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Adoption Exclusives

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Current Adoption Exclusives

Bonus Gift Box

1000 KinzCash Coin

Adventure Scouts ATV

Airplane Window

Amazing Ant Farm

Ancient Aztec Stone Statue

Big City Bus

Big City Streetcar

Blue Agate Geode

Baobab Tree

Castle Wall Shelf

Charming Patio Tile

Circus Ball Trampoline

Classic Car Booth

Clown Car

Concrete Mixer

Dress Rehearsal Costume Rack

Eat Here Sign

Egyptian Tomb Window

Enchanted Garden Fountain

Fairy Tale Bookshelf

Fancy Hotel Dining Table

Giant Gladiolus Garden

Giant Water Lily

Golden Apple Tree

Gumball Lounger

Leather Sofa

Medieval Canopy Tent

Medieval Torch

Melting Chocolate Couch

Messy Room Floor Tile

Mining Cart

Neo Gothic Toilet

Neon Ice Cream Sign

Nine Lives Music Box

Northern Lands Statue

Painted Glass Window

Peridot Geode Divider

Playpen Trampoline

Polka Dot Wall Clock

Purple Bumper Car

Red Heart Alarm Clock

Retro Orange Fridge

Rock Out Boombox Recliner

Rocket Ship Lounger

Royal Blue Jeweled Egg

Rubber Ducky Car

Safe and Sound Mini-Locker

Salad Bar Fridge

Salt Water Aqua Table

School House Desk

Sera Statue

Snack Cart Stove

Snack Machine Fridge

Speedy Scooter[1]

Suitcase Side Table

Swan Boat Car

Time Machine


Weathered Wood Armoire

Webkinz Arcade Sign

Webkinz Day Countdown

Webkinz Gothic

Webkinz Newz Camera

Wild Water Ski

Wooden Horse Toy Box

Yellow Plasma Ball

Zangoz Chocolate Fountain

  1. The "Speedy Scooter" is also called "European Scooter".

Retired Adoption Exclusives

4-Wheel ATV


Amethyst Geode

Antique Fashion Mirror

Antique Lamp Post

Antique Wishing Well

Back Country Outhouse

Blue Butterfly Trellis

Blue Dragster

Blue Wagon[1]

Bubble Wrap Chair


Bumper Car

Circle of Friends Topiary

Cukoo Cat Clock

Dancing Zingoz

Desert Window

Dex Dangerous Space Fighter

Disco Ball

Electric Blue Mauna Loa Lamp

Elephant Fountain

Fancy Tea Service

Farm Tractor

Gas Pump

Gemstone Table

Giant Feather Chair

Giant Gift Box

Giant Sandwich Table

Giant Venus Flytrap

Gold Safe

Grandfather Clock

Happily Ever After Cake

Haunted Painting

Holographic Globe

Ice Cream Tree

Ice Resurfacer[2]

Jellybean Tree

Jelly Lollipop Tree

King of the Garden Statue

Kinzville Window[3]

Large Pane Window

Lion Topiary

Magic Carpet

Mauna Loa Lamp

Moon Rover

Neo Gothic Piano

Neon Plant

Orange Plasma Ball

Prismatic Chair

Propeller Plane

Rainbow Coffee Table

Rainbow Jelly Cactus

Rainy Day Window

Red Plasma Ball

Ribbons and Bows Tree

Riding the Rails Train

Rockin' Robot Digital Clock

Running Shoe Racer

Seaside Palace Sandcastle

So-Mod Moped Scooter

Sparkle Plant

Stone Elephant Statue

Stoplight Lamp

Strike-a-Posing Plant

Time Warp Clock

Toadstool Table

Topsy-Turvy Window

Twister in a Pot

Undersea Porthole

Vibrant Green Mauna Loa Lamp

Violet Volcano Lamp

Vortex Storage Unit

Wading Pool

Webkinz Dragster

Webkinz Theme Music Box

Webkinz Totem Pole

Webkinz Wishing Well

Webkinz W Pond


Wooden Grandfather Clock

YangYin Blossom

Zingoz Bubble Blower

  1. The "Blue Wagon" was formerly known as the "Blue Wagon Racer"
  2. The "Ice Resurfacer" was formerly known as the "Zoomin' Zamboni"
  3. The "Kinzville Window" is also called "Webkinz Window".

