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2024 Pets

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To Be Determined

Baby Ankylosaurus

Baby Ankylosaurus Gift Box

Dino Egg Day Bed

Prehistoric Punch

Desert Rain Frog

Desert Rain Frog Gift Box

Desert Dome

Frog Pond Pudding

Spotted Genet

Spotted Genet Gift Box

Extreme Trampoline

Meaty Egg Wrap

January 2024

Agouti Husky

Agouti Husky Gift Box

Icy North Fireplace

Meatloaf Bites

Love Cub

Love Cub Gift Box

Chocolate Bridge

Sweetheart Steak

Signature Kermode Bear
Promo Kinz

Signature Kermode Bear Gift Box

Ski Chalet Cafe[1]

Maple Paw Cookie
  1. The Ski Chalet Cafe gives one Blueberry Paw Cookie a day

February 2024

Buttercup Pig

Buttercup Pig Gift Box

Buttercup Bathtub

Flower Toast Bites

Clover Unicorn
Promo Kinz

Clover Unicorn Gift Box

Lucky Window Seat

Clover Veggie Tray

Lil Blue Spring Fawn

Lil Blue Spring Fawn Gift Box

Blue Spring Wishing Well

Blue Sundae Cup

Lil Pink Spring Fawn

Lil Pink Spring Fawn Gift Box

Pink Spring Wishing Well

Pink Sundae Cup

Lil Purple Spring Fawn

Lil Purple Spring Fawn Gift Box

Purple Spring Wishing Well

Purple Sundae Cup

Sock Cow

Sock Cow Gift Box

Knitted Swing

Cute Crochet Bagel

March 2024

Earthly Pegasus
Promo Kinz

Earthly Pegasus Gift Box

Enchanted Earth Tower

Earthly Truffles

Seaside Puffin

Seaside Puffin Gift Box

Seaside Manor Desk

Fried Fish Croquettes

White Bunny

White Bunny Gift Box

Country Garden Bed

Country Carrot Cake

April 2024

Mystical Dragon
Promo Kinz

Mystical Dragon Gift Box

Dragon Egg Cradle

Flaming Hot Chocolate

Painted Caterpillar

Painted Caterpillar Gift Box

Painted Peacock Piano

Crunchy Kale Wrap

Tropical Agouti

Tropical Agouti Gift Box

Tropical Shower

Tree Nut Pie

May 2024

Avocado Bear

Avocado Bear Gift Box

Awesome Avocado Wardrobe

Zesty Fruit Salad

Cotton Candy Raccoon

Cotton Candy Raccoon Gift Box

Sparkling Cotton Candy Tree[1]

Cotton Candy Float

Sweet Spring Fox
Promo Kinz

Sweet Spring Fox Gift Box

Sweet Flower Den

Cute Chicken Dumplings
  1. The Sparkling Cotton Candy Tree gives one Cotton Candy Wisp a day

June 2024

Cheddar Goat
Promo Kinz

Cheddar Goat Gift Box

Cheese Wedge Cottage

Charcuterie Cup

Cloud Pegasus

Cloud Pegasus Gift Box

Cloud Balcony

Spiral Marshmallows

Jumbleberry Snail

Jumbleberry Snail Gift Box

Jolly Jumbleberry Swing

Quick Kale Pockets

July 2024

Summer Citrus Bobcat

Summer Citrus Bobcat Gift Box

Summer Citrus Wardrobe

Citrus Crush Punch

Tender Tidings Elephant

Tender Tidings Elephant Gift Box

Tender Tidings Slide

Rich Rice Pudding

Tender Tidings Tiger
Promo Kinz

Tender Tidings Tiger Gift Box

Tender Tidings Tree Den

Snowman Sandwich

August 2024


Pomsky Gift Box

Trendsetter Fireplace

Club Sandwich Wrap

September 2024

Moonlight Griffin
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Griffin Gift Box

Moonlight Bed

Deep Dish Pot Pie

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2023 Pets

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January 2023

Baby Raccoon

Baby Raccoon Gift Box

Winter Raccoon Ball Pit

Mini Meat Pie

Love Bear

Love Bear Gift Box

Love Bear Cottage

Valentine Pasta Plate

Signature Icy Summit Fox
Promo Kinz

Signature Icy Summit Fox Gift Box

Icy Snow Cone Cart[1]

Snow Dusted Waffle
  1. The Icy Snow Cone Cart gives one Summit Snow Cone a day

February 2023

Cheeky Cherry Hippo

Cheeky Cherry Hippo Gift Box

Cheeky Cherry Wardrobe

Chocolate Cherry Cake

Green Tabby
Promo Kinz

Green Tabby Gift Box

Green Stripes Bed

Shrimp Skillet

Sock Pig

Sock Pig Gift Box

Knitted Hot Air Balloon

Crocheted Corn Dog

March 2023

Promo Kinz

Bearcat Gift Box

Tall Tree Hammock

Fig Parfait

Perky Penguin

Perky Penguin Gift Box

Perky Penguin Sofa

Stuffed Sardine Sammy

Lil Orange Pony

Lil Orange Pony Gift Box

Orange Spring Carriage

Orange Pudding Cup

Lil Purple Pony

Lil Purple Pony Gift Box

Purple Spring Carriage

Purple Pudding Cup

Lil Yellow Pony

Lil Yellow Pony Gift Box

Yellow Spring Carriage

Yellow Pudding Cup

April 2023

Air Fawn

Air Fawn Gift Box

Steamy Sauna Bubble

Whipped Sky Soda

Chocolate Cow
Promo Kinz

Chocolate Cow Gift Box

Chocolate Egg Airplane

Brownie Ice Pop

Muntjac Deer

Muntjac Deer Gift Box

Peaceful Stream

Pea Shoot Soup

Sweet Spring Guinea Pig

Sweet Spring Guinea Pig Gift Box

Spring Patio Hanging Bed

Quick Corn Salad

May 2023


Angelfish Gift Box

Underwater Ruins Slide

Squirm Sandwich

Aurora Fawn
Promo Kinz

Aurora Fawn Gift Box

Northern Lights Hot Air Balloon

Galaxy Macaron

Borzoi Puppy

Borzoi Puppy Gift Box

Neighborhood View Window

Pretzel Chew

French Bulldog (2023)

French Bulldog Gift Box

Parisian Croissant Oven[1]

  1. The Parisian Croissant Oven gives one Chocolate Croissant a day

June 2023


Kinkajou Gift Box

Pretty Palm Bed

Salted Honey Pie

Playful Purple Giraffe
Promo Kinz

Playful Purple Giraffe Gift Box

Perfect Purple Savanna Window

Salad Leaf Wraps

Raindrop Kitten

Raindrop Kitten Gift Box

Stormy Sofa

Cloud Steamed Buns

Rocky Mountain Horse

Rocky Mountain Horse Gift Box

Spired Stable

Apple Stack Cake

July 2023

Beanbag Bear

Beanbag Bear Gift Box

Fly 90s Staircase Slide

Fun Fruit Tape

Cattle Dog
Promo Kinz

Cattle Dog Gift Box

Homestead Tractor Bed

Boomerang Nuggets

Merry Mistletoe Goose

Merry Mistletoe Goose Gift Box

Merry Mistletoe Bath

Holiday Hand Pie

August 2023

Baby Sloth

Baby Sloth Gift Box

Sleepy Sloth Wardrobe

Pineapple Fruit Salad

Blue Salamander

Blue Salamander Gift Box

Rocky Pond

Ladybug Pretzels

Peace Bear
Promo Kinz

Peace Bear Gift Box

Groovy Couch

Primo Popcorn

September 2023

Baby Bison

Baby Bison Gift Box

Southwestern Wardrobe

Oven Roasted Rice and Veggies

Lil Green Weremonster

Lil Green Weremonster Gift Box

Green Swamp Tree Hideout

Green Monster Burger

Lil Orange Weremonster

Lil Orange Weremonster Gift Box

Orange Swamp Tree Hideout

Orange Monster Burger

Lil Purple Weremonster

Lil Purple Weremonster Gift Box

Purple Swamp Tree Hideout

Purple Monster Burger

Moonlight Lion
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Lion Gift Box

