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Berry Fest

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Introduced in 2006

Goo-Goo Berry

Introduced in 2010

Goo-Goo Berry Float

Introduced in 2012


Introduced in 2017

Goo-Goo Berry Car

Goo-Goo Berry Dining Chair

Goo-Goo Berry Jam

Goo-Goo Berry Ice Cream Cone

Goo-Goo Berry Preserves

Polarberry Car

Polarberry Dining Chair

Polarberry Jam

Polarberry Ice Cream Cone

Polarberry Preserves

Polarberry Juice Box

Introduced in 2018

Goo-Goo Berry Knapsack

Goo-Goo Berry Print

Goo-Goo Berry Snack Bar

Polarberry Knapsack

Polarberry Print

Polarberry Snack Bar

Introduced in 2019

Goo-Goo Berry Sunglasses

Homemade Goo-Goo Berry Muffin

Sour Goo-Goo Berry Seeds

Polarberry Sunglasses

Homemade Polarberry Muffin

Sour Polarberry Seeds

Introduced in 2020

Goo-Goo Berry Bean Bag Chair

Goo-Goo Berry Floor Tile

Goo-Goo Berry Poster

Goo-Goo Berry Purse

Polarberry Bean Bag Chair

Polarberry Floor Tile

Polarberry Poster

Polarberry Purse

Introduced in 2021

Goo-Goo Berry Bear

Goo-Goo Berry Jelly Donut

Goo-Goo Berry Rug

Goo-Goo Berry Sleeping Bag

Goo-Goo Berry Wig

Polarberry Bear

Polarberry Jelly Donut

Polarberry Rug

Polarberry Sleeping Bag

Polarberry Wig

Introduced in 2022

Goo-Goo Berry Fairy

Goo-Goo Berry Headphones

Goo-Goo Berry Lunch Box

Goo-Goo Berry Milkshake

Goo-Goo Berry Plushy

Polarberry Fairy

Polarberry Headphones

Polarberry Lunch Box

Polarberry Milkshake

Polarberry Plushy

Introduced in 2023

Goo-Goo Berry Balloons

Goo-Goo Berry Knitted Beanie

Goo-Goo Berry Smoothie

Goo-Goo Berry Smoothie Poster

Goo-Goo Berry Smoothie Stand

Polarberry Balloons

Polarberry Knitted Beanie

Polarberry Smoothie

Polarberry Smoothie Poster

Polarberry Smoothie Stand

Introduced in 2024

Chocolate Dipped Goo-Goo Berry Seeds

Goo-Goo Berry Bouquet

Goo-Goo Berry Ice Pop

Goo-Goo Berry Scooter

Goo-Goo Googles Poster

Chocolate Dipped Polarberry Seeds

Polarberry Bouquet

Polarberry Ice Pop

Polarberry Scooter

Polarberry Jam Poster

Fall Fest

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Introduced in 2007

Autumn Sunset Toque

Corn Husk Doll

Decorative Wheat Sheaf

Harvest Fruit Hat

Harvest Time Poster

Hot Apple Cider

Maple Leaf Sweater

Potted Elm Tree

Pumpkin Soup

Introduced in 2008

Decorative Cornucopia

Fall Festival Place Setting

Orange Cable Knit Sweater

Introduced in 2009

Autumn Striped Sweater

Baked Butternut Squash

Pressed Leaf Wall Plate

Introduced in 2010

Autumn Tree Globe

Colorful Corn Display

Gourd Table Candle

Lumberjack Coat

Lumberjack Hat

Woolly Galoshes

Introduced in 2011

Fall Cabbie Hat

Fall Zip Polo

Fire Log Rack

Maple Sugar Pop

Pressed Leaf Collage

Pumpkin Centerpiece

Introduced in 2012

Apple Basket

Box of Maple Donuts

Cinnamon Stick House

Fall Cabbie Coat

Fall Leaves

Fire Log Basket

Potted Maple Tree

Fall Festival Fudge[1]

