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The most up-to-date image and information guide on Webkinz Classic items, events, and more!
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Bake Shop Wall Clock

Blufadoodle Crazy Clock

Carnivalesque Clock

Cucumber Clock

Digital Alarm Clock

Dog Bone Grandfather Clock

Farm Time Kitchen Clock

Gingerbread Clock

Gothic Halloween Clock

Grey Owl Clock Radio

Jolly Jubilee Clock

Kinzville Academy Clock

Lavender Flair Clock

Lots of Dots Clock

Magical Phoenix Clock

Magical Toy Emporium Clock

Modern Floor Clock

Olympus Statue Clock

Polka Dot Clock

Purple Petal Digital Wall Clock

Secluded Garden Sundial

Sequin Heart Clock

Tabby's Job Clock

Tiki Pineapple Clock

Tinkerpunk Grandfather Clock

Totally Tik Tok Clock

Twinkling Rainbow Clock

Upbeat Chic Clock

Warped Grandfather Clock


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1st Class Mirror

Blue Avenue Floor Mirror

Butterfly Wing Mirror

Lavender Flair Mirror

Polka Dot Mirror

Pop Star Mirror

Red Antique Mirror

Red Velvet Mirror

Sparkling Luxury Mirror

Wacky Mirrors

Wall Art, Shelves & Signs

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Alyssa House Wide Tapestry

Avante Bookshelf

Bold Blue Wall Panel A

Bold Blue Wall Panel B

Bold Blue Wall Panel C

Bold Blue Wall Panel D

Bold Blue Wall Panel E

Butterfly Meadow Wall Sticker

CampKinz Canoe Paddles

Candy Blueprints

Cityscape View Panel 1

Cityscape View Panel 2

Cityscape View Panel 3

Cityscape View Panel 4

Cityscape View Panel 5

Comedy Movie Poster

Cubist Tapestry

Drip Drying Clothesline

Dr. Quack's Diplomas

Eau de Skunk Perfume Poster

Familiar Faces Plate Rack

Fantasy Movie Poster

Framed DJ Concert Poster

Framed Photographs

Gaggle of Googles Silkscreen

Glam Boutique Sign Replica

Glow in the Dark Stars

Googles Wall Panel

Gorilla Wall Panel

Griffin House Tapestry

Heart Scent Decor

J. Russell Best Friends Collar

Kinzville Academy Basketball Hoop

Kinzville Academy Recess Bell

Magical Moving Painting

Magical Moving Pictures

Mellow Yellow Wall Panel A

Mellow Yellow Wall Panel B

Mellow Yellow Wall Panel C

Mellow Yellow Wall Panel D

Mellow Yellow Wall Panel E

Musical Movie Poster

Mystery Solving Board

Nafaria House Wide Tapestry

Neon Dreams Wall Art

Open for Business Sign

Persephone Lightbox Poster Replica

Polka Dot Aquarium

Portraits of the Past

Print Panels of Paws

Pug Wall Panel

Quizzy's Scoreboard

Rolling Hills Backdrop 1

Rolling Hills Backdrop 2

School Whiteboard

Secret Gadget Poster

Star Pattern Wall Decal

Studio Loft Recording Signal

Stuttered Sunrises Panels

Styles of Plumpy Lightbox Replica

Tiger Wall Panel

Wild Flower Arrangement Mural

Wild Savannah Wall Print

Zebra Print Silkscreen

Windows & Doors

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Air Conditioner Window

Alyssa House Stained Glass Window

Ancient Vista Window

Apricot Windowed Bench

Arched Doorway Windows

Aqua Blue Curtains

Autumn Apple Window

Autumn Stained Glass Window

Balcony Doorframe

Barn Door Window

Barnyard Window

Be Merry Window

Black and White Curtains

Black Cat Window

Blue and Green Curtains

Blue and White Paneled Curtains

Blue Avenue Park Window

Blue Gingham Balcony Window

Blue Harlequin Curtains

Blue Hearts Window

Blue Paneled Curtains

Blue Ruffled Curtains

Blue Spring Curtains

Blue Starry Window

Blushing Hearts Curtains

Bouncing Bunny Window

Bowtie Curtains

Bright Moon Curtains

Bubbly Blue Balcony Window

Calm Hearts Window

Candy Cane Stained Glass Window

Cherry Blooms Curtain

Colorblock Curtains

Cool Sunny Curtains

Cottage Window

Country Farm Curtain

Countryside Cottage Window

Countryside Window Seat

Cozy Cable Knit Curtains

Cozy Cranberry Curtains

Cozy Pattern Curtains

Cozy Snowflake Curtain

Cozy Window Seat

Cozy Winter Curtains

Creepy Crawly Curtains

Curtained Balcony Doors

Curtained Balcony Window

Cute Clover Window Seat

Cute Valentine Curtains

Daisy Blooms Curtains

Dark Teal Curtains

Darling Curtains

Day and Night Window

Deep Relaxation Curtain

Delightful Window

Denim & Lace Window

Doggy Curtains

Downtown Core Window

Downtown Evening Window

Downtown Skyline Window

