Hat

Campkinz Counselor Shoes

Celebrate Summer Planter

Chick Buddy

Chocolate Egg Car

Cocoa Cotton Leggings

Coloring Book Poster

Computer Desk

Cotton Candy Raccoon Poster

Countryside Christmas Bench

Cupcake Party Display

Daisy Diner Dishwasher

Daisy's Diner Waitress Dress

Darling Doe Topiary

Delightful Dresser

Drippy Magic W Shirt

Egg Cup

Egg Plushy

Fancy Tuxedo Loafers

Fancy Tuxedo Pants

Farm Fresh Egg Costume Helmet

Farm Fresh Egg Costume Shoes

Farm Fresh Egg Costume Suit

Festive Holiday Tree

Flower Buddy

Fresh Floral Bathrobe

Framed Jersey

Framed Jersey 23

Frames School Spirit Poster

Friendly Froggy Plushy

Friendly Froggy Tea Set

Friends Watching a Sunset Poster

Gargowl Gargoyle

Gingerbread Apron

Golden Leprechaun Hat

Golden Leprechaun Outfit

Golden Leprechaun Shoes

Golden Leprechaun Hat Cannon

Golden Leprechaun Window

Golden Sparkle Egg Costume

Golden Sparkle Egg Feet

Golden Sparkle Egg Hat

Golden Sparkle Turtledove Portrait

Green Reindeer Harness

Halloween Creepy House

Hanging Gardens Headdress

Haunted Castle Arched Wallpaper

Holiday Apron

Holiday Elf Plushy

Holiday Elf Wig

Holiday Gift Box Shoes

Holly Hopper Plushy

Hot Chocolate Buddy

Hug Rug

Ice Pop Buddy

Jolly Owl Candy Bag

Kinzville Newzpaper

Leaf Buddy

Lil Chipmunk Poster

Lovely Hearts Flooring

Lovely Hearts Wallpaper

Magic Meadow Archway

Magic Meadow Path Tile

Magic Meadow Unicorn Wig

Marshmallow Buddy

Milk Chocolate Egg Boots

Milk Chocolate Egg Costume

Milk Chocolate Egg Hat

Mitten Buddy

Mod Holiday Wreath

Monster Candy Bag

Mother's Day Cross-Stitch

Mother's Day Vase

Neo Gothic Roses

Nest Fridge

New Home Hearth

New View Window

Newz Intern Headset

Newz Intern Pants

Newz Intern Top

Noble Elf Cloak

Ocean Overlook Flooring

Ocean Overlook Wallpaper

Orange Mysterious Ooze Chest

Orange Tulip Wall Sticker

Painted Glass Blue Table

Peach Plushy

Peppermint Chair

Peppermint Couch

Pineapple Plushy

Pinecone Buddy

Pink Egg Holder with Egg

Pink Floral Tea Set

Pink Tulip Wall Sticker


Purple Egg Holder with Egg

Purple Goblin Mask

Purple Mysterious Ooze Chest

Purple Spring Kiwi Plushy

Purple Tulip Wall Sticker

Quilted Christmas Table

Rainbow Buddy

Rainbow Panda Plushy

Red Reindeer Harness

Reindeer Calf Rocking Horse

Reindeer Rocking Horse

Rescue Team Desk

Retro Bucket Hat

Riverside Boulders

Robin's Egg Shades

Shallow Swimming Pond

Shamrock Plushy

Shark Fin Floatie

Sloth Jack o'Lantern

Smoothie Moves Waiter Loafers

Smoothie Moves Waiter Uniform

Smoothie Moves Visor

Smore Sweater and Scarf

Snow Bear Plushy

Snowball Buddy

Snowman Buddy

Spring Fairy

Spring Shepherd Onesie

Spring Shepherd Slippers

Spring Shepherd Toque

Starlight Card Display

Sugar Cookie Apron

Sunken Ocean Liner Flooring

Sweet Dreams Bus Stop

Sweetheart Go-Kart

Sweetheart Racing Helmet

Sweetheart Racing Shoes

Sweetheart Racing Uniform

Sweetheart Sink

Sweetheart Whale Plushy

Tender Tuxedo

Tea Pot Vase

Tricky Owl Candy Bag

Valentine Card

Valentine Decorative Mailbox

Wacky Zingoz Toy Box

Wacky Signed Portrait

Watermelon Buddy

Webkinz Community Poster

Webkinz Friendship Bracelet

Webkinz Newz Makeup Table

White Chocolate Egg Boots

White Chocolate Egg Hat

White Googles Plushy

Winter Polar Night Cap

Yellow Spring Kiwi Plushy

Zangoz Racing Helmet

Zangoz Racing Suit

Zazzle Christmas Mug