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For a full archive of Newz Events prizes, see (Archive) Newz Events.

Clothing Prizes

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Alvin's Hawaiian Shirt

Be Mine Sneakers[1]

Beautiful At Breakfast Dress

Big Purple Bow Belt

Black Winter Buckle Boots

Blue Baby Romper

Blue Full-Length Hoodie

Blue Fuzzy Winter Hat

Blue Modern Vampire Pants

Blue Polarberry Pants

Blue Treble Clef Glasses

Blue Vogue Vampire Pants

Blue Vogue Vampire Top

Boys' Red Cardigan and Scarf

Brown Adventure Parka

Butterfly Fairy Sandals

Campkinz Scuba Flippers

Campkinz Scuba Mask

Campkinz Scuba Oxygen Tank

Campkinz Scuba Pants

Campkinz Scuba Shirt

Cave Explorer Bottom[2]

Cave Explorer Hat[2]

Cave Exploring Hat[2]

Cave Explorer Heeled Shoes[2]

Cave Explorer Shoes[2]

Cave Explorer Skirt[2]

Cave Exploring Top[2]

Cave Explorer Top[2]

Chipmunk Mask

City Chic Boots

City Chic Bottom

City Chic Sunglasses

City Chic Top

Classic Movie Studio Director's Beret

Classic Movie Studio Director's Boots

Classic Movie Studio Director's Jacket

Classic Movie Studio Director's Pants

Cloud Adventure Dress[2]

Cloud Adventure Hat[2]

Cloud Adventure Hoodie[2]

Cloud Adventure Pants[2]

Cloud Adventure Shoes[2]

Cloud Adventure Wings[2]

Cool Chipmunk Mask

Crystal Flower Hair Band

Dapper Casual Hat

Dapper Casual Pants

Dapper Casual Shoes

Dapper Casual Top

Diving Bell Bottom[2]

Diving Bell Flippers[2]

Diving Bell Helmet[2]

Diving Bell Top[2]

Duck Billed Hat

Fairy Tale Evil Queen Dress

Flannel Fairy PJ Bottom

Flannel Fairy PJ Top

Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man Hat

Gingerbread Man Shoe

Go Green Hat

Gold Modern Vampire Belt

Gold Vogue Vampire Belt

Green Cat Ear Toque

Green Full-Length Hoodie

Green Sporty Warm-Up Zippy

GW Layered Skirt

GW Spring Fedora

GW Striped Cotton Dress

Holly Jolly Sweater

Hunter Blue Hiker Shoes

Leaf Glasses

Louie's Mustache

Maroon Argyle Sweater

Maroon Sweater Dress

Movie Star White Dress

Music Note Fedora

Navy Boy's School Uniform Blazer

Navy Boy's School Uniform Sweater

Navy Hanging Pants

Navy Hanging Skirt

Navy School Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Navy School T-Shirt

Navy Suit Jacket

Navy Suit Pants

Noir Detective Hat

Noir Detective Trenchcoat

Orange Argyle Sweater

Orange Knitted Flower Headband

Orange Sweater Dress

Pink Baby Romper

Pink Diving Bell Bottom[2]

Pink Diving Bell Flippers[2]

Pink Diving Bell Helmet[2]

Pink Diving Bell Top[2]

Pink Floral Dress

Pink Tam

Pink Treble Clef Glasses

Purple Jean Shorts

Purple Modern Vampire Shirt

Purple Vampiress Costume Shoes

Purple Vampiress Costume Veil

Purple Vampiress Costume Dress

Purple Wizard Hat

Purple Wizard Robe

Purple Wizard Shoes

Red Full-Length Hoodie

Red Headband

Red Spring Sparkle Dress

Red Warm Toggle Jacket

Road Trip Green Hat

Road Trip Green T-Shirt

Road Trip Pink Hat

Road Trip Pink Shirt

Road Trip Purple Hat

Road Trip Purple T-Shirt

Road Trip Red Hat

Road Trip Red T-Shirt

Road Trip Staff Hat

Road Trip Staff Hat

Road Trip Staff Shirt

Road Trip Yellow Hat

Road Trip Yellow Shirt

Ruffled Summer Sun Sandals

Scramble T-Shirt

Sham Rockin' Bandana

Sham Rockin' Bottoms

Sham Rockin' Shirt

Skater Kat Helmet

Springtime Cardigan

Springtime Laced Heels

Springtime Leather Skirt

Staff Shirt

Summer Sun Bonnet

Summer Sun Dress

Sweet Buddy Bomber Jacket

Teal Punk Riot Dress

Team Boris Shirt[2]