Mystical Moonlight Cave Bed

Moonlight Paw Cookie

Twilight Lion
Promo Kinz

Twilight Lion Gift Box

Mystical Twilight Ridge

Moonbeam Dipped Donut

October 2023

Misty Wolf

Misty Wolf Gift Box

Spooky School Balcony

Haunted Pizza

White Wallaroo

White Wallaroo Gift Box

High Hops Trampoline

Grilled Peach Toast

November 2023

Bobtail Kitten

Bobtail Kitten Gift Box

Kitten Fishing Pond

Little Loaf

Green Snowy Puppy

Green Snowy Puppy Gift Box

Green Snowy Bath

Holiday Smoothie Bowl

Harvest Butterfly

Harvest Butterfly Gift Box

Fall Floral Spa

Cozy Citrus Tea and Cookies

Merry Mistletoe Bear
Promo Kinz

Merry Mistletoe Bear Gift Box

Merry Mistletoe Fireplace

Mistletoe Milkshake

Teacup Yorkie (2023)

Teacup Yorkie Gift Box

Tea Party Buffet[1]

Teatime Scones
  1. The Tea Party Buffet gives one Fancy Biscuits a day

December 2023

Merry Mistletoe Bunny

Merry Mistletoe Bunny Gift Box

Merry Mistletoe Toy Box

Frosted Carrot Cake Cookies

Winter Otter
Promo Kinz

Winter Otter Gift Box

Frozen River Slide

Stuffed Clams

Winter Reindeer Pegasus

Winter Reindeer
Pegasus Gift Box

Icy Piano

Honey Latte

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2022 Pets

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January 2022

Panda (2022)

Panda Gift Box

Bamboo Dragon Rider

Bamboo Salad

Signature Collie Aussie Shepherd
Promo Kinz

Signature Collie Aussie Shepherd Gift Box

Out of this World Ice Pop Stand[1]

Rocket Sugar Cookie

Valentine Fawn

Valentine Fawn Gift Box

Mug of Love Cottage

Valentine Fruit Kabob

Winter Goat

Winter Goat Gift Box

Powdered Donut Plant Seeds

Warm Ranch Dip
  1. The Out of this World Ice Pop Stand gives one Rocket Ice Pop a day

February 2022

Abyssinian Cat
Promo Kinz

Abyssinian Cat Gift Box

Pristine Piano

Cat Treat Truffles

Golden Shepherd Pup

Golden Shepherd Pup Gift Box

Cool Tones Wardrobe

Cheeseburger Cups

Snuggly Koala

Snuggly Koala Gift Box

Koala Cuddles Wardrobe

Heart Tart

March 2022

Bengal Kitten
Promo Kinz

Bengal Kitten Gift Box

Express Exercise Wheel

Silly Seafood Pasta

Charmed Fox

Charmed Fox Gift Box

Charmed Chamber Rocking Chair

Spaghetti On a Stick

Chimpanzee (2022)

Chimpanzee Gift Box

Jungle Gym Chair

Rainforest Stir Fry

Lil Blue Chipmunk

Lil Blue Chipmunk Gift Box

Blue Hillside Slide

Blue Nut Tart

Lil Orange Chipmunk

Lil Orange Chipmunk Gift Box

Orange Hillside Slide

Orange Nut Tart

Lil Purple Chipmunk

Lil Purple Chipmunk Gift Box

Purple Hillside Slide

Purple Nut Tart

April 2022

Chocolate Duck
Promo Kinz

Chocolate Duck Gift Box

Melted Chocolate Slide

Chocolate Cereal Bars

Dapple Dachshund[1]

Dapple Dachshund Gift Box

Dashing Day Bed

D'Apple Dog

Garden Badger

Garden Badger Gift Box

Garden Party Hanging Chair

Kale and Cucumber Ice Pop

Grey Himalayan

Grey Himalayan Gift Box

Cool Tones Bed

Smores Waffle Sliders

Pride Lion

Pride Lion Gift Box

African Fire Pit

Savanna Sirloin
  1. This pet was designed by playstationkitty[1]

May 2022

Baby Raptor

Baby Raptor Gift Box

Dino Egg Swing

Fossil Cookie

Kiwi Parrot

Kiwi Parrot Gift Box

Cute Kiwi Bathtub

Kiwi Sorbet

Silversoft Chinchilla
Promo Kinz

Silversoft Chinchilla Gift Box

Mountainside Burrow Bed

Homestyle Herb Biscuits

June 2022

Cocker Spaniel (2022)

Cocker Spaniel Gift Box

Spaniel Gazebo

Beefy Gumdrops

Maned Wolf

Maned Wolf Gift Box

Cool Tones Shower

Bunny Nuggets

Silk Moth
Promo Kinz

Silk Moth Gift Box

Trusted Tree Hideaway

Mulberry Smoothie

Stylish House Cat

Stylish House Cat Gift Box

Stylish Kitchen Nook

Fancy Milk and Cookies

July 2022

Sugar Cookie Sheep

Sugar Cookie Sheep Gift Box

Sugar Cookie Barn Bed

Sugar Cookie Truffles

Sugar Cookie Reindeer
Promo Kinz

Sugar Cookie Reindeer Gift Box

Sugar Cookie Sleigh

Sugar Cookie Milkshake

Sunset Seahorse

Sunset Seahorse Gift Box

Surf Shack Wardrobe

Deep Ocean Dip

August 2022


Capybara Gift Box

Cool Tones Fireplace

Little Leaf Sandwiches

Fairykinz Bear Cub
Promo Kinz

Fairykinz Bear Cub Gift Box

Fairykinz Bathtub

Fairykinz Toast

Spotted Llama

Spotted Llama Gift Box

Little Llama Dresser

Sweet Cactus Juice

September 2022

Autumn Bunny

Autumn Bunny Gift Box

Autumn Patio Fire Pit

Creamy Parsnip Puree

Lil Green Bat

Lil Green Bat Gift Box

Green Cute Cave

Green Batty Sandwich Cookies

Lil Orange Bat

Lil Orange Bat Gift Box

Orange Cute Cave

Orange Batty Sandwich Cookies

Lil Purple Bat

Lil Purple Bat Gift Box

Purple Cute Cave

Purple Batty Sandwich Cookies

Moonlight Pegasus
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Pegasus Gift Box

Moonlight Castle

Moonlight Cupcake

Moonlight Unicorn
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Unicorn Gift Box

Moonlight Cloud Chariot

Moonlight Licorice

Sloth (2022)

Sloth Gift Box

Carefree Tree Bed

Lazy Day Empanada

October 2022

Harvest Leopard

Harvest Leopard Gift Box

Autumn Sauna

Fall Leaf Flapjacks


Raven Gift Box

Quirky Cauldron Fireplace

Pumpkin Spice Jelly Worms

November 2022

Holiday Hedgehog

Holiday Hedgehog Gift Box

Holiday Hat Hot Air Balloon

Eggnog Pie

Marigold Cow

Marigold Cow Gift Box

Marigold Wardrobe

Marigold Mint Tea

Northern Trails Lynx

Northern Trails Lynx Gift Box

Northern Trails Jelly Bean Plant Seeds

Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sticks

Sugar Cookie Puppy
Promo Kinz

Sugar Cookie Puppy Gift Box

Sugar Cookie Whirlpool

Cookie Dough Dip

December 2022

Chillaxin Sloth

Chillaxin Sloth Gift Box

Winter Wreath Swing

Fresh Fig Tea

Morning Glory Lion Cub
Promo Kinz

Morning Glory Lion Cub Gift Box

Morning Glory Swing

Blue Breakfast Scone

Sugar Cookie Mouse

Sugar Cookie Mouse Gift Box

Holiday Wishes Piano

Ornament Cheese Ball

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2021 Pets

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January 2021

Mermazing Hippo

Mermazing Hippo Gift Box

Mermazing Bath Tub

Scalloped Eclairs

Fleecy Soft Kitten

Fleecy Soft Kitten Gift Box

Soft Sofa

Sweetheart Layer Cake

Signature Barbet
Promo Kinz

Signature Barbet Gift Box

Old-Fashioned Soda Shop[1]

Gourmet Macaron
  1. The Old-Fashioned Soda Shop gives one Old-Fashioned Soda a day