Orchard Apple Tree
Grand Prize

  1. When eaten it has a chance of awarding the grand prize

Introduced in 2013

Autumn Rake Wreath

Bouquet of Marigolds

Candy Corn Cheesecake

Glowing Fall Lantern

Maple Leaf Toque

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Wagon Wheel Display

Fall Fest Soda

Pumpkin Coach Bed
Grand Prize

Introduced in 2014

Basket of Leaves

Caramel Corn Cupcake

Country Quilt Chair

Fall Zip Pants

Festive Pumpkin Wreath

Soft Cozy Boots

Squash Stew

Twinkling Fall Centerpiece

2014 Fall Fest Soda

Autumn Leaf Bed
Grand Prize

Introduced in 2015

Apple Butter Turnover

Corn Husk Wacky Doll

Cream of Pumpkin Soup

Fall Zip Toque

Potted Sugar Maple Tree

Quirky Paper Pumpkins

Rustic Hay Bale Chair

2015 Fall Fest Soda

Autumn Hot Air Balloon
Grand Prize

Introduced in 2016

Apple Crate Fridge

Apple Farm Fence

Apple Farm Window

Apple Picking Sign

Bowl Of Apples

Fresh Apple Pie

Grey Squirrel Plushy

Red Delicious Apple Tree Seeds

Slice of Fresh Apple Pie

2016 Fall Fest Soda

Apple Farm Barn
Grand Prize

Apple Farm Floor Tile

Candy Apple Crate Fridge

Candy Apple Seeds

Golden Delicious Apple Crate Fridge

Golden Delicious Apple Seeds

Red Squirrel Plushy

Roadside Stand

Introduced in 2017

Apple Farmer's Green Cap

Apple Farmer's Green Sunhat

Apple Farm Picnic Table

Apple Farm Picnic Table Bench

Farmer's Field Floor Tile

Field Mouse Plushy

Green Apple Crate Fridge

Green Apple Tree Seeds

2017 Fall Fest Soda

Countryside Creek Bridge
Grand Prize

Countryside Creek Tile

Countryside Creeks End Tile

Countryside Curved Creek Tile

Gopher Toy

Maple Dipped Apple Seeds

Maple Dipped Apple Crate Fridge

Introduced in 2018

Growing Gardens Hot Pepper Seeds

Growing Gardens Snow Pea Seeds

Veggie Garden Fence

White Mouse Plushy

2018 Fall Fest Soda

Fall Log Hideaway
Grand Prize

Fox Cub Plushy

Growing Garden Peach Seeds

Iron Wood Bench

Iron Wood Fridge

Introduced in 2019

Fall Fest Floor Tile

Fall Fest Watercolor Painting

Fall Fest Window

Freshly Picked Pumpkin

Garter Snake Toy

Growing Garden Cucumber Seeds

Harvest Pizza

2019 Fall Fest Soda

Giant Oak Tree
Grand Prize

Barn Owl Plushy

Country Curved Road Tile

Country Road Tile

Darling Deer Topiary

Fall Fest Side Table

Growing Garden Cantaloupe Seeds

Iron Wood Wagon

Introduced in 2020

Fall Acorn Quilt Tile

Fall Checkered Quilt Tile

Fall Fair Apron

Fall Fair Corn

Fall Fair Funnel Cake

Fall Fair Hat

Fall Fest 2020 Poster

Fall Leaf Quilt Tile

Fall Orange Quilt Tile

Fall Striped Quilt Tile

Growing Garden Red Bell Pepper Seeds

2020 Fall Fest Soda

Fall Fest Barn
Grand Prize

Fall Farm Quilt Tile

Fall Owl Quilt Tile

Fall Pumpkin Quilt Tile

Fall Squirrel Quilt Tile

Fall Turkey Quilt Tile

Owl Cookie Seeds

Pumpkin Spice Cookie Seeds

Introduced in 2021

Corn Husk Bear