Downtown View Window

Dragon Hero Door

Earth Day Stained Glass Window

Elegant Blush Curtains

Elegant Damask Curtains

Enchanting Green Curtains

Fabulous Feathers Curtains

Fall Curtains

Fall Season Window

Farmland Window Seat

Festive Curtains

Festive Stained Glass Window

Fiesta Balcony Window

Fireworks Balcony Window

Flashy Window

Floral Curtains

Fresh Spring Curtain

Frilly Curtains

Frosty Blue Curtains

Frosted Glass Window

Fun Peach Curtains

Gentle Spring Window

Gingerbread Stained Glass Window

Glam Gold Curtains

Glazed French Doors

Gold Gingham Balcony Window

Golden Ray Drapes

Gothic Halloween Curtains

Grape Garden Window

Green Lattice Curtains

Halloween Pumpkin Curtains

Happy Halloween Window

Haunted Door

Heart Curtains

Hockey Socks Curtains

Holiday Curtains

Holiday Helper Stained Glass Window

Holiday Presents Stained Glass Window

Holiday Red Reindeer Window

Holidays Balcony Window

Homespun Curtains

Iron Wood Window

Jack O'Lantern Curtain Panel

Juicy Peach Window

Jumbleberry Curtains

Kinz Lodge Curtains

Keep Cozy Curtains

Lakeview Balcony

Lavender Flair Curtains

Lots of Dots Window

Lovely Curtains

Lovely Forest Window

Lucky Clover Curtains

Magic W Curtains

Marine Adventures Curtains

Medieval Drawbridge Window

Melting Chocolate Curtains

Modern Red Curtains

Mysterious Window

Mystic Knots Curtains

Nafaria House Stained Glass Window

Navy Gingham Balcony Window

Nocturnal Curtains

Nurture Nature Stained Glass Window

Ohh La La Window

Olympus Window

Orange Curtains

Owl Window

Painted Sunflower Balcony

Paisley Paneled Curtains

Paparazzi Window

Patchwork Holiday Curtains

Perfectly Purple Curtains

Pink Cozy Curtains

Pioneer Window

Poinsettia Lion Window

Polka Dot Window

Pure Elegance Draperies

Purple Curtains

Purple Gingham Balcony Window

Quilted Hearts Window

Radiant Autumn Curtains

Rainbow Shuttered Window

Red and White Striped Curtains

Red Antique Curtains

Red Gingham Balcony Window

Red Rose Curtains

Red Striped Curtains

Red Velvet Balcony Window

Red Velvet Rose Curtains

Reindeer Stained Glass Window

Reindeer Window

Restful Retreat Curtains

Rooster Curtains

Rounded Balcony Window

Royal Red Window

Ruffled Antique Curtains

Rustic Curtains

Rustic Window

Seashell Cottage Window

Secret Laser Room

Secret Treehouse Curtains

Serene Stained Window

Shuttered Windows

Side Windows

Simple Star Curtains

Sleepover Window

Snowflake Curtains

Snowflake Stained Glass Seat

Snowman Stained Glass Window

Snug Bug Window

Soft Green Curtains

Spearmint Stained Glass Window

Spiderweb Curtain Panel

Spooky Gothic Curtains

Spring Bunny Window

Spring Clover Curtains

Spring Egg Curtains

Spring Floral Curtains

Spring into Summer Window

Spring Yellow Curtains

Starry Night Balcony Window

Starry Night Window Bench

Starry Window

Studio Loft Elevator

Studio Loft Window

Storybook Window

Stylish Paneled Curtains

Sugar and Spice Window

Sugar Plum Sparkle Curtains

Summer Berry Curtains

Summer Blooms Curtains

Summer Blue Plaid Curtains

Summer Breeze Curtain

Summer Floral Curtains

Summer Polka Dot Curtains

Summer Vibes Curtains

Sunken Dining Hall Window

Superintendent's Office Window

Surf Shack Patio Door

Sweet Spring Curtains

Sweet Stitched Window

Tartan Curtains

Taupe Curtains

Teddy Bear Window

Thanksgiving Curtains

Tiki Hut Window

Time for Fall Curtains

Tinkerpunk Window

Tis the Season Window

Trendy Tuxedo Window

Tricky Goblin Window

Twinkling Window

Upbeat Chic Window

Valentine Curtains

Vertical Blinds

Vibrant Vibes Curtains

Victorian Christmas Drapes

Violet Bliss Curtains

Wacky Window

Weathered Window

Webkinz Friends Stained Glass Window

Webkinz Paneled Curtains

Webkinz Wizard Academy Window

Whimsical Wicker Curtains

White Chocolate Curtains

Wicked Halloween Curtains

Wild Savannah Window

Windowed Bench

Window Panel

Winter Cabin Window

Winter Chill Curtains

Winter Hedgehog Window

Winter Polar Curtains

Winter Vacation Window

Witchy Whimsy Window

Wiz Kinz Door

Wonderful Winged Window

Wood Balcony Doorframe

Woodland Fairy Window

Yellow Bell Pepper Window

Yellow Striped Curtains

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