February 2021

Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant Gift Box

Luxury Elephant Pool

Dipped Peanut Cookie

Bernedoodle Puppy
Promo Kinz

Bernedoodle Puppy Gift Box

Chilly Mountain Pool

Omelet Bites

Puppy Love Pup

Puppy Love Pup Gift Box

Puppy Love Car

Lovely Marshmallows

March 2021

Fresh Spring Fawn
Promo Kinz

Fresh Spring Fawn Gift Box

Fun Flower Windmill

Fruit and Flower Rolls

House Mouse

House Mouse Gift Box

Quaint Cottage Bed

Fruit and Nut Breakfast Bowl

Lil Pink Butterfly

Lil Pink Butterfly Gift Box

Pink Flower Bed

Pink Nectar Pop

Lil Purple Butterfly

Lil Purple Butterfly Gift Box

Purple Flower Bed

Purple Nectar Pop

Lil Yellow Butterfly

Lil Yellow Butterfly Gift Box

Yellow Flower Bed

Yellow Nectar Pop

Chocolate Lamb
Promo Kinz

Chocolate Lamb Gift Box

Chocolate Crib

Brownie Blooms

April 2021

Rainbow Panda

Rainbow Panda Gift Box

Comfy Corner Wardrobe

Purple Steamed Buns

Fluffy Speckled Chick

Fluffy Speckled Chick Gift Box

Cracked Egg Cottage

Veggie Bugs


Wolverine Gift Box

Snug Hollow Bed

Scavenger Stew

Holstein Cow

Holstein Cow Gift Box

Barnyard Bed

Wholesome Wheat Smoothie

May 2021

Violet Lion

Violet Lion Gift Box

Violet Bathtub

Pretty Picnic Lunch

Violet Lion Cub
Promo Kinz

Violet Lion Cub Gift Box

Violet Tree Swing

Wild Berry Pop Pastry


Tanuki Gift Box

Bamboo Bliss Lounger

Wild Foraged Bread

June 2021

Sky View Alpaca

Sky View Alpaca Gift Box

Sky View Ranch Wardrobe

Prickly Pear Lemonade

Dingo Puppy

Dingo Puppy Gift Box

Rocky Den

BBQ Steak Wrap

Spectacled Owl
Promo Kinz

Spectacled Owl Gift Box

Hollow Tree Perch

Insect Egg Crostini

July 2021

Lemon Drop Cow

Lemon Drop Cow Gift Box

Lemon Drop Wardrobe

Lemon Pudding

Minty Pig

Minty Pig Gift Box

Holiday Tree Slide

Peppermint Patties

Northern Trails Beaver
Promo Kinz

Northern Trails Beaver Gift Box

Beaver Lodge Tent

Sweet Potato Fries

August 2021

Cute Octopus
Promo Kinz

Cute Octopus Gift Box

Coral Reef Den

Sea Star Cookies

Magic Meadow Unicorn

Magic Meadow Unicorn Gift Box

Magic Meadow Tree Swing

Fun Fruit Parfait

Maltese Tiger

Maltese Tiger Gift Box

Stainless Steel Fireplace

Wild Game Chili

Landrace Pig

Landrace Pig Gift Box

Swimming Swamp

Gobbled Cobbler Pie

September 2021

Baby Monkey

Baby Monkey Gift Box

Book Nook Hideaway

Banana Soft Serve

Moonlight Stag
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Stag Gift Box

Moonlit Meadow Bed

Moonlight Milkshake

Twilight Doe
Promo Kinz

Twilight Doe Gift Box

Twilight Wardrobe

Blackberry Cheesecake Cupcake

October 2021

Fluffy Bog Muskrat

Fluffy Bog Muskrat Gift Box

Slime Slide

Swamp Water Punch

Giraffe (2021)

Giraffe Gift Box

Awesome Acacia Tree[1]

Acacia Leaf Frittata

Grey Tabby Cat

Grey Tabby Cat Gift Box

Kitty Condo

Tuna Melt Sandwich

Lil Toil Toad

Lil Toil Toad Gift Box

Orange Cauldron Hot Tub

Orange Slug Cookies

Lil Trouble Toad

Lil Trouble Toad Gift Box

Green Cauldron Hot Tub

Green Slug Cookies

Lil Twisted Toad

Lil Twisted Toad Gift Box

Purple Cauldron Hot Tub

Purple Slug Cookies

Sunflower Dragon

Sunflower Dragon Gift Box

Sunflower Hill

Sunflower Truffles
  1. The Awesome Acacia Tree gives one Acacia Cookie a day

November 2021

Elephant (2021)

Elephant Gift Box

Saharan Savannah Shower

Peanut Butter Sundae

Kiger Mustang

Kiger Mustang Gift Box

Polished Pumpkin Fireplace

White Pumpkin Stew

Northern Lights Moose

Northern Lights Moose Gift Box

Northern Lights Porch

Galaxy Party Popcorn

Peppermint Carnation Lion Cub
Promo Kinz

Peppermint Carnation Lion Cub Gift Box

Peppermint Carnation Cottage

Peppermint Macarons

December 2021

Beagle Puppy

Beagle Puppy Gift Box

Patchwork Holiday Island

Holiday Pretzel Sandwich

Poinsettia Lion Cub

Poinsettia Lion Cub Gift Box

Poinsettia Swing

Poinsettia Cupcake

Pot Bellied Piglet
Promo Kinz

Pot Bellied Piglet Gift Box

Covered Wagon Daybed

Corn Fritters

Snow Bear

Snow Bear Gift Box

Igloo Sled

Cinnamon Bear Claw Pastry

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2020 Pets

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January 2020

Moon Monkey

Moon Monkey Gift Box

Lunar Swing

Space Snack Mix

Pink Sweetheart Bunny

Pink Sweetheart Bunny Gift Box

Pink Friends Forever Wardrobe

Pretty Pink Parfait

Purple Sweetheart Bunny

Purple Sweetheart Bunny Gift Box

Purple Friends Forever Wardrobe

Pretty Purple Parfait

Signature Horse
Promo Kinz

Signature Horse Gift Box

Thorough Bread Cafe[1]

Peppermint Treat Bites
  1. The Thorough Bread Cafe gives one Spiced Apple Carrot Mini Loaves a day

