(Picture Guide) Persephone's Shop

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This page is for the virtual items in Persephone's Shop. For physical clothing wearable by real-life plushies, see Plushie KinzStyle Clothing.

KinzStyle Shop Shopping Bag

KinzStyle Shop Discount Shopping Bag

3D Glasses

Angel Dress

Baby Blue Skirt

Ballerina Costume

Baseball Uniform Helmet

Baseball Uniform Jersey

Baseball Uniform Pants

Basketball Jersey

Basketball Shorts

Blue Floral Dress

Blueheartz Retro Dress

Blue Striped Capris

Bold Geometric Jacket

Bunched Sleeve Blouse

Bunny Hoody Bottoms

Bunny Hoody Top

Cheerleader Skirt

Cheerleader Tanktop

Cherry Tank Top

Cupcake Tee

Cute Blouse

Freeworld Rocking Pants

Gathered Lime Pants

Gathered Top

Geometric Skirt

Glam Girl Coat

Glittering Silver Dress

Grey Belted Jumpsuit

Hand Knit Sweater

Holnwon Golf Cap

Holnwon Golf Pants

Holnwon Golf Shoes

Hot Pink Studded Shades

Kaleidoscope Skirt

KinzStyle Aqua High Belt

Leopard Tank

Light Denim Skirt

Lilac Sparkle Party Dress

Love Diva Pet Coat

Mod Yellow Coat

Pink Butterfly Dress

Pink Knit Capelet

Pink Stripe Polo Tee

Pink Webkinz Hoody

Polka Dot Hoody

Polo Dress

Pop Rock Princess Skirt

Pretty Purple Summer Dress

Pumpkin Costume

Rainbow Butterfly Tank Top

Red Dotty Party Dress

Rhinestone Jeans

Rose Party Dress

Ruffle Skirt

Ruffle Tee

Sailor Tunic

Shimmering Gold Dress

Shiny Slate Suit

Slate Cords

Sleeveless Hoody Set Pants

Sparkly Green Mini Dress

Springtime Dress

Summertime Skirt

Sunny Summer Hat

Terry Robe

Varsity Jacket

Warm Up Pants

Warm Up Set Hoody

Webkinz Layered Tee

Webkinz Pet Coat

Webkinz Sparkle Tee

Webkinz Sports Shorts

Webkinz Sports Top

Wedding Dress

Wedding Veil

Witch Hat

Witch’s Dress

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