Team Lug Shirt[2]

Team Sera Shirt[2]

Turkey Hat

Turquoise Flats

Turquoise Hoodie

Turquoise One Piece Summer Shorts

Turquoise Ruffled Skirt

Vintage Glam Hair Band

Vintage Glam Shoes

Vintage Glam Skirt

Vintage Glam Top

Webkinz Day Party Hat

White Skirt

Winged Tee

WKF Bakers Apron

WKN Sensational Summer Shades

Yellow Long Dress

Yellow Magic W Toque

Yellow Onesie

Zodiac Air Costume Bottom

Zodiac Air Costume Hat

Zodiac Air Costume Shoes

Zodiac Air Costume Top

Zodiac Earth Costume Bottom

Zodiac Earth Costume Hat

Zodiac Earth Costume Shoes

Zodiac Earth Costume Top

Zodiac Fire Costume Bottom

Zodiac Fire Costume Hat

Zodiac Fire Costume Shoes

Zodiac Fire Costume Top

Zodiac Water Costume Bottom

Zodiac Water Costume Hat

Zodiac Water Costume Shoes

Zodiac Water Costume Top

Food Prizes

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Best Banana Apple Cupcake

Best Cherry Berry Cupcake

Best Chilled Berry Cupcake

Best Citrus Cupcake

Best Grape Lime Cupcake

Best Orange Blast Cupcake

Best Sour Apple Cupcake

Best Strawberry Apple Cupcake

Blueberry Swirl Ice Cream Cone

Box of Raisins

Bubblegum Ice Cream Cone

Caramel Apple


Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans

Christmas Party Candy Cane


Cookies 'n Cream Ice Cream Cone

Fizzy Newz Soda

Friends Banana Apple Cupcake

Friends Cherry Berry Cupcake[3]

Friends Chilled Berry Cupcake

Friends Citrus Cupcake

Friends Grape Lime Cupcake

Friends Orange Blast Cupcake

Friends Sour Apple Cupcake

Friends Strawberry Apple Cupcake

Love Chocolate

Mazin' Hamsters Punch Drink

Mini Pumpkin Tarts

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone

Moonberry Marmalade

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cone

PB&J Chococup

Rainbow Taffy

Reindeer Candy Cane

Scrambled Omelet

Seaside Soda

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Cone

Tiger Tail Ice Cream Cone

Tutti Fruity Ice Cream Cone

Winter Party Cupcake

Object Prizes

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2011 Back Country Road Trip Poster

2011 Road Trip Pop Art Posters

2011 Road Trip Pop Art Print

2011 Road Trip Poster

Acorn Placemat Setting

Adventure Park Framed Poster

Alex 'Kinz Plushy

Alvin and the Chipmunk's Gift Box

Alyssa House Candelabra

Beach House Cooler Bag

Beach House Hammock

Beach House Seashell Sofa Chair

Black and Gold Guitar Chair[4]

Black and Gold Snare Side Table[4]

Black and Gold Tambourine Chair[4]

Bloomin' Coffee Table

Bloomin' Desk Lamp

Blue Backpack

Blue, Orange Yellow Party Balloons

Blue SPREE! Shopping Bag

Blue Striped Chair

Blue Striped Dining Table

Blue Striped Floor Lamp

Blue Striped Toy Box

Blue W Pattern Wallpaper

Boomin Green Chair

Boomin Green Couch

Brown Elm Tree

CampKinz Picnic Blanket

CampKinz Pup Tent

CampKinz Sleeping Bag

Cash Cow 2 Poster

Charm Forest Lollipop Flowers

Classic Movie Studio Camera

Classic Movie Studio Director's Chair

Classic Movie Studio Light

Classic Movie Studio Megaphone

Classic Movie Studio Slate

Clover Patch

Cowabelle 'Kinz Plushy[5]

