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2007 Pets

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January 2007


Bulldog Gift Box

Fire Hydrant Fridge

Bangers And Mash

Bull Frog

Bull Frog Gift Box

Lord Of The Pond Throne

Savory Swamp Stew


Leopard Gift Box

Wilds Of The Jungle Sofa

Garlicky Gazelle Tenderloin

Lil Panda

Lil Panda Gift Box

Ming Vase Panda Fridge

Lil Bamboo Canelloni

Lil White Terrier

Lil White Terrier Gift Box

Trailblazin' Terrier Scooter

Crispy Bone Scones

Persian Cat

Persian Cat Gift Box

Super Fluffy Sofa

Fluffy Tuna Tartufo

Pink Pony

Pink Pony Gift Box

Beautiful Blush Treadmill

Rosy Alfalfa Alfredo

Sherbet Bunny

Sherbet Bunny Gift Box

Springtime Basket Chair

Creamy Carrot Sherbet

February 2007

Black Lab

Black Lab Gift Box

Autumn Paw Print Window

Kibble A La King


Koala Gift Box

Wacky Eucalyptus TV

Tasty Eucalyptus Pastries

March 2007


Beagle Gift Box

Pawprint Dining Table

Beagle Bagel Bits

Lil Tree Frog

Lil Tree Frog Gift Box

Tree Frog Trampoline

Lil Tree Frog Fly Soup

April 2007


Clydesdale Gift Box

Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace

Braised Bannock Bites


Dalmatian Gift Box

Rapid Rescue Fire Truck

Five Alarm Chili

Lil Yorkie

Lil Yorkie Gift Box

Shaggy Yorkie Couch

Yummy Yorkie Cotton Candy

Spotted Frog

Spotted Frog Gift Box

Reeds N' Rushes Sofa

Spotted Shrimp Scampi

May 2007

Lil Persian Cat

Lil Persian Cat Gift Box

Super Fluffy Sofa

Fluffy Tuna Tartufo

June 2007

Chocolate Lab

Chocolate Lab Gift Box

Cocoa Basket Bed

Carob Chip Cookies


Husky Gift Box

Northern Nights Bed

Frosted Kibbly Chunks


Raccoon Gift Box

Curbside Cuisine Fridge

Rascal's Ratatouille

July 2007

Black Friesian[1]

Black Friesian Gift Box

Hay Bale Sofa

Horseshoe Huckleberry Hotcakes
  1. The Black Friesian is also known as the Black Stallion

August 2007

Black Cat

Black Cat Gift Box

Witch's Brew Bathtub

Fried Batcakes

October 2007

German Shepherd

German Shepherd Gift Box

Puppy Patrol Car

Bone Pretzel


Reindeer Gift Box

Far North Sleigh

Spiky Sedge Soup

Yellow Lab

Yellow Lab Gift Box

Lap It Up Pool

Sunshine Feast

November 2007

Brown Arabian

Brown Arabian Gift Box

Horse Show Victory Photo

Horse's D'oeuvres


Collie Gift Box

Ossilily Plant Seeds

Collie Lolly


Penguin Gift Box

Icy Fishing Hole Fridge



Seal Gift Box

Icy Ocean Bathtub

Bubbly Fish Pop

December 2007

Charcoal Cat

Charcoal Cat Gift Box

Paw Print Fireplace

Roasted Mousemallows

Lil Koala

Lil Koala Gift Box

Wacky Eucalyptus TV

Lil Tasty Eucalyptus Pastries

Lil Penguin

Lil Penguin Gift Box

Icy Fishing Hole Fridge

Lil Fishsicle

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