February 2020

Baby Weasel
Promo Kinz

Baby Weasel Gift Box

Peaceful Pine Hammock

Mini Mouse Donuts

Northern Trails Otter

Northern Trails Otter Gift Box

Northern Trails River Slide

Crab Melt

Smitten Kitten

Smitten Kitten Gift Box

Smitten Kitten Window Seat

Fresh Fruit Yogurt Tube

March 2020

Sweet Spring Raccoon

Sweet Spring Raccoon Gift Box

Sweet Spring Hot Air Balloon

Chewy Fruit and Nut Bar

White Chocolate Bunny
Promo Kinz

White Chocolate Gift Box

White Chocolate Waterfall

Strawberry Cucumber Soda

April 2020

Cactus Cat

Cactus Cat Gift Box

Blooming Desert Garden

Prickly Pretzels

Lil Orange Spring Gosling

Lil Orange Spring Gosling Gift Box

Spring Orange Egg Bridge

Orange Braided Bread

Lil Purple Spring Gosling

Lil Purple Spring Gosling Gift Box

Spring Purple Egg Bridge

Purple Braided Bread

Lil Yellow Spring Gosling

Lil Yellow Spring Gosling Gift Box

Spring Yellow Egg Bridge

Yellow Braided Bread


Porcupette Gift Box

Hidden Log Den

Maple Bark Crunch

St Bernard Puppy

St. Bernard Puppy Gift Box

Celebration Canopy Bed

Rainbow Waffles

May 2020

Grey Vole

Grey Vole Gift Box

Getaway Slide

Crunchy Shoots Spring Roll

Teacup Pomeranian
Promo Kinz

Teacup Pomeranian Gift Box

Purse Cottage

Loaded Potato Bites

Tulip Pony

Tulip Pony Gift Box

Tulip Carriage

Fresh Flower Dumplings

June 2020


Coati Gift Box

Jungle Nest Swing

Epic Empanadas

Golden Dox Puppy
Promo Kinz

Golden Dox Puppy Gift Box

Golden Loft Bed

Extra Large Omelet

Lil Otter Pup

Lil Otter Pup Gift Box

Seashell Racer

Lil Clam Shell Cookies

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly Gift Box

Monarch Wardrobe

Goldenrod Honey Tea

July 2020

Beaver Kit

Beaver Kit Gift Box

Waterfall Slide

Nuts and Twigs Cereal Bar

Gingerbread Bear

Gingerbread Bear Gift Box

Gingerbread Roll Growing Garden Seeds

Gingerbread Pretzels

Merle Frenchie Puppy
Promo Kinz

Merle Frenchie Puppy Gift Box

Luxury Lounging Sofa

Best Bagel Sandwich

August 2020

Bobcat Kitten
Promo Kinz

Bobcat Kitten Gift Box

Bobcat Den

Bunny Boiled Eggs

Mango Gecko

Mango Gecko Gift Box

Mango Car

Favorite Fruit Smoothie

Silver Fox

Silver Fox Gift Box

Wilderness Porch

Silver Sparkle Cupcake

September 2020

Daylight Dragon
Promo Kinz

Daylight Dragon Gift Box

Dragon Air Ship

Spicy Hot Wings

Farm Kitten

Farm Kitten Gift Box

Modern Farmhouse Fireplace

Tuna Tea Sandwiches

Moonlight Dragon
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Dragon Gift Box

Mystical Moonlight Fountain

Grape Juice Goblet

October 2020

White Highland Calf

White Highland Calf Gift Box

Highland Meadow Window

Carrot and Corn Soup

Lil Jolly Owl

Lil Jolly Owl Gift Box

Jolly Tree Perch

Jolly Drip Cake

Lil Tricky Owl

Lil Tricky Owl Gift Box

Tricky Tree Perch

Tricky Drip Cake

Lil Wise Owl

Lil Wise Owl Gift Box

Wise Tree Perch

Wise Drip Cake

Vampire Panther Cub

Vampire Panther Cub Gift Box

Fangtastic Organ

Cherry Cola Float

November 2020

Cookies and Cream Giraffe

Cookies and Cream Giraffe Gift Box

Cookie Sandwich Wardrobe

Cookie Ice Cream Bar

Harvest Unicorn

Harvest Unicorn Gift Box

Bountiful Daybed

Watermelon Mint Sorbet

Holiday Silver Reindeer
Promo Kinz

Holiday Silver Reindeer Gift Box

Holiday Silver Sleigh

Heartwarming Oatmeal Bowl

December 2020

Gingerbread Elf

Gingerbread Elf Gift Box

Holiday Gum Drop Seeds

Honey Ginger Cake

Gordon Setter
Promo Kinz

Gordon Setter Gift Box

Moor Views Balcony

Spectacular Sausage Pie

Holiday Red Reindeer

Holiday Red Reindeer Gift Box

Holiday Silver Lounger

Chilly Cranberry Punch

Polarberry Bear

Polarberry Bear Gift Box

Winter Polar Toboggan

Polarberry Cheesecake

Golden Retriever (2020)

Golden Retriever Gift Box

Golden Pool

Golden Pancakes

Unicorn (2020)

Unicorn Gift Box

Majestic Meadow Bed

Twinkling Flower Fondue

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2019 Pets

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January 2019

Lil Blue Sweetheart Cow

Lil Blue Sweetheart Cow Gift Box

Blue Half Heart Window

Sweet Blue Pretzel

Lil Purple Sweetheart Cow

Lil Purple Sweetheart Cow Gift Box

Purple Half Heart Window

Sweet Purple Pretzel

Pine Wolf

Pine Wolf Gift Box

Pretty Pine Fireplace

Pine Sap Gummies

February 2019

Cougar Cub
Promo Kinz

Cougar Cub Gift Box

Quiet Cave

Sauced Meatballs

Dawn Dragon

Dawn Dragon Gift Box

Crystal Hollow

Flaming Smores Sundae

Golden Dalmatian
Promo Kinz

Golden Dalmatian Gift Box

Solid Gold Hot Air Balloon

Pineapple Layered Cake

Signature Collie
Promo Kinz

Signature Collie Gift Box

Country Cafe[1]

Golden Ossilily

You and Me Puppy

You and Me Puppy Gift Box

You and Me Vanity

Sweet Pink Punch
  1. The Country Cafe gives one Yummy Carrot Pupcake a day

March 2019

Good Fortune Hedgehog

Good Fortune Hedgehog Gift Box

Wishful Emerald Vanity

Banana Breakfast Roll

Gray Dire Wolf Pup
Promo Kinz

Gray Dire Wolf Pup Gift Box

Dire Wolf Den

Epic Bone Broth

April 2019

Kiwi Bird
Promo Kinz

Kiwi Bird Gift Box

Great Eggscape Hot Air Balloon

Earth Oven Crayfish

Lil Blue Spring Unicorn

Lil Blue Spring Unicorn Gift Box

Blue Spring Carousel Cottage

Blue Uni-Cone

Lil Pink Spring Unicorn

Lil Pink Spring Unicorn Gift Box

Pink Spring Carousel Cottage

Pink Uni-Cone

Lil Purple Spring Unicorn

Lil Purple Spring Unicorn Gift Box

Purple Spring Carousel Cottage

Purple Uni-Cone

Sweet Spring Lamb

Sweet Spring Lamb Gift Box

Pastel Paradise Wardrobe

Spring Sprouts

May 2019

Desert Monkey

Desert Monkey Gift Box

Sultan's Seat

Stuffed Figs

Fairykinz Raccoon
Promo Kinz

Fairykinz Raccoon Gift Box

Candy Cosmos Seeds

Pixie Puff Pastries

Quokka Gift Box

Sand Dune Slide

Savory Greens Stir-Fry

June 2019

Akita Puppy
Promo Kinz

Akita Puppy Gift Box

Cherry Blooms Hot Tub

Dog Bone Miso Soup

Sparkling Mouse

Sparkling Mouse Gift Box

Rainbow Tower Slide

Frozen Yogurt Pops

Tiger Lily Kitten

Tiger Lily Kitten Gift Box

Tiger Lily Gazebo

Tiger Lily Latte

July 2019

Daisy Lion

Daisy Lion Gift Box

Daisy Canopy Bed

Lazy Daisy Cupcake

Egyptian Mau Kitten
Promo Kinz

Egyptian Mau Kitten Gift Box

Pyramid Cottage

Ramses Rice and Meatballs

Pineapple Turtle

Pineapple Turtle Gift Box

Pineapple Spa

Pineapple Pancake Stack

August 2019

Soft Rainbow Tiger
Promo Kinz

Soft Rainbow Tiger Gift Box

Lap Pool

Rainbow Sliders

Tawny Lion Cub

Tawny Lion Cub Gift Box

Sweet Safari Nook

Crispy Plantain Chips

Whippet Puppy

Whippet Puppy Gift Box

Favorite Fireplace Spot

Short Rib Sliders

September 2019

Moonlight Bear
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Bear Gift Box