Cream-Colored Chair

Cream-Colored Dining Table

Cream-Colored Floor Lamp

Cream-Colored Toy Box

Decorative Microphone

Decorative Vinyl Record

Drinking Fountain

Elwing Framed Poster

Fabulous Fashion Panel 1

Fabulous Fashion Panel 2

Fabulous Fashion Panel 3

Flashing Sign

Flora's Flowerpot

Framed Adventure Park Map

Glowing Coffee Table

Glowing Lamp

Glowing Vase

Golden Dragon Statue

Goober's Lab Poster

Gnarled Pumpkin Chair

Gnarled Pumpkin Dining Table

Green Backpack

Green Grass Pattern Wallpaper

Green Stage Light

Green Notepad and Pencils[6]

Griffin Emblem Rug

Hailey Framed Poster

Happy Halloween Banner

Hay Bales Lamp

Heart Warming Wall Art

Information Sand Castle

Invisible Car[2]

Jar of Sand

Languages Poster

Lavender Love Letters

Letters from Camp

Love Topiary

Lovely Lavender Dining Chair

Lovely Lavender Wall Sconce

Lovely Mosaic Table

Lunchbox Fridge

Magic Forest Travel Poster

Math Poster

Molly 'Kinz Plushy

Mother's Day Buttercups Plant

Mother's Day Floral Bouquet

Mother's Day Potted Tiger Lily

Nafaria House Candelabra

Newzapalooza Poster

Nibbles' Camcorder

Nibbles 'Kinz Plushy

Orange Elm Tree

Orange W Pattern Wallpaper

Perfect Gift Mug

Pink Blossom Trellis

Pink Crystal Paper Weight

Pink W Pattern Wallpaper

PJ Collie Framed Poster

Plumpy's Engagement Bracelet

Portable Picnic Table

Pretty Pink Roses

Purple Notepad and Orange Pens[7]

Purple Potted Ice Flower

Quilted Robin Tile

Rainbow Beach Lounger

Rainbow Picket Fence

Recess Bell

Red Elm Tree

Rescue Team Certificate

Road Trip Car

Road Trip Sleeping Bag

Road Trip Tent

Road Trip Spree Dirt Tile Curve

Road Trip Spree Dirt Tile Sharp Turn

Road Trip Spree Dirt Tile Straight

Roberta 'Kinz Plushy

Salley Cat 'Kinz Plushy

Science Poster

Scrambled Egg Chair

Shamrockin' Guitar

Sham Rockin' Microphone

Small Inflatable Jack O'Lantern

Social Studies Poster

Sparkle Springs Tree

Sparky 'Kinz Plushy

St. Patty's Jukebox

Sounds of Spring Stereo

Stoogles 'Kinz Plushy

Summer Balloons

Super Stripes Wallpaper

Sweetheart Bed

Sweet Superstar Mic

Tangerine Chair

Tangerine Dining Table

Tangerine Floor Lamp

Tangerine Toy Box

Textbook Tower

Toy Electric Guitar

Vase of Pink Petunias

Victorian Garden Stone Curve Path[8]

Victorian Garden Stone End Path[8]

Victorian Garden Stone Straight Path[8]