Super Beds

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Current Super Beds

Superbed Gift Box

Acropolis Bed

Artist's Pallet

Bed in Breakfast

Bed of Roses

Book Nook Bed

Chocolate Bar Bed

Construction Plans Bed

Cozy Camper Bed

Cozy Yacht Bed

Desert Dreams Bed

Dr. Frankenkinz' Lab Bed

Explorer Adventures Bed

Frosty Nights Bed

Ice Cream Sundae Bed

Jewelry Box Bed

King of the Castle Bed

Monster (Under The) Bed

Musical Maestro Bed

Night Light Flower Bed

Over the Rainbow Bed

Pageant Princess Bed

Princess and the Pea Bed

Railway Dreams Bed

Sewing Superstar Bed

Sleeping Raziel Bed

Spellbound Palace Bed

Take Flight Bed

Theater Stage Bed

Treehouse Hut Bed

Unicorn Bed

Waffle Iron Bed

Waterfall Bed

Retired Super Beds

Apple Pie Bed

Big Top Circus Bed

Bookworm Bed

Butterfly Dreams Bed

Daredevil Bed

Fantasy Coach Bed

Flower Power Bed

Lunar Moon Bed

Night at the Movies Bed

Sleeping Dragon Bed

Starburst Cloud Bed

Stardust Dreams Bed

Sugary Sweet Dreams Bed

Pet of the Month Exclusives

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Current Pet of the Month Exclusives

Pet of the Month Prize Box

Air Hockey Arcade Unit

Amazing Music Machine

Banana Split Seeds

Banana Split Sofa

Bouncy Bed Trampoline

Building Block Nafaria Statue

Caramel Apple Seeds

Carnival Carousel

Carnival Strength Tester

Cloud Machine

Crystal Sea Glass Flooring

Crystal Sea Wallpaper

Deep Sea Driving Submarine

Dex Dangerous Telescope

Dogbeards Parade Float

Donut Plant Seeds

Flying Saucer

Frosty Snow Making Machine

Glittering Gem Shower

Goody Gumdrop Tree

Grand Grotto Wallpaper

Kinzair Seat

Kinzville Cuckoo Clock

Lurking Lagoon

Magic 9 Ball

Magic Genie Lamp

Party Machine

Pickup Truck

Rainbow Shower

Steam-Powered Moving Picture Machine

Stellar Star Blaster

Super Stunt Unicycle

Volcanic Geyser

Retired Pet of the Month Exclusives

Balloon Blower

Blooming Dandelion

Crystalline Pond

Dex's Lugbot Lookout

Newton's Giant Cradle

Playful Picture

Rocky Shores Lighthouse

Signature Exclusives

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Dignified Draped Window

Dignified Dreams Bed

Fashionable Gas Fireplace

Lavish Limousine

Masterful Wardrobe

Regal Rug

Signature Sofa

Stately Bookshelf

Stately Dining Chair

Stately Dining Table

Endangered Exclusives

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Alluring Antique Lamppost

Calming Campfire Stove

Clover Patched Couch

Harmonious Hammock

Hollow Log Lounger

Hot Springs Mega Stove

Fresh Water Fountain

Fresh Waterfalls

Frozen Dining Chair

Frozen Dining Table

Lovely Log Couch


Refreshing Oasis

Tranquil Television

Wallpaper & Flooring

Arctic Tundra Wallpaper

Arctic Tundra Flooring

Cape Mountain Wallpaper

Cape Mountain Flooring

Himalayan Forest Wallpaper

Himalayan Forest Flooring

Mountainous Grasslands Wallpaper

Mountainous Grasslands Flooring

Sahara Desert Wallpaper

Sahara Desert Flooring

Sunny Savanna Wallpaper

Sunny Savanna Flooring

Swamplands Wallpaper

Swamplands Flooring

Temperate Forest Wallpaper

Temperate Forest Flooring

Tropical Dry Forest Wallpaper

Tropical Dry Forest Flooring

Tropical Rainforest Wallpaper

Tropical Rainforest Flooring

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