Sleep Under the Stars Hammock

Moonlight Parfait

Noble Elk

Noble Elk Gift Box

Magic Elven Fountain

Ancient Grains Salad

Zombie Bear
Promo Kinz

Zombie Bear Gift Box

Creepy Zombie Truck

Brain Booster Smoothie

October 2019

Lil Midnight Munchkin

Lil Midnight Munchkin Gift Box

Midnight Munchkin Cottage

Midnight Boo Brownie

Lil Magical Munchkin

Lil Magical Munchkin Gift Box

Magical Munchkin Cottage

Magical Boo Brownie

Lil Mischievous Munchkin

Lil Mischievous Munchkin Gift Box

Mischievous Munchkin Cottage

Mischievous Boo Brownie


Weremonster Gift Box

Monstrous Cave

Monstrous Sandwich

November 2019

Cinnamon Squirrel

Cinnamon Squirrel Gift Box

Soft Spice Hanging Bed

Spiced Acorn Cake

Copper Husky Pup

Copper Husky Pup Gift Box

Sing Along Piano

Cheddar Bacon Pretzel Bun

Holiday Puppy
Promo Kinz

Holiday Puppy Gift Box

Quilted Christmas Slide

Sausage Roll Wreath

December 2019

Holiday Elf

Holiday Elf Gift Box

Elf House

Christmas Candy Kabob

Quilted Robin

Quilted Robin Gift Box

Quilted Christmas Fireplace

Cranberry Parfait

Fairykinz Kitten
Promo Kinz

Fairykinz Kitten Gift Box

Fairykinz Bed

Rainbow Shortbread Bites

White Cosmic Wolf

White Cosmic Wolf Gift Box

Heavenly Harp

Planet Kabob

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2018 Pets

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January 2018

Cuddly Teddy Bear

Cuddly Teddy Bear Gift Box

Teddy Bear Piano

Teddy Bear Porridge

Lovestruck Panda

Lovestruck Panda Gift Box

Lovely Bamboo Loveseat

Pink Bamboo Salad

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat Gift Box

Designer Vanity

Ragout A Go-Go

Sweetheart Whale

Sweetheart Whale Gift Box

Heart Bubble Fountain

Sea Salty Crinkle Chips

February 2018

Chow Chow Puppy
Promo Kinz

Chow Chow Puppy Gift Box

Puppy Wardrobe

Crunchy Cereal Cup

Purple Persian Kitten
Promo Kinz

Purple Persian Kitten Gift Box

Crown Beanbag Bed

Priceless Pate

Snuggly Teddy Bear

Snuggly Teddy Bear Gift Box

Teddy Bear Wardrobe

Honey BBQ Chips

Two Toned Llama

Two Toned Llama Gift Box

Warm Woolly Wardrobe

Maize Manicotti

March 2018

Butterscotch Bunny

Butterscotch Bunny Gift Box

Spring Celebration Table

Shortbread Bunny

Chocolate Bunny
Promo Kinz

Chocolate Bunny Gift Box

Spring Basket Car

Carrot Candy Slices


Cockapoo Gift Box

Dug Up Garden Storage

Messy Mud Pie

Denim & Lace Pony

Denim & Lace Pony Gift Box

Denim & Lace Wardrobe

Fried Apple Rings

Lil Blue Spring Kitten

Lil Blue Spring Kitten Gift Box

Blue Spring Egg Cottage

Blue Spring Candy Bark

Lil Pink Spring Kitten

Lil Pink Spring Kitten Gift Box

Pink Spring Egg Cottage

Pink Spring Candy Bark

Lil Purple Spring Kitten

Lil Purple Spring Kitten Gift Box

Purple Spring Egg Cottage

Purple Spring Candy Bark

April 2018

Denim & Lace Giraffe

Denim & Lace Giraffe Gift Box

Denim & Lace Shower

Chopped Safari Salad


Ostrich Gift Box

Grassland Treadmill

Locust Jerky


Owlet Gift Box

Mama Owl Hot Air Balloon

Sour Jelly Worms

Spring Shepherd

Spring Shepherd Gift Box

Springtime Convertible

Springtime Ice Pop

May 2018

Black Panther Cub
Promo Kinz

Black Panther Cub Gift Box

Rainforest Perch Bed

Rainforest Roti

Otter Pup

Otter Pup Gift Box

Seashell Racer

Clam Shell Cookies

Scruffy Puppy

Scruffy Puppy Gift Box

Playful Fire Hydrant

Street Meat

Sun Dragon

Sun Dragon Gift Box

Sunlit Sundial

Rainbow Raindrop Cake

June 2018

Brilliant Penguin[1]

Brilliant Penguin Gift Box

Sleek Sequin Tub

Dazzling Dumplings

Diamond Dragonfly
Promo Kinz

Diamond Dragonfly Gift Box

Sparkling Diamond Gazebo

Sweet Diamond Snow Cone

Fur Seal Pup

Fur Seal Pup Gift Box

Seashell Cottage Shower

Squid Sushi

Husky Pup

Husky Pup Gift Box

Cool Crib

Mackerel Mush

Maine Coon Cat
Promo Kinz

Maine Coon Cat Gift Box

Lighthouse Tower

Seaside Crab Cakes

Rainbow Googles
Promo Kinz

Rainbow Googles Gift Box

Really Rainbow Couch

Really Rainbow Ice Cream
  1. Available in the Ganz eStore Spring/Summer 2018 Pet Pre-Sale

July 2018

Blue Ribbon Cow

Blue Ribbon Cow Gift Box

Silo Slide

Corn on the Cob Pop

Fairykinz Panda Cub

Fairykinz Panda Cub Gift Box

Blue Fairykinz Cottage

Fizzy Fairy Float

Pebble Horse

Pebble Horse Gift Box

Stone Stable

Celery Slabs

Pumi Puppy
Promo Kinz

Pumi Puppy Gift Box

Puppy Stove

Plum Dumplings

August 2018

Blue Ribbon Goat

Blue Ribbon Goat Gift Box

Farm Playground

Cedar Tree Tea

Elegant Dino[1]

Elegant Dino Gift Box

Elegant Vanity

Dignified Dim Sum


Sheepdog Gift Box

Shepherd’s Wheel

Black Pudding and Mash
  1. Available in the Ganz eStore Spring/Summer 2018 Pet Pre-Sale

September 2018

Baby Alligator

Baby Alligator Gift Box

Playful Bog Bed

Swampy Sippy Cup

Moonlight Tiger
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Tiger Gift Box

Moonlight Garden

Sugar Plum Pie

Northern Trails Bear[1]

Northern Trails Bear Gift Box

Northern Trails Dreamcatcher Chair

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Pebble Giraffe

Pebble Giraffe Gift Box

Wild Apricot Tree Swing

Wild Apricot Preserves

Vampire Rat
Promo Kinz

Vampire Rat Gift Box

Cursed Cottage

Spooky Cheese Plate
  1. Available in the Ganz eStore Spring/Summer 2018 Pet Pre-Sale from May 15th - June 11th 2018.

October 2018

Jewel Beetle

Jewel Beetle Gift Box

Bog Boat

Chocolate Leaf Cup

Be Merry Bear

Be Merry Bear Gift Box

Vintage Music Box

Honey Date Bars

British Bulldog

British Bulldog Gift Box

Hot Water Bottle Bed

Beans on Toast

Fox Kit

Fox Kit Gift Box

Sly Reading Nook

Wild Game Benedict

Lil Purple Goblin

Lil Purple Goblin Gift Box

Purple Mushroom Cottage

Purple Petrifying Parfait

Lil Orange Goblin

Lil Orange Goblin Gift Box

Orange Mushroom Cottage

Orange Petrifying Parfait

Lil Green Goblin

Lil Green Goblin Gift Box

Green Mushroom Cottage

Green Petrifying Parfait

November 2018

Flutter Cow
Promo Kinz

Flutter Cow Gift Box

Pink Flutter Bed

Oatmeal Moon Pies

Holiday Kitten
Promo Kinz

Holiday Kitten Gift Box

Soft Sparkle Wardrobe

Purrfect Pizza

Pink Ribbon Unicorn

Pink Ribbon Unicorn Gift Box

Happily Ever After Carriage

Radiant Rigatoni

Be Merry Fawn

Be Merry Fawn Gift Box

Vintage Rocking Horse

Roasted Pear Salad

Snowball Bunny

Snowball Bunny Gift Box

Holiday Carriage Bed

Root Veggie Tart

December 2018

Narwhal (2018)

