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Veggie Fest (Sep 12-14)

Foods were awarded at various times throughout the day on the Today's Activities page.
September 12

Clover Patty

Farm Fresh Pumpkin

Giant Bean

Organic Apple Juice

Pumpkin Juice

September 13

Chocolate Covered Carrot

Farm Fresh Tomato

Mazin' Carrot Cake

Precious Mango Punch

Tin of Spinach

September 14

Exquisite Carrot

Farm Fresh Watermelon

Health Juice

Jar of Pickles

Spiced Pumpkin Smoothie

Panda Retirement (Sep 28)

Panda Owners

Beautiful At Breakfast Dress

Fancy Tuxedo Jacket

So Long Cupcake

Wish Token

Pug Retirement (Oct 26)

Pug Owners

Great Webkinz Cupcake

Paw Print Abstract Painting

Pug Bobblehead

Wish Token

White Tiger Retirement (Nov 30)

White Tiger Owners

Goodbye Cupcake

Marshmallow Ear Muffs

White Tiger Cub Plushy

Wish Token

Husky Retirement (Dec 28)

Husky Owners

Adventure Parka

Getaway Cupcake

Husky Poster

Wish Token


Snowy Owl Retirement (Jan 25)

Snowy Owl Owners

Winter Wonderland Mirror

Winter Wonderland Window

Wish Token

You’re a Star Cupcake

Groundhog Retirement (Feb 22)

Groundhog Owners

Backyard Dig Site

Favorite Pet Cupcake

Mad Hatter Chair

Wish Token

Irish Setter Retirement (Mar 29)

Irish Setter Owners

Drinking Fountain

Fan Favorite Cupcake

Leprechaun Plush Toy

Wish Token


Share the Love (Feb 1-13)

Get 2 identical chocolates each day. Keep one of the chocolates for yourself and send one off to a friend.

Banana Cream Chocolate

Black Licorice Chocolate

Blueberry Acai Chocolate

Buttercream Chocolate

Candy Crunch Chocolate

Candy Nougat Chocolate

Caramel Cream Chocolate

Caramel Crunch Chocolate

Cherry Cream Chocolate

Cotton Candy Chocolate

Creme de Menthe Chocolate

Double Dark Chocolate

Green Tea Chocolate

Lavender Lilac Chocolate

Lemon Zest Chocolate

Marshmallow Mint Chocolate

Orange Zest Chocolate

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Perfect Pear Chocolate

Pink Praline Chocolate

Pomegranate Chocolate

Red Velvet Chocolate

Savory Sea Salt Chocolate

Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate

Sweet Chili Chocolate

Sweet Peach Chocolate

Turkish Delight Chocolate

Vanilla Cream Chocolate

Whipped Strawberry Chocolate

Wintermint Chocolate


Sparkling Mosaic Tiles[1]
Sparkling Mouse Owners
Jun 14-20

Whippet Mosaic Tile[2]
Whippet Puppy Owners
Aug 16-22

Noble Elf ?? Box
Noble Elk Owners
Sep 13-14

Copper Husky Paw Print Tile[3]
Copper Husky Puppy Owners
Nov 8-15

Soft Spice ?? Box
Cinnamon Squirrel Owners
Nov 15-16

Quilted Christmas ?? Box
Quilted Robin Owners
Dec 13-15

Holiday Hotplate
Holiday Puppy Owners
Dec 25

  1. Sparkling Mouse owners could receive up to seven Sparkling Mosaic Tiles
  2. Whippet Puppy owners could receive up to seven Whippet Mosaic Tiles
  3. Copper Husky Puppy owners could receive up to seven Copper Husky Paw Print Tiles