Fall Fest 2021 Poster

Fall Fest Dining Chair

Fall Fest Place Setting

Fall Red Quilt Tile

Fall Tree Quilt Tile

Glowing Fall Basket

Handcrafted Side Table

Hand Painted Owl Statue

Watering Can Bouquet

2021 Fall Fest Soda

Fall Fest Food Truck Dispenser
Grand Prize

Busy Baker Floor Tile

Fall Crow Quilt Tile

Fall Floating Shelf

Fall Scarecrow Quilt Tile

Farmhouse Wall Cabinet

Handcrafted Loveseat

Stacked Pumpkin Display

Turkey Plushy

Vintage Pumpkin Patch Sign

Introduced in 2022

Corn Husk Horse

Emerald Apple

Fall Fest 2022 Poster

Fall Fest Lamp

Fall Fest Recliner

Kinzville Spa Robe

Kinzville Spa Towel Wrap

Oak Buffet

Oak Coffee Table

Oak Side Table

Pet Buddy Hut

Split-Leaf House Plant

2022 Fall Fest Soda

Kinzville Spa
Grand Prize

Corn Husk Dog

Crafty Floor Tile

Growing Gardens Blackberry Seeds

Growing Gardens Kale Seeds

Kinzville Spa Candles

Kinzville Spa Face Mask

Kinzville Spa Massage Table

Oak Bench

Oak Bookshelf

Pet Buddy Cottage

Introduced in 2023

Apple Crumble

Corn Husk Pig

Fall Fest 2023 Poster

Fall Fest Balloons

Fall Fest Rocking Chair

Fall Fleece PJ Bottoms

Fall Fleece PJ Top

Fall Leaf String Lights

Fox Mug

Guitar Stand

Vintage Suitcases Side Table

Welcome Sign

2023 Fall Fest Soda

Apple Cider Dispenser
Grand Prize

Candy Corn Wacky Plushy

Fall Fest Display Table

Fall Fest Face Paint

Fall Time Window Seat

Fresh Apple Cider Sign

Mason Jar Sconces

Oak Dresser

Oak Shelf

Owl Lounger

Owl Ottoman

Spring Celebration

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Introduced in 2011

Milk Chocolate Egg

Bunny Top Hat

Candy Eggs Picnic Basket

Celebrate Spring Teapot

Celebrate Spring Teacup

Cherry Blossom Wind Spinner

Eggcellent Spring Glasses

Spring Blossom Blazer

Spring Celebration Eggs

Spring Fling Dress

Toothy Bunny Mask

White Chocolate Egg

Enchanted Garden Water Wheel
Grand Prize

Introduced in 2012

2012 Milk Chocolate Egg

Blue Bunny Top Hat

Bunny Planter

Fuzzy Bunny Slippers

Garden Windmill Spinner

Spring Celebration Egg Candles

Spring Chick Dress

2012 White Chocolate Egg

Enchanted Garden Cascading Fountain
Grand Prize

Introduced in 2013

2013 Milk Chocolate Egg

Bunny Bow Hat

Coconut Bunny Cake

Easter Basket Hat

Eggcellent Onesie Pajamas

Flowery Print Dress

Jelly Bean Wreath

Lovely Tulip Centerpiece

Rainbow Jelly Eggs

Spring Umbrella Wall Hanging

Springtime Coat

Wacky Easter Gnome

2013 White Chocolate Egg

Easter Basket Hammock
Grand Prize

Introduced in 2014

2014 Milk Chocolate Egg

Blue Sky Boots

Ducky Smock

Fresh Air Chair

Growing Garden Dress

Jelly Bean Smoothie

Pretty Bow Centerpiece

Spring Celebration Fascinator

Spring Celebration Ornament

Spring Celebration Place Setting

Sprinkle Egg Cookies

Tulip Wreath

2014 White Chocolate Egg

Spring Celebration Clock Tower