Narwhal Gift Box

Narwhal Ice Sculpture

Flatfish Fritters

Snowy Retriever Puppy
Promo Kinz

Snowy Retriever Puppy Gift Box

Christmas Toy Trunk

Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

Wooly Piglet

Wooly Piglet Gift Box

Snow Covered Bridge

Cheesy Pasta Bake

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2017 Pets

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January 2017

Homespun Polar Bear

Homespun Polar Bear Gift Box

Country Quilted Wardrobe

Country Biscuit Sandwich

Lovely Butterfly

Lovely Butterfly Gift Box

Greenhouse Gazebo

Dipped Marshmallows

Love Giraffe

Love Giraffe Gift Box

Lovely Acacia Tree

Passion Fruit Frappe

Pitbull Puppy

Pitbull Puppy Gift Box

Playful Pup Ball Pit

Puppy Love Lolly

February 2017

Homespun Groundhog

Homespun Groundhog Gift Box

Homespun Stove

Sprout Salad

Keeshond Puppy
Promo Kinz

Keeshond Puppy Gift Box

Cheerful Barge Bed

Sweet Waffle Cookie

Mint Chocolate Sheep

Mint Chocolate Sheep Gift Box

Meadow Bridge

Mint Brownie Bites

Sheltie Puppy
Promo Kinz

Sheltie Puppy Gift Box

Puppy Sofa

Precious Puppy Tart

Baby Bunny

Baby Bunny Gift Box

Baby Bunny Buggy

Pureed Carrots

Baby Zebra

Baby Zebra Gift Box

Tall Grass Bassinet

Zig-Zag Ziti

March 2017

Lil Purple Spring Calf

Lil Purple Spring Calf Gift Box

Sweet Purple Wagon Bed

Purple Calf Cake Pop

Lil Yellow Spring Calf

Lil Yellow Spring Calf Gift Box

Sweet Yellow Wagon Bed

Yellow Calf Cake Pop

Lil Green Spring Calf

Lil Green Spring Calf Gift Box

Sweet Green Wagon Bed

Green Calf Cake Pop

Storybook Goose

Storybook Goose Gift Box

Foxglove Bed

Zesty Corn Preserves

Black & White Friesian

Black and White Friesian Gift Box

Knight's Stable

Grandiose Griddlecakes

Oatmeal Kangaroo

Oatmeal Kangaroo Gift Box

Oatmeal Cookie Trampoline

Joey Oatcakes

April 2017


Chameleon Gift Box

Color Changing Tree

Candied Crickets

Patchwork Cat

Patchwork Cat Gift Box

Patchwork Pillow Bed

Cat Grass Smoothie


Axolotl Gift Box

Axo Lagoon

Gummy Guppies

Earthly Fox

Earthly Fox Gift Box

Sunflower Cottage

Savory Sunflower Seeds

Storybook Rabbit

Storybook Rabbit Gift Box

Wheel Barrow Chair

Garden Veggies and Dip

White Dire Wolf Pup
Promo Kinz

White Dire Wolf Pup Gift Box

Snowy Hill Hideaway

Mountain Smokehouse Sandwich

May 2017

Golden Langur

Golden Langur Gift Box

Golden Fruit Basket

Papaya Porridge

King Schnauzer

King Schnauzer Gift Box

Tiny Toy Kingdom

Royal Tea

Caracal Kitten
Promo Kinz

Caracal Kitten Gift Box

Rock Ledge Lookout

Rodent Ravioli

Donkey Foal

Donkey Foal Gift Box

Villa Courtyard Swing

Sweet And Sour Roasted Beets

Floral Pony

Floral Pony Gift Box

Finest Floral Wardrobe

Flower Layer Cake

June 2017

Apricot Schnoodle Puppy
Promo Kinz

Apricot Schnoodle Puppy Gift Box

Puppy Bed

Apricot Fruit Leather

Black Labrador

Black Labrador Gift Box

Playful Splash Pad

Black Bean Soup

Chipmunk (2017)

Chipmunk Gift Box

Tree Hollow Bed

Chewy Cashew Chips

Toadstool Frog

Toadstool Frog Gift Box

Toadstool Hollow Trampoline

Swamp Chomp Stew

Wild Piglet

Wild Piglet Gift Box

Villa Flower Tricycle

Scrumptious Stuffed Mushrooms

July 2017

Beaver (2017)

Beaver Gift Box

Frozen Food Cache

Water Lily Wrap

French Hen

French Hen Gift Box

Ohh La La Cafe Table

ChiChi Coleslaw

Ribbon Unicorn (2017)

Ribbon Unicorn Gift Box

Far Far Away Canopy Bed

Glittery Grape Gelato

Tranquility Hippo
Promo Kinz

Tranquility Hippo Gift Box

Tranquility Spring

Watermelon Gazpacho

Wheaten Terrier Puppy

Wheaten Terrier Puppy Gift Box

Super Soft Napping Couch

Kibble Cookie Dough Cone

August 2017

Basset Hound (2017)

Basset Hound Gift Box

Dog Day Divan

Pungent Pate

Dandy Lion

Dandy Lion Gift Box

Wild Fields Window

Flower Chips and Dip

French Poodle

French Poodle Gift Box

Ohh La La Shower

ChiChi Cinnamon French Toast

Hedgehog (2017)

