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Trick or Treat with the Candidates (Oct 26-31)

Box of Raisins
October 26

Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans
October 27

Hopscotch Gummies
October 28

Movie Star Candy Bar
October 29

Rainbow Taffy
October 30

Seaside Soda
October 31


Get Cupcakes from the Lil' Sweetheart Cows (Jan 16-Feb 14)

Friends Banana Apple Cupcake

Friends Cherry Berry Cupcake

Friends Chilled Berry Cupcake

Friends Citrus Cupcake

Friends Grape Lime Cupcake

Friends Orange Blast Cupcake

Friends Sour Apple Cupcake

Webkinz Newz Week: Mandy (Apr 22-28)

Mandy Webkinz Prize Box

When players clicked on Mandy, they would receive a giftbox which included a random pet medallion and

Fizzy Newz Soda

Plus a random item from this pool:

Mandy Webkinz KinzCash Coin

Mandy Webkinz Poster

Signed Mandy Webkinz Poster


Play Hide And Seek With The Lil Otter Pup (Jun 15-19)

Pink Flower Lollipop

Take Swimming Lessons! (Jul 12-25)

Campkinz Scuba Flippers

Campkinz Scuba Mask

Campkinz Scuba Shirt

Campkinz Scuba Pants

Campkinz Scuba Oxygen Tank

Meet the Mango Gecko at Daisy's Patio (August 17-26)

Growing Gardens Parsnip Seeds

Meet the Holiday Silver Reindeer (Nov 18-29)

Wrapping Paper Tile

Get A Holiday Baked Good From The Holiday Silver Kitchen (Dec 11-31)

Gingerbread Elf Cookie

Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies

Holiday Wreath Cake Pop

Reindeer Cupcake

Stocking Sugar Cookie


Find The Missing Pets (Feb 5-7)

Adventure Trail Mix

Visit the Magic Pond Mar 6-17

Blue Chocolate Covered Jelly Coin

Chocolate Covered Jelly Coin

Green Chocolate Covered Jelly Coin

Orange Chocolate Covered Jelly Coin

Red Chocolate Covered Jelly Coin

Yellow Chocolate Covered Jelly Coin

Lucky Chocolate KinzCash Coin

Lucky Emerald Kinzcash Coin

Lucky Gold Kinzcash Coin

Lucky Silver Kinzcash Coin

Visit Town Hall (Nov 15-21)

Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic


Panda Playground (Jan 19-21)

Bamboo Buddy

Amazing Almond Chocolate

Banana Cream Chocolate

Black Licorice Chocolate

Blueberry Acai Chocolate

Buttercream Chocolate

Candy Coated Chocolate

Candy Crunch Chocolate

Candy Nougat Chocolate

Caramel Blast Chocolate

Caramel Cream Chocolate

Caramel Crunch Chocolate

Cherry Cream Chocolate

Chewy Caramel Chocolate

Cinnamon Spice Chocolate

Cookie Crunch Chocolate

Cookies & Cream Chocolate

Cotton Candy Chocolate

Creme de Menthe Chocolate

Double Dark Chocolate

Double Fudge Chocolate

Green Tea Chocolate

Jumbleberry Jam Chocolate

Lavender Lilac Chocolate

Lemon Zest Chocolate

Maple Swirl Chocolate

Marshmallow Cream Chocolate

Marshmallow Mint Chocolate

Marvelous Mint Chocolate

Moonberry Blast Chocolate

Orange Zest Chocolate

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Perfect Pear Chocolate

Pink Praline Chocolate

Pomegranate Chocolate

Pumpkin Spice Chocolate

Red Velvet Chocolate

Royal Ruby Chocolate

Savory Sea Salt Chocolate

Simply Cinnamon Chocolate

Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate

Strawberry Swirl Chocolate

Sweet Chili Chocolate

Sweet Peach Chocolate

Sweet Sugarberry Chocolate

Turkish Delight Chocolate

Vanilla Cream Chocolate

Whipped Strawberry Chocolate

Wintermint Chocolate

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