Grand Prize

Introduced in 2015

2015 Milk Chocolate Egg

Bird's Nest Wreath

Fresh Air Side Table

Sprigged Flower Dress

Spring Celebration Egg Bouquet

Spring Forward Shoes

Spring Forward Vest

Sweet Tulip Hat

Sweet Tulip Shoes

2015 White Chocolate Egg

Spring Celebration Slide
Grand Prize

Bunny Zangoz Plush

Eggshell Candles

Spring Celebration Card Display

Introduced in 2016

2016 Milk Chocolate Egg

Bunny Plushy

Fresh Tulips from the Garden

Muddy Puddle

Navy Blue Rain Boots

Navy Blue Rain Coat

Pink Tulips

Rain Puddle

Rainy Springtime Window

White Tulips

Yellow Tulips

2016 White Chocolate Egg

Weathered Windmill
Grand Prize

Blue Wildflowers

Bunny Zingoz Plushy

Curved Freshwater Stream Tile

Freshwater Stream Tile

Fresh Wildflowers from the Garden

Purple Wildflowers

Spring Sapling

Springtime Meadow Tile

Strawberry Rain Boots

Strawberry Rain Coat

Sunny Springtime Window

White Wildflowers

Introduced in 2017

2017 Milk Chocolate Egg

Duckling Plushy

Field of Daisies Floor Tile

Purple Flowering Hedge

Red Tulips

Weathered Stone Wall

White Lilac Tree

2017 White Chocolate Egg

Weathered Hot Air Balloon
Grand Prize

Baby Swan Plushy

Mixed Wild Flowers

Pink Wild Flowers

Playful Butterflies

Purple Lilac Tree

Rain Washed Meadow

White Flowering Hedge

Introduced in 2018

2018 Milk Chocolate Egg

Dragonfly Wall Art

Gardener's Boots

Gardener's Tool Belt

Hidden Eggs

Iron Wood Watering Can

Pink Daffodils

White Daffodils

Yellow Daffodils

2018 White Chocolate Egg

Weathered Stone Cottage
Grand Prize

Butterfly Wall Art

Iron Wood Side Table

Spring Chick Plushy

Wild Blue Rose Bush

Wild Pink Rose Bush

Wild White Rose Bush

Introduced in 2019

2019 Milk Chocolate Egg

Baby Blue Tulips

Cheerful Hair Clip

Gardener's Cap

Iron Wood Lamp Post

Mixed Purple Tulips

Orange Tulips

Weathered Stone Curved Path

Weathered Stone Path

2019 White Chocolate Egg

Milk Chocolate Cottage
Grand Prize

White Chocolate Cottage
Grand Prize

Baby Skunk Plushy

Mixed Crocus Flowers

Pink Crocus Flowers

Purple Crocus Flowers

Rainbow Road Tile

Rainbow Curvy Road Tile

Rainbow Reverse Curvy Road Tile

White Crocus Flowers

Introduced in 2020

2020 Milk Chocolate Egg

Chocolate Egg Rug

Egg Basket Belt

Egg Hunt Floor Tile

Frog Prince Chair

Frog Prince Plushy

Red Tulip Wall Sticker

Spring Melt Creek Tile

Spring Melt Curved Creek Tile

White Tulip Wall Sticker

Wild Blue Mushrooms

Wild Red Mushrooms

Yellow Tulip Wall Sticker

2020 White Chocolate Egg

2020 Milk Chocolate Cottage
Grand Prize

2020 White Chocolate Cottage
Grand Prize

Bird Nest Music Box

Chocolate Tulip Bouquet

Frog Prince Side Table

Frog Prince Fountain

Hollow Tree Pedestal

Milk Chocolate Tulip Bulbs[1]

Pink Egg Basket Belt

White Chocolate Egg Rug

White Chocolate Tulip Bulbs[2]