Wand Sparkle Bush

Winter Wonderland Mirror

Winter Wonderland Window

Webkinz Newz Glam Boutique Chair

Webkinz Newz Glam Boutique Lamp

Webkinz Newz Glam Boutique Side Table

Webkinz Frankenstein Movie Poster

Webkinz Mummy Movie Poster

Webkinz Newz Poster

Webkinz Vampire Movie Poster

Whimsical Window

Wonderful W Wallpaper

Wood Toy Train

Wrapping Paper Tile

Yellow Blossom Trellis

Yellow Elm Tree

Birthstone Gem Lamps

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Garnet Birthstone Gem Lamp

Amethyst Birthstone Gem Lamp

Aquamarine Birthstone Gem Lamp

Diamond Birthstone Gem Lamp

Emerald Birthstone Gem Lamp

Alexandrite Lamp

Ruby Gem Lamp

Peridot Birthstone Gem Lamp

Sapphire Birthstone Gem Lamp

Rose Zircon Birthstone Gem Lamp

Topaz Birthstone Gem Lamp

Blue Zircon Gem Lamp

Birthstone Windows

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Garnet Rover Window

Amethyst Hound Window

Aquamarine Puppy Window

Diamond Doggy Window

Emerald Lab Gemstone Window

Pearl Pup Gemstone Window

Ruby Retriever Gemstone Window

Peridot Dog Gemstone Window

Sapphire Spaniel Gemstone Window

Opal Pup Gemstone Window

Topaz Terrier Gemstone Window

Zircon Puppy Gemstone Window

Birthstone Mosaic Tiles

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Garnet Mosaic Tile

Amethyst Mosaic Tile

Aquamarine Mosaic Tile

Diamond Mosaic Tile

Emerald Mosaic Tile

Alexandrite Mosaic Tile

Ruby Mosaic Tile

Peridot Mosaic Tile

Sapphire Mosaic Tile

Rose Zircon Mosaic Tile

Topaz Mosaic Tile

Blue Zircon Mosaic Tile

Birthstone Glasses

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Garnet Glasses

Amethyst Glasses

Aquamarine Glasses

Diamond Glasses

Emerald Glasses

Alexandrite Glasses

Ruby Glasses

Peridot Glasses

Sapphire Glasses

Rose Zircon Glasses

Topaz Glasses

Blue Zircon Glasses

Birthstone Belts

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Garnet Belt

Amethyst Belt

Aquamarine Belt

Diamond Belt

Emerald Belt

Alexandrite Belt

Ruby Belt

Peridot Belt

Sapphire Belt

Rose Zircon Belt

Topaz Belt

Blue Zircon Belt

Birthstone Votives

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Garnet Votive

Amethyst Votive

Aquamarine Votive

Diamond Votive

Emerald Votive

Alexandrite Votive

Ruby Votive

Peridot Votive

Sapphire Votive

Rose Zircon Votive

Topaz Votive

Blue Zircon Votive

City Skyline Theme

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City Skyline Armchair

City Skyline Fridge

City Skyline Side Table

City Skyline Sofa

City Skyline Stove

City Skyline Tuckaway Trunk

Ebony and Cream Crescent Dining Chair

Ebony and Cream Squares Coffee Table

Ebony Dreams Low Bed

Lavender Swirls Wallpaper

Lavish Lavender Rug

Metro Purple Painting

Metro Purple Panel Painting

Trendy Purple TV

Tri-Mirror Ebony Dresser

Floral Princess Theme

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Blue Butterfly Side Table

Blue Floral Shower

Blue Flower Lamp

Blue Flower Rug

Blue Winged Window

Floral Bean Bag Chair

Floral Princess Bed

Simple Floral Couch

Simple Floral Rug

Simple Floral Sink

Simple Floral Toilet

Simply Floral Comfy Chair

Forest Tiled Theme

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Forest Tile Coffee Table

Forest Tiled Counter

Forest Tiled Dining Table

Forest Tile Dining Chair

Forest Tile Fridge

Forest Tiled Sink

Forest Tiled Stove

Forest Tile Side Table

Forest Green Window

Forest Green TV

Forest Green Couch

Forest Green Armchair

Mod Theme

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Mod Brick Walls

Mod Dining Chair

Mod Ebony Coffee Table

Mod Ebony Low Bed

Mod Ebony Side Table

Mod Ebony Three-Drawer Dresser

Mod Glass-Topped Dining Table

Mod KinzVision HDTV

Mod Raspberry Lounger

Mod Square Flooring

Raspberry Swirl Painting

Raspberry Twist Painting

Soft Gray Theme

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Soft Gray Armchair

Soft Gray Coffee Table

Soft Gray Couch

Soft Gray Curtains

Soft Gray Daybed

Soft Gray Desk

Soft Gray Dining Chair

Soft Gray Dining Table

Soft Gray Dresser

Soft Gray Rug

Soft Gray Wardrobe

Soft Gray Tub

Sunny Theme

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Sunny Bed

Sunny Desk

Sunny Dresser

Sunny Fireplace

Sunny Lounger

Sunny Loveseat

Sunny Rug

Sunny Seat

Sunny Side Table

Sunny Toy Box

Sunny Wardrobe

Sunny Window

Webkinz Votes

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Webkinz Votes 2014 Poster

Webkinz Votes 2016 Poster

Zodiac Wall Decorations

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Aquarius Symbol Wall Decoration