Supernova ?? Box
Moon Monkey Owners
Jan 17-18

Smitten Kitten Mosaic Tile
Smitten Kitten Owners
Feb 8-14

Tulip ?? Box
Tulip Pony Owners
May 8-9

Muddy Paw Print Tile[1]
Coati Owners
Jun 12-18

Mango Tango ?? Box
Mango Gecko Owners
Aug 14-15

Polarberry Bear Owners
Dec 25-31

  1. Coati owners could receive up to seven Muddy Paw Print Tiles


Quaint Cottage ?? Box
House Mouse Owners
Mar 13-14

Comfy Corner ?? Box
Rainbow Panda Owners
Apr 17-18

Violet ?? Box
Violet Lion Owners
May 8-9

Sky View Ranch ?? Box
Sky View Alpaca Owners
Jun 12-13

Kinzville Hot Dog Event
Jul 1-31

It's Fun to Be Young Gift Box
Deluxe Members
Jul 8

Magic Meadow ?? Box
Magic Meadow Unicorn Owners
Aug 14-15

Baby Monkey Owners
Sep 11-12

Book Nook ?? Box
Baby Monkey Owners
Sep 25-26

Toxic Bog ?? Box
Fluffy Bog Muskrat Owners
Oct 9-10

Polished Pumpkin ?? Box
Kiger Mustang Owners
Nov 13-14

Patchwork Holiday ?? Box
Beagle Puppy Owners
Dec 11-12

Peppermint Carnation
Lion Cub Rug
Peppermint Carnation
Cub Owners

Dec 25


Koala Cuddles ?? Box
Snuggly Koala Owners
Feb 12-13

Winter Patio ?? Box
Winter Goat Owners
Feb 12-13

Charmed Chamber ?? Box
Charmed Fox Owners
Mar 19-20

Garden Party ?? Box
Garden Badger Owners
Apr 9-10

Cute Kiwi ?? Box
Kiwi Parrot Owners
May 14-15

Kinzville Hot Dog Event
Jun 1-15

Goo Goo Berry
Jun 20-30

Jun 20-30

Surf Shack ?? Box
Sunset Seahorse Owners
Jul 9-10

Little Llama ?? Box
Spotted Llama Owners
Aug 13-14

Autumn Patio ?? Box
Autumn Bunny Owners

Sep 10-11

Quirky Cauldron ?? Box
Raven Owners
Oct 8-9

Marigold ?? Box
Marigold Cow Owners
Nov 12-13

Holiday Wishes ?? Box
Sugar Cookie Mouse Owners
Dec 10-11

Sugar Cookie
Reindeer Onesie
Sugar Cookie Puppy Owners
Dec 25


Winter Raccoon ?? Box
Baby Raccoon Owners
Jan 14-15

Cheeky Cherry ?? Box
Cheeky Cherry Hippo Owners
Feb 11-12

Perky Penguin ?? Box
Perky Penguin Owners
Mar 11-12

2023 Milk Chocolate Egg
Mar 29-Apr 9

Spring Patio ?? Box
Sweet Spring Guinea
Pig Owners

Apr 8-9

Underwater Ruins ?? Box
Angelfish Owners
May 13-14

Stormy ?? Box
Raindrop Kitten Owners
Jun 10-11

Goo Goo Berry
Jun 17-28

Jun 17-28

Fly 90s ?? Box
Beanbag Bear Owners
Jul 8-9

Sleepy Sloth ?? Box
Baby Sloth Owners
Aug 12-13

Southwestern ?? Box
Baby Bison Owners
Sep 9-10

Spooky School ?? Box
Misty Wolf Owners
Oct 14-15

Fall Floral ?? Box
Harvest Butterfly Owners
Nov 11-12

Merry Mistletoe ?? Box
Merry Mistletoe Bunny Owners
Dec 16-17


Icy North ?? Box
Agouti Husky Owners
Jan 13-14

Buttercup ?? Box
Buttercup Pig Owners
Feb 10-11

Seaside Manor ?? Box
Seaside Puffin Owners
Mar 9-10

2024 Milk Chocolate Egg
Mar 20-31

Painted Peacock ?? Box
Painted Caterpillar Owners
Apr 13-14

Awesome Avocado ?? Box
Avocado Bear Owners
May 18-19

Cloud Kingdom ?? Box
Cloud Pegasus Owners
Jun 8-9

Goo Goo Berry
Jun 17-28

Jun 17-28

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