Wild Chocolate Mushrooms

  1. When planted, it grows a Chocolate Tulip
  2. When Planted, it grows a White Chocolate Tulip

Introduced in 2021

2021 Milk Chocolate Egg

Blue Butterfly Wall Panel

Lily Hair Clip

Little Lamb Plushy

Orange Butterfly Wall Panel

Orange Lilies

Spring Dress

Spring Suit Jacket

Spring Suit Pants

Succulent Plant Shelf

Sunny Spring Chair

Sunny Spring Rug

2021 White Chocolate Egg

2021 Milk Chocolate Cottage
Grand Prize

2021 White Chocolate Cottage
Grand Prize

Lilac Hair Clip

Pink Lilies

Rose Hair Clip

Small Succulent Plant

Succulent Plant

Sunny Spring Dresser

Sunny Spring Side Table

Sunny Spring Window

White Lilies

Yellow Butterfly Wall Panel

Introduced in 2022

2022 Milk Chocolate Egg

Blue Orchid

Bucket of Tulips

Bunny Topiary


Dolphin Bubble Blower

Red Iris Flowers

White Orchid

Yellow Iris Flowers

2022 White Chocolate Egg

2022 Milk Chocolate Cottage
Grand Prize

2022 White Chocolate Cottage
Grand Prize

Baby Bunny Plushy

Baby Bunny Slippers

Blue Iris Flowers

Octopus Bubble Blower

Spring Craft Kit

Spring Place Setting

Vintage Soda Bottles

Vintage Soda Sign

White Iris Flowers

Yellow Orchid

Introduced in 2023

2023 Milk Chocolate Egg

Bright Blue Chair

Bright Pink Chair

Bright White Table

Hatching Chick Plushy

Petal Plushy

Rain Boot Wreath

Spring Window

Tulip Trouble 2 Poster

2023 White Chocolate Egg

2023 Milk Chocolate Cottage
Grand Prize

2023 White Chocolate Cottage
Grand Prize

Bright Blue Cabinet

Bright Blue Rug

Bright Dresser

Bright Pink Rug

Farm Fresh Sign

Jar of Flowers

Potted Spring Sapling

Spring Shelf

Thorn Plushy

Introduced in 2024

2024 Milk Chocolate Egg

Academy Spring Blouse

Academy Spring Sweater Vest

Bright Purple Chair

Bright Yellow Chair

Kinzville Academy Shorts

Shallow Curved Stream Tile

Shallow Stream Tile

Spring Candles

Spring Celebration 2024 Poster

Spring Wreath

2024 White Chocolate Egg

2024 Milk Chocolate Cottage
Grand Prize

2024 White Chocolate Cottage
Grand Prize

Bright Blue Roller Skates

Bright Pink Roller Skates

Kinzville Academy Plaid Skirt

Purple Metal Garden Chair

Shallow Stream Bridge

Spring Celebration Archway

Spring Classroom Bulletin Board

Spring Hanging Lantern

Spring Square Hanging Shelves

Yellow Metal Garden Chair

Wacky Zingoz Celebration

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Introduced in 2008

Candy Gravity Bat

Candy Hyper Bat

Chocolate Bat

Zingoz Plushy

Introduced in 2010

Zingoz Wind Spinner

Introduced in 2011

Free Ride Zingoz Hat

Introduced in 2012

Caramel Bat

Chocolate Wacky Trophy

Wacky Cupcake

Introduced in 2013

Wacky Ice Pop

Wacky Marshmallows

Wacky Popcorn

Introduced in 2014

Wacky Cake Pop

Wacky Juice Box

Zangoz Cookie

Introduced in 2015

Wacky Crackers

Wacky Fruit Kebab

Zangoz Orange Fizz

Introduced in 2016

Wacky Nut Bar

Wacky Snack Machine Fridge[1]

  1. This prize can only be obtained by feeding the Wacky Cupcake, Wacky Nut Bar, Wacky Ice Pop, or Zangoz Orange Fizz to your pet

Introduced in 2017

Wacky Lemon Fizz

Wacky Soda Machine Fridge[1]

  1. This prize can only be obtained by feeding the Wacky Lemon Fizz to your pet

Introduced in 2018

Wacky Lemon Ice Pop

Wacky Go Kart[1]

  1. This prize can only be obtained by feeding the Wacky Lemon Ice Pop to your pet

Introduced in 2019

Wacky Milkshake

Wacky Bumper Car[1]