Hedgehog Gift Box

Leaf Litter Nest

Nocturnal Nibbles

Dwarf Antelope
Promo Kinz

Dwarf Antelope Gift Box

Lookout Tub

Exotic Fruit Boat

September 2017

Blue Bison Calf

Blue Bison Calf Gift Box

Northern Trail Storage

Campfire Cone

English Cream Retriever

English Cream Retriever Gift Box

English Garden Pond

Peaches and Cream

Snow Lynx

Snow Lynx Gift Box

Snowy Den

Snowshoe Pear

Great Dane Puppy
Promo Kinz

Great Dane Puppy Gift Box

Blue Harlequin Bed

Cute Candy Kabob

Nightfall Dragon

Nightfall Dragon Gift Box

Dragon Windmill

Darkness Dipped Cookies

October 2017

Corgi Dog

Corgi Dog Gift Box

Wicker Basket Bed

Royal Jam Pennies

Panama Sloth

Panama Sloth Gift Box

Lazy Tree Swing

Lazy Leaf Lasagna

Sparkle Penguin

Sparkle Penguin Gift Box

Sparkling Toboggan

Sparkling Seafood Supper

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon Gift Box

Dragon Hero Slide

Dragon Hero Burger

Vampire Monkey

Vampire Monkey Gift Box

Daytime Rest Chamber

Big Bite Donut

November 2017

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Gift Box

Milk Cart Fridge

Bernese Platter

Fairykinz Tiger Cub

Fairykinz Tiger Cub Gift Box

Fairykinz Shower

Pink Pixie Punch

Reindeer Calf

Reindeer Calf Gift Box

Northern Lights Seat

Wintergreen Gummies

Sugar and Spice Fawn

Sugar and Spice Fawn Gift Box

Merry Morning Fireplace

Hot Cocoa Pudding Cup

Turtle Dove
Promo Kinz

Turtle Dove Gift Box

Gold Sparkle Wardrobe

Gold Wrapped Truffles

December 2017

Black and White Springer

Black and White Springer Gift Box

Decoy Pond

Hunter's Trail Mix

Polar Penguin

Polar Penguin Gift Box

Quiet Time Reading Nook

Snow Dusted Brownie

Pretty Elephant

Pretty Elephant Gift Box

Pretty Pavilion

Poached Persimmon

Sugar and Spice Puppy

Sugar and Spice Puppy Gift Box

Sugar and Spice Piano

Sweet Scone Sandwich

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2016 Pets

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January 2016

African Chimpanzee

African Chimpanzee Gift Box

Totally Tangled Liana Swing

Fancy Fire Ants

Eskimo Dog

Eskimo Dog Gift Box

Hide N Seek Peek

Pickled Pollock Spinach Spatzle

Lovely Fox

Lovely Fox Gift Box

Leafy Treat Retreat

Berry Tasty Caterpillar Sorbet

Brilliant Tortoise

Brilliant Tortoise Gift Box

Sleek Sequin Vanity

Slow Cooked Lava Cake

Sweetheart Chipmunk

Sweetheart Chipmunk Gift Box

Lovely Log Bed

Hot Cinnamon Acorns

Upbeat Chic Owl

Upbeat Chic Owl Gift Box

Upbeat Chic Piano

Savory Seed Chowder

February 2016

Bullmastiff Puppy

Bullmastiff Puppy Gift Box

Ornate English Garden Gate

Bubble and Squeak Puppy Pie

Dusty Border Collie Puppy
Promo Kinz

Dusty Border Collie Puppy Gift Box

Green Leaf Trike

Ham & Cheese Pupwich

Hoppy Floppy Bunny

Hoppy Floppy Bunny Gift Box

Roaming Gloaming Go-Cart

First Blush Forb Broth

Polar Cub

Polar Cub Gift Box

Polar Bear Club Swimming Hole

White Chocolate Bark

Purple Dragonfly
Promo Kinz

Purple Dragonfly Gift Box

Sweet Blossom Bed

Silly Celery Snacks

Upbeat Chic Giraffe

Upbeat Chic Giraffe Gift Box

Long Necked Slide

Pesto Pasta

March 2016

Cuddle Cat

Cuddle Cat Gift Box

Treehouse Made for Two

Piquant Cod Canapes

Shiba Inu Dog

Shibu Inu Dog Gift Box

Shiba Inu Soaker

Yummy Yakitori

Lil Blue Spring Bunny

Lil Blue Spring Bunny Gift Box

Blue Toadstool Slide

Blue Raspberry Macaron

Lil Orange Spring Bunny

Lil Orange Spring Bunny Gift Box

Orange Toadstool Slide

Peach Macaron

Lil Purple Spring Bunny

Lil Purple Spring Bunny Gift Box

Purple Toadstool Slide

Honey Lavender Macaron

Olympus Phoenix

Olympus Phoenix Gift Box

Sunshine Stained Glass Window

Candied Orange

Wolf Pup
Promo Kinz

Wolf Pup Gift Box

Baby Carriage Bed

Mini Meatloaf

April 2016

Global Panda

Global Panda Gift Box

Mini Biodome

Blooming Algae Aioli

Salt and Pepper Dalmatian

Salt and Pepper Dalmatian Gift Box

Salt and Pepper Fridge

Pepper Pot Pie


Bumblebee Gift Box

Honeycomb Closet

Honey Smoothie

Olympus Pegasus

Olympus Pegasus Gift Box

Pegasus Palace Tower

Rainbow Sprinkle Meringue

May 2016

Cheetah Cub
Promo Kinz

Cheetah Cub Gift Box

Dino Rocker

Mini Meatball Sandwich

Countryside Hedgehog

Countryside Hedgehog Gift Box

Playful Country Hedge

Slug Sucker

Northern Trails Eagle
Promo Kinz

Northern Trails Eagle Gift Box

Northern Trails Canoe Couch

Cod Casserole

Northern Trails Stag

Northern Trails Stag Gift Box

Hiker’s Rest Bench

Raspberry Rainwater Punch

Enchanted Giraffe

Enchanted Giraffe Gift Box

Sparkling Acacia Tree Fridge

Lovely Leaf Frittata

Silver Labrador

Silver Labrador Gift Box

Argent Armoire

Silver Spoon Souffle

June 2016

Cloud Lion

Cloud Lion Gift Box

Cloud Plane

Stratus Steak

Countryside Mouse

Countryside Mouse Gift Box

Country Garden Gazebo

Wild Blueberry Cheesecake

Blue Bay Dolphin

Blue Bay Dolphin Gift Box

Brilliant Blue Bed

Sparkling Blueberry Tea

Choco Vanilla Pony

Choco Vanilla Pony Gift Box

Decadent Dessert Display

Chocolate Hayclair

July 2016

Blue Tang

Blue Tang Gift Box

Octopus Couch

Algae Apple Pie

Serenity Fairy Fox
Promo Kinz

Serenity Fairy Fox Gift Box

Serenity Cottage

Serenity Truffles

Tranquility Fairy Fox
Promo Kinz

Tranquility Fairy Fox Gift Box

Tranquility Cottage

Tranquility Truffles

Zebra Foal

Zebra Foal Gift Box

Zebra Toy Box

Oat Grass Porridge

Chocolate Milk Cow

Chocolate Milk Cow Gift Box

Chocolate Loft Barn Bed

Cocoa Butter Biscuits

Tuxedo Chihuahua

Tuxedo Chihuahua Gift Box

Fiesta Tiled Fountain

Elegant Enchilada

August 2016

Lion Cub

Lion Cub Gift Box

Wild Savannah Wardrobe

Roasted Riblets

Moon Dragon

Moon Dragon Gift Box

Asteroid Armchair

Orbital Ice Cream

Cinnamon Beagle

Cinnamon Beagle Gift Box

Soothing Scented Spa

Cinnabark Bites

Misty Koala

Misty Koala Gift Box

Eucalyptus Tree Perch

Lovely Eucalyptus Lasagna

September 2016

Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier Gift Box

Picnic Basket Car

Ham & Cheese Pinwheel


Firefly Gift Box

Twinkle Light Gazebo

Lightning Lemonade

Moonlight Wolf
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Wolf Gift Box