Aries Symbol Wall Decoration

Cancer Symbol Wall Decoration

Capricorn Symbol Wall Decoration

Gemini Symbol Wall Decoration

Leo Symbol Wall Decoration

Libra Symbol Wall Decoration

Pisces Symbol Wall Decoration

Sagittarius Symbol Wall Decoration

Scorpio Symbol Wall Decoration

Taurus Symbol Wall Decoration

Virgo Symbol Wall Decoration

Video Challenge Prizes

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Black Bear Cub Plushy


Paw Print Painting

Polar Bear Cub Plushy

Tiger Cub Poster

White Tiger Cub Plushy

Looney Tunes

Box of Pizza

Carrot Fridge

Carrot Spring Chair

Exquisite Carrot

Looney Round Rug

Martian Helmet

Plush Besties

Yellow Duck Billed Hat[9]


Nakamas Festive Holiday Wreath

Pet of the Month

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Auditions Today Banner
I Like to Clown Around

Bowler Hat
Miss Kitty

Cat's Pajama Party Pillow
Cat's Pajama Party

Dance Party Dress
Tiger Tiger

Farmer's Wife Straw Hat
It's a Beautiful Day

Fishing Derby Trophy
Let's Go Fishing

Friends of the Earth Trophy
Let's Make the World a Better Place

Go Go Go Googles Wall Print
Go Go Go Googles

Good to be the King Dress
It's Good to Be the King

Koala Holiday Hat
Koala Holiday

Movie Slate
Stay Away From Me

Neon Saxophone Sign
Iceman Blues

Pink Pony Sparkly Dress
The Prettiest Pink Pony in Town

Pretty Flower Dress
Mustache Louie

Pug Bobblehead
Hug a Pug

Purple Floppy Witch Hat
Scaredy Cat

Pyramid Wallpaper
Caramel Soup

Silverback Gorilla Party Poster
Do You Want to Party?