  1. This prize can only be obtained by feeding the Wacky Milkshake to your pet

Introduced in 2020

Wacky Gumball

Flappy Zingoz[1]

Flutter Zingoz[2]

  1. This prize can only be obtained by feeding the Wacky Gumball to your pet
  2. This prize can only be obtained by feeding the Wacky Gumball to your pet

Introduced in 2021

Wacky Corn on the Cob

Wacky Popcorn Tree Seeds[1]

  1. This prize can only be obtained by feeding the Wacky Corn on the Cob to your pet

Introduced in 2022

Wacky Gummies

Wacky Cupcake Tree Seeds[1][2]
  1. This prize can only be obtained by feeding the Wacky Gummies to your pet
  2. Harvesting the Wacky Cupcake Tree Seeds yields a Wacky Cupcake, which can be fed to your pet for a chance to win a Wacky Snack Machine Fridge.

Introduced in 2023

Wacky Almonds

Wacky Nut Bar Tree Seeds[1][2]
  1. This prize can only be obtained by feeding the Wacky Almonds to your pet
  2. Harvesting the Wacky Nut Bar Tree Seeds yields a Wacky Nut Bar, which can be fed to your pet for a chance to win a Wacky Snack Machine Fridge.


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Introduced in 2007

Hot Chocolate Frozen Mug

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Peppermint Snowflake

Polar Plunge Poster

Snowflake Sweater

Snowy Blue Toque

Introduced in 2008

Egg Nog

Framed Winter Scene

Fuzzy Winter Slippers

Googles Ice Sculpture

Potted Icicle Tree

Snow Bear Sugar Cookie

Snow Cone

Winterfest Parka

Introduced in 2009

Roasted Chestnuts

Snowflake Rug

Wool Scarf Jacket

Introduced in 2010

Gingersnap Snowflake Cookie

Magic W Toque

Potted Ice Flower

Introduced in 2011

Icicle Wind Chime

Snowman Cookie

Winterfest Hoodie

Winterfest Window

Introduced in 2012

Icicle Ice Pop

Snow Angel Cookie

Snow Globe Hat

Snowy Face Stickers

Winterfest Pyjama Pants

Introduced in 2013

Hot Eggnog Cocoa

Ice Skate Wreath

Light-Up Snowman

Rockin' Reindeer Sweater

Snowy Spice Cake

Sweet and Salty Popcorn String

Winterfest Snowflake Cookie

White Lamp Post
Grand Prize

Introduced in 2014

Cozy Cinnamon Tea

Darling Winter Coat

Melting Snowman Cookie

Polar Bear Toque

Snowball Coconut Truffles

Snowflake Slippers

Snowman Wreath

Warm Wick Candles

Winterfest Donut

2014 Winterfest Snowflake Cookie

Royal Ice Sleigh
Grand Prize

Introduced in 2015

Snowman Cake Pop

Snowman Sundae

Snowy Bear Decoration

Snowy Mitten Cookie

Whimsical Winter Candle

White Felt Wreath

Winter Knit Hoody

Wonderful Winter Window

2015 Winterfest Snowflake Cookie

Royal Ice Bed
Grand Prize

Introduced in 2016

Fancy Frozen Candelabra

Fancy Frozen Column

Fancy Frozen Vase

Snowflake Wall Art

Winterfest Welcome Rug

Winter Wonderland Painting

Yeti Plushy

2016 Winterfest Snowflake Cookie

Fancy Frozen Piano
Grand Prize

Introduced in 2017

Girl's Figure Skates

Hockey Skates

Pile of Snow

Red Team Snow Suit

Skating Rink Edge Piece

Skating Rink Floor Tile


Snow Covered Cedar

Winterfest Floor Tile

2017 Winterfest Cookie

Snow Fort Slide
Grand Prize

Blue Team Snow Suit

Boy's Figure Skates

Boy's Figure Skating Outfit

Girl's Figure Skating Outfit