Moonlight Touring Roadster

Moonlight Casserole

Panda Cub
Promo Kinz

Panda Cub Gift Box

Serene Green Swing

Bamboo Ice Pop

Snow Leopard Cub
Promo Kinz

Snow Leopard Cub Gift Box

Playful Slide

Mini Goulash Dish

Long Haired Yorkie

Long Haired Yorkie Gift Box

Ornate Cedar Chest

Yorkshire Curd Tart

Sweet Spice Cat

Sweet Spice Cat Gift Box

Sweet Spice Shop

Perfect Poached Pears

October 2016

Emerald Dragon

Emerald Dragon Gift Box

Emerald Wizard Costume Box

Emerald Jewel Pop

Emerald Wizard Costume Tuxedo

Emerald Wizard Costume Hat

Emerald Wizard Costume Shoes


Gargowl Gift Box

Murky Fountain Perch

Barbecued Basalt Bugs

Vampire Bunny

Vampire Bunny Gift Box

Nightmare Tower

Blood Orange Elixir

Bloodhound Pup

Bloodhound Pup Gift Box

P.I. Pickup

P.I. Pie

Frosty Fawn

Frosty Fawn Gift Box

Frozen Cherry Blossom Tree

Frozen Cherry Blossoms

White Lion

White Lion Gift Box

Beaded Throne

Venison Stew

November 2016

Holly Fox

Holly Fox Gift Box

Holiday Hearts Bed

Festive Wreath Donut


Partridge Gift Box

Yuletide Pear Tree

Festive Tart

Sock Bear

Sock Bear Gift Box

Knitted Wardrobe

Hand Knit Hamburger

Sugar Plum Sparkle Pegasus
Promo Kinz

Sugar Plum Sparkle Pegasus Gift Box

Sugar Plum Piano

Layered Fruit Pop

Leopard Cub

Leopard Cub Gift Box

Treetop Cradle

Giraffy Taffy

Snow Cap Ferret

Snow Cap Ferret Gift Box

Cozy Snow Burrow Bed

Cinnabunny Creamsicle

December 2016

Blue Persian Kitten

Blue Persian Kitten Gift Box

Victorian Icebox Fridge

Mutton Cutlets

Rascally Raccoon

Rascally Raccoon Gift Box

Getaway Car

Off the Truck Tacos

Spaniel Pup

Spaniel Pup Gift Box

Table for Two

Mini Meatballs

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2015 Pets

>> Click here to see the Item Guide for this section

January 2015

Blue Avenue Pomeranian

Blue Avenue Pomeranian Giftbox

Blue Avenue Day Bed

White Diamond Cupcake

Lovely Leopard

Lovely Leopard Gift Box

Sweetheart Booth

Be Mine Cake

Oatmeal Pup

Oatmeal Pup Gift Box

Sweet Bakers Oven

Homemade Apple Crisp

Sweetheart Fox

Sweetheart Fox Gift Box

Sweetheart Bench

Cupids Candy Apple

Sweet Elephant

Sweet Elephant Gift Box

Big Top Tricycle

Peanut Popcorn Fudge

February 2015

Blue Avenue Kitten

Blue Avenue Kitten Gift Box

Blue Avenue Coupe Car

Jeweled Lollipop

Fiesta Unicorn

Fiesta Unicorn Gift Box

Pretty Party Snack Table

Rainbow Sour Licorice

Ginger Bunny

Ginger Bunny Gift Box

Glorious Garden Patch

Spicy Carrot Soup

Golden Fawn
Promo Kinz

Golden Fawn Gift Box

Golden Canopy Bed

Marigold Muffin

Morkie Puppy

Morkie Puppy Gift Box

Teacup Tub

Fancy Beans on Toast

Mystical Purple Hedgehog
Promo Kinz

Mystical Purple Hedgehog Gift

Wishing Well Spa

Marvelous Macaroni

March 2015

Berry Cheeky Monkey

Berry Cheeky Monkey Gift Box

Banana Buggy

Very Berry Ice Pop

Mini Pinscher Dog

Mini Pinscher Dog Gift Box

Secret Statue Safe

Bittersweet Hazelnut Pretzel

Pioneer Pig

Pioneer Pig Gift Box

Haystack Sleeping Nook

Sweet Cornbread Muffin

Rosy Satin Cow
Promo Kinz

Rosy Satin Cow Gift Box

Sleek Satin Bed

Velvety Strawberry Smoothie

Lil Pink Spring Corgi

Lil Pink Spring Corgi Gift Box

Pink Spring Breeze Plane

Pink Playful Jelly Eggs

Lil Purple Spring Corgi

Lil Purple Spring Corgi Gift Box

Purple Spring Breeze Plane

Purple Playful Jelly Eggs

Lil Yellow Spring Corgi

Lil Yellow Spring Corgi Gift Box

Yellow Spring Breeze Plane

Yellow Playful Jelly Eggs

April 2015

10 Year Magic W Pup

10 Year Magic W Pup Gift Box

10 Year Magic W Pup Bonus Gift Box

Magic W Ice Pop

Happy Ten Years Bed

Happy Ten Years Wallpaper

Happy Ten Years Flooring

Decade Dragon

Decade Dragon Gift Box

Milestone Throne

Decadent Cupcake

Patchwork Cow

Patchwork Cow Gift Box

Cute Quilted Tent

Patterned Pastry

Pioneer Pony

Pioneer Pony Gift Box

Bountiful Bread Table

Homestead Fries

Plum Porcupine

Plum Porcupine Gift Box

Electric Purple Drum Set

Plum Crazy Crumble

May 2015

Cauliflower Sheep

Cauliflower Sheep Gift Box

Salad Dressing Fountain

Fresh Garden Salad

Maltese Puppy

Maltese Puppy Gift Box

Ball Pit Slide

Mini Maltese Marshmallows

Onyx Monkey

Onyx Monkey Gift Box

Jungle Climber

Banana Split Kebab

Scottish Fold Cat
Promo Kinz

Scottish Fold Cat Gift Box

Cozy Mohair Bed

Toffee Scone

Sparkling Puppy
Promo Kinz

Sparkling Puppy Gift Box

Twinkling Rainbow Wardrobe

Glitter Gumdrops

Teal Zebra

Teal Zebra Gift Box

Wild Outdoor Tent

Tasty Trail Mix

Ten Ton Elephant
Promo Kinz

Ten Ton Elephant Gift Box

Big Link Swing

Ton o' Fun Peanuts

Timeless Wolf
Promo Kinz

Timeless Wolf Gift Box

Timeless Touring Car

Celestial Stroganoff

June 2015

African Black Rhino

African Black Rhino Gift Box

Slippery Water Slide

Sunny Smoothie

Blonde Labrador

Blonde Labrador Gift Box

Lake Lifeguard Chair

Golden Fish & Chips

Sock Elephant

Sock Elephant Gift Box

Knitted Hammock

Sweet Savannah Tea

Sweet Pea Dragonfly

Sweet Pea Dragonfly Gift Box

Sweet Blossom Bench

Sugar Blossom Cupcake

July 2015

Black Cocker Spaniel

Black Cocker Spaniel Gift Box

Comfy Classic Recliner

Black Licorice Sorbet

Glitter Fawn

Glitter Fawn Gift Box

Starry Car

Twinkling Truffles

Golden Winged Tiger
Promo Kinz

Golden Winged Tiger Gift Box

Glimmering Throne

Gold Encrusted Meat Pie

Merry Go Round Pony

Merry Go Round Pony Gift Box

Merry Go Round Pony Bonus Gift Box

Pretty Popcorn

Merry Go Round Bridle

Merry Go Round Saddle

Carousel Chariot Bench

Royal Cobra

Royal Cobra Gift Box

Snake Charmer Basket Bed

Spicy Samosas

August 2015

Cinnamon Guinea Pig

Cinnamon Guinea Pig Gift Box

Delightful Desserts Oven

Sweet Custard Tart

Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon Gift Box

Forest Hollow Cave

Wild Herbal Tea

Elegant French Bulldog
Promo Kinz

Elegant French Bulldog Gift Box

Sleepy Puppy Sofa

Charming Crepes

Pewter Panda

Pewter Panda Gift Box

Fancy Futon Couch

Bamboo Berry Tea

Royal Elephant

Royal Elephant Gift Box

Lavish Carriage Gazebo

Marvelous Marsala Curry

September 2015

French Bulldog

French Bulldog Gift Box

Baroque Chest of Drawers

Chic Croissant

Harvest Owl

Harvest Owl Gift Box

Fall Feast Dining Table

Autumn Leaf Chocolate

Camo Cow

Camo Cow Gift Box

Hidden Treehouse Bed

Camo Corn

Fire Bear
Promo Kinz

Fire Bear Gift Box

Blazing Wardrobe

Flickering Fondue

Tinker Chimera

Tinker Chimera Gift Box

Sprocket Swing

Clockwork Cookie

October 2015

Jolly Holiday Puppy

Jolly Holiday Puppy Gift Box

Polar Peppermint Booth

Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies


Panther Gift Box

Chic Satin Bed

Midnight Meatballs

Red Velvet Fox

Red Velvet Fox Gift Box

Red Velvet Fridge

Velvety Cookie Pie

10 Year Magic W Cat
Promo Kinz

10 Year Magic W Cat Gift Box

Happy 10 Year Wardrobe

Webkinz 10 Crunchies

Tinker Jackalope

Tinker Jackalope Gift Box

Tinkerpunk Tuxedo Outfit

Marvelous Mech-aroni

Jackalope Hat

Jackalope Waistcoat

Jackalope Trousers

Vampire Kitten

Vampire Kitten Gift Box

Shadowy Slide

Coffin Cake

November 2015

American Black Bear

American Black Bear Gift Box

Busy Bee Hive

Berry Hazelnut Toast

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Gift Box

Arctic ATV

Wild Salmon Soup

Brilliant Pegasus
Promo Kinz

Brilliant Pegasus Gift Box

Sparkling Air Balloon

Glitzy Jelly Beans

Jolly Jubilee Reindeer

Jolly Jubilee Reindeer Gift Box

Christmas Eve Nook

Holiday Party Cookies

Midnight Marten

Midnight Marten Gift Box

Astral Dreams Bed

Moonlight Meringues

December 2015

Blushing Fawn

Blushing Fawn Gift Box

Pretty Pink Pasture

Lily Lollis

West Highland Terrier

West Highland Terrier Gift Box

Tartan Golf Cart

Savory Smokies

Holiday Helper Dragon

Holiday Helper Dragon Gift Box

Holiday Light Up Car

Holiday Helper Sundae

Jolly Jubilee Otter

Jolly Jubilee Otter Gift Box

Jolly Jubilee Shower

Popcorn Snowball Treats

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2014 Pets

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January 2014

Ballet Pup

Ballet Pup Gift Box

Pink Tutu Table

Sugarplum Sorbet

Blonde Dachshund

Blonde Dachshund Gift Box

Gold Armchair

Vanilla Cannoli

Harmony Crane
Promo Kinz

Harmony Crane Gift Box

Good Fortune Kimono

Zen Bento Box

Lovely Love Kitten

Lovely Love Kitten Gift Box

Candy Heart Couch

Rose Petal Tea

Red Velvet Fawn

Red Velvet Fawn Gift Box

Forest Travelers Luggage

Red Velvet Pancakes

Rose Lion

Rose Lion Gift Box

Secret Garden Bench

Flower Tart

Whooo La La Owl

Whooo La La Owl Gift Box

Blingin' Accessories Box

Pampered Pudding

February 2014

American German Shepherd

American German Shepherd Gift Box

Puppy Patrol Motorcycle

Off-Duty Donut

Carrots Bunny

Carrots Bunny Gift Box

Springtime Clock

Carrot Cake Crepes

Howdy Horse

Howdy Horse Gift Box

High Noon Chair

Lasso Linguine

Knit Sock Monkey

Knit Sock Monkey Gift Box

Knit Sock Monkey Package Box