Slice of Apple Pie
It's a Wonderful World

Skunk Misunderstood Poster

Walrus Wall Panel
The Coolest Thing is Everything

Webkinz Hockey Helmet
My Favorite Time of Year


Fruity Punch Bowl
Fruitland Theme

GanzWorld Rewardz Prizes

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Currently Available

Amazing Treasure Chest
1500 Moneyz

Amazing Treasure Map Rug
4500 Moneyz

Babydoll Sports Dress
1000 Moneyz

Be Mine Sneakers
800 Moneyz

Beach Beauty Chair
1000 Moneyz

Charm Forest Lollipop Flowers
500 Moneyz

Chocolate Cookie Cannoli
500 Moneyz

Cloud Adventure Dress
1500 Moneyz

Cloud Adventure Hat
1500 Moneyz

Cloud Adventure Hoodie
1500 Moneyz

Cloud Adventure Pants
1500 Moneyz

Cloud Adventure Shoes
1500 Moneyz

Cloud Adventure Wings
1500 Moneyz

Cozy Lamb Slippers
3000 Moneyz

Dapper Casual Hat
1500 Moneyz

Dapper Casual Pants
1500 Moneyz

Dapper Casual Shoes
1500 Moneyz

Dapper Casual Top
1500 Moneyz

Dapper Red Hat
2500 Moneyz

Electric Unicycle
5000 Moneyz

Enchanted Tiara
1500 Moneyz

Flannel Fairy PJ Bottom
1500 Moneyz

Flannel Fairy PJ Top
1500 Moneyz

GanzWorld Couch
2500 Moneyz

Golden Lamppost
1200 Moneyz

Green Sewing Machine
2000 Moneyz

GW Layered Skirt
1500 Moneyz

GW Striped Cotton Dress
1500 Moneyz

Heart Warming Wall Art
1000 Moneyz

Hickory Clock
4500 Moneyz

Letter To Santakinz
2500 Moneyz

Medieval Bear Coat Of Arms
4500 Moneyz

Monkey Hoody
3000 Moneyz

Never-Ending Candy Bowl
5000 Moneyz

Noir Detective Hat
1500 Moneyz

Noir Detective Trenchcoat
1500 Moneyz

Pink And Blue Hoodie
1500 Moneyz

Pink Baby Romper
1500 Moneyz

Pink Bunny Slippers
1500 Moneyz

Pink Diving Bell Bottom
1500 Moneyz

Pink Diving Bell Flippers
1500 Moneyz

Pink Diving Bell Helmet
1500 Moneyz

Pink Diving Bell Top
1500 Moneyz

Pink Tam
1500 Moneyz

Posh Penthouse Blue Armchair
3000 Moneyz

Pretty Flower Dress
1500 Moneyz

Princess Bouncy Castle
15000 Moneyz

Purple Bunny Hat
2000 Moneyz

Reindeer Slippers
3000 Moneyz

Santakinz Dining Chair
4000 Moneyz

Sequin Heart Tee
2000 Moneyz

Silver Side Table
3000 Moneyz

Silver Treasure Chest
2000 Moneyz

Space-Age Smock
3250 Moneyz

Spring Tea Pot
1000 Moneyz

Trendy Newz Blogger Bulletin Board
3000 Moneyz

Trendy Newz Blogger Desk
3000 Moneyz

Trendy Newz Blogger Glasses
1500 Moneyz

Trendy Newz Blogger Interview Chair
1500 Moneyz

Trendy Newz Blogger Laptop
2500 Moneyz

Trendy Newz Blogger Mug
500 Moneyz

Vase Of Pink Petunias
2000 Moneyz

White Floppy Hat
500 Moneyz

Winterfest Fireplace Tools
4000 Moneyz

Winterfest Guitar
5000 Moneyz

WKF Academy Choir Robe
3000 Moneyz

WKF Adventure Explorer Pack
3500 Moneyz

WKF Ascended Princess Throne
7500 Moneyz

WKF Dining Out Table
2500 Moneyz

WKF Domino Effect Rug
3500 Moneyz

WKF Dynamic Dancers Duffel
1500 Moneyz

WKF Glass Vase
4500 Moneyz

Yellow Onesie
1000 Moneyz

Yummy Cupcake Chair
4000 Moneyz

Not Currently Available

BFF Plushies

Coconut Hat

Cookie Jar Fridge

Cukoo Kitty Clock

Flying Chair

Red Racing Jacket

Winterfest Webkinz Newz Shades

WKF Ace Of Diamonds Divider
  1. The Be Mine Sneakers have also been available as a GanzWorld Rewards Prize
  2. 2.00 2.01 2.02 2.03 2.04 2.05 2.06 2.07 2.08 2.09 2.10 2.11 2.12 2.13 2.14 2.15 2.16 2.17 2.18 2.19 2.20 2.21 2.22 2.23 2.24 2.25 This item has also been available in an eStore Bundle.
  3. The Friends Cherry Berry Cupcake was also available in Webkinz World as a floaty to promote Nakamas.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 This item has also been a pet retirement prize and non-annual click to win prize.
  5. The Cowabelle 'Kinz Plushy was also available in Webkinz World during the Meet the Mayor in the Park.
  6. The Green Notepad with Pencils was also available in Webkinz World during the Meet Ella McWoof in the Kinzville Park event.
  7. The Purple Notepad with Orange Pens was also available in Webkinz World during the Meet Ella McWoof in the Kinzville Park event.
  8. 8.0 8.1 8.2 This item is available as an Adventure Park Daily Quest Prize.
  9. The Yellow Duck Billed hat is a different item than the Duck Billed hat; the latter is a WKN Click-to-Win item from March 2012.

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