Pile of Snowballs

Red Hockey Helmet

Red Hockey Jersey

Rink Side Bench

Rink Side Bleachers

Rink Side Lamp

Snow Covered Hedge

Snow Covered Maple Tree

Winterfest Wacky Plushy

Introduced in 2018

Chalet Armchair

Chalet Window

Pink Figure Skates

Ski Goggles

Ski Slope


Snowshoe Hare Plushy

Winter Trail Sign

2018 Winterfest Cookie

Ski Slopes Wallpaper
Grand Prize

Arctic Fox Cub Plushy

Chalet Chair

Chalet Column

Chalet Ski Rack

Expert Ski Slope

Hockey Net

Ski Lift Sofa

White Hockey Helmet

Winterfest Ski Goggles

Winterfest Skis

Introduced in 2019

Cross Country Floor Tile

Frozen Creek End Tile

Frozen Creek Curved Tile

Frozen Creek Tile

Neon Green Ski Goggles

Ski Jacket

Ski Pants

Neon Green Skis

2019 Winterfest Cookie

Rescue Team ATV
Grand Prize

Black Ski Pants

Neon Green Ski Jacket

Neon Pink Goggles

Neon Pink Jacket

Neon Pink Skis

Rescue Station

Rescue Team Helmet

Rescue Team Jacket

Rescue Team Pet Pack

Rescue Team Skis

Teal Figure Skates

Introduced in 2020

Adventure Scouts Boots

Adventure Scouts Cap

Adventure Scouts Parka

Adventure Scouts Pet Pack

Adventure Scouts Snow Pants

Adventure Trail Mix

Snowy Bluff

Snowy Ledge

Snowy Perch

Snowy Rest Stop

2020 Winterfest Cookie

Adventure Scouts Snowmobile
Grand Prize

Adventure Scouts Goggles

Adventure Scouts Helmet

Adventure Scouts Outpost

Adventure Scouts Skis

Adventure Scouts Sleeping Bag

Frozen Floor Tile

Snowy Arch

Snowy Oak Tree

Snowy Waterfall

Introduced in 2021

Winter Snowflake Carpet Tile

Winter Snowman Carpet Tile

Winter Teal Carpet Tile

Winter White Carpet Tile

Winterfest Dining Chair

Winterfest Lamp

Winterfest Mirror

Winterfest Plushy

Winterfest Potted Pine

Winterfest Wall Art

2021 Winterfest Cookie

Winterfest Bunk Bed
Grand Prize

Weathered Winter Painting

Weathered Winter Window

Winter Mittens Carpet Tile

Winter Skates Carpet Tile

Winterfest Ottoman

Winterfest Reading Chair

Winterfest Wall Panel

Introduced in 2022

2022 Winterfest Cookie

Crafting Station
Grand Prize

Birch Bark Tissue Box

Birch Bark Trash Can

Birch Block Side Table

Candle Shelf

Cozy Window Seat

Crafting Basket

Crafting Cart

Electric Fireplace

Framed Flower

Warm Wishes Wall Art

Introduced in 2023

Inukshuk Action Figure

Shelf of Cocoa

Snowman Cookie Jar

Snowman Lounger

Snowman Ottoman

Snowman Side Table

Winterfest 2023 Poster

Winterfest Raccoon Plushy

Winterfest Snowflake Rug

2023 Winterfest Cookies

Winterfest Food Truck Dispenser[1]
Grand Prize

  1. The Food Truck Dispenser gives one Cozy Cinnamon Tea, Snowman Sundae or Snowy Spice Cake a day

Introduced in 2024

Iceman Blues Plushy

Narwhal Cookie

Penguin Cake Pop

Penguin Pedestal

Polarberry Flap Hat

Polarberry Snowboard

Snowflake Stool

Snowy Owl Cookie Jar

Winterfest 2024 Banner

Winterfest Balloons

2024 Winterfest Cookie

Winterfest Hot Air Balloon
Grand Prize

Penguin Bean Bag Chair

Pet Buddy Cabin

Polar Bear Armchair

Polar Bear Ottoman

Snowboard Rack

Snowman Wall Hanging

Winter Fun Window

Yeti Snowboard

Yeti Toque

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