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2008 Pets

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January 2008

Black Poodle

Black Poodle Gift Box

Poofy Poodle Chair

Licorice Canepes

Bulldog, Lil Kinz

Lil Bulldog Gift Box

Fire Hydrant Fridge

Lil Bangers And Mash


Duck Gift Box

Wetlands Pond Bathtub

Cheese And Quackers

Grey Arabian

Grey Arabian Gift Box

Three Wishes Genie Lamp


Love Frog

Love Frog Gift Box

Love Pond

Candied Rose Petals


Pinto Gift Box

Wooden Trough Bathtub

Painted Pinto Bean Salad

Polar Bear, Lil Kinz

Lil Polar Bear Gift Box

Arctic Window

Lil Frozen Iceberg Chili


Turtle Gift Box

Shell Racer

Bugberry Pie

Tie Dye Frog

Tie Dye Frog Gift Box

Tie Dye Frog Kaleidoscope

Tie Dyed Fly Pie

Velvety Elephant

Velvety Elephant Gift Box

Elephant's Travel Trunk

Creamy Peanut Parfait

February 2008

Black and White Cheeky Dog

Black and White Cheeky Dog Gift Box

Black And Chrome Paw Stove

Kibble Chip Ice Cream

Bull Frog, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz Bull Frog Gift Box

Lord Of The Pond Throne

Savory Swamp Stew


Himalayan Gift Box

Yeti Mountain Window

Sherpa's Pie


Kangaroo Gift Box

Desert Jumper Jeep

Poppin' Peach Melba

Leopard, Lil Kinz

Lil Leopard Gift Box

Wilds Of The Jungle Sofa

Lil Garlicky Gazelle Tenderloin

Pink and White Cat

Pink and White Cat Gift Box

Pink And White Scratching Post Chair

Succulent Sweet Sushi


Schnauzer Gift Box

Schnauzer Jalopy

Schnauzer Schnitzel

March 2008

Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger Gift Box

Rock Ledge Bed

Gaur Garbure

Black Lab, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz Black Lab Gift Box

Autumn Paw Print Window

Kibble A La King

Brown Dog

Brown Dog Gift Box

Patchwork Sofa

Savory Sweet Meat Treats

Dalmatian, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz Dalmatian Gift Box

Rapid Rescue Fire Truck

Five Alarm Chili

Pink Poodle, Lil Kinz

Lil Pink Poodle Gift Box

Pink Convertible

Lil Pink Poodle Parfait

Tiger Snake

Tiger Snake Gift Box

Serpentine Stream

Eel Enchilada

April 2008

American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel Gift Box


Doggie Bone Burger


Chicken Gift Box

Egg Chair

Candy Corn Compote

Leopard Lizard

Leopard Lizard Gift Box

Lizard Lounge Chair

Cricket Croquette

White Mouse, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz White Mouse Gift Box

Swiss Cheese Table

Cheesy Cheesecake

May 2008

Black Poodle, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz Black Poodle Gift Box

Poofy Poodle Chair

Licorice Canepes

Chicken, Lil Kinz

Lil Chicken Gift Box

Egg Chair

Lil Candy Corn Compote


Gecko Gift Box

Leafy Lounger

Sticky Spider Cider


Lioness Gift Box

Queen Of The Jungle Throne

Kudu Katsudon


Rhino Gift Box

Shinin' Rhino Truck

Rhino Diner Roulade


Samoyed Gift Box

Frozen Pond

Chewy Chapon Con Carne

Whimsy Dragon

Whimsy Dragon Gift Box

Treasure Throne

Flickering Flame Fajitas

June 2008

Black and White Cheeky Dog, Lil Kinz

Lil Black and White Cheeky Dog Gift Box

Black And Chrome Paw Stove

Lil Kibble Chip Ice Cream

Clydesdale, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz Clydesdale Gift Box

Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace

Braised Bannock Bites

Lemon-Lime Gecko

Lemon-Lime Gecko Gift Box

Lemon-Lime-Time Clock

Locust Leckerli

Pink Googles

Pink Googles Gift Box

Googles Gem Zen Garden

Jumbled Googles Caboodles


Siamese Gift Box

Stylish Siamese Settee

Succulent Tureen Of Sardine

Striped Snake

Striped Snake Gift Box

Bakin' Snake Stove

Seasoned Mole Dariole

July 2008

Blue Jay, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz Blue Jay Gift Box

True Blue Birdbath

Bright Blue Seed Drop Stew


Crocodile Gift Box

Rockin' Croc Swamp Storage

Mollusk Medallions


Rottweiler Gift Box

Cool Pooch Pool Table

Chewy Spiced Spatzle

Spotted Leopard

Spotted Leopard Gift Box

Spots N' Dots TV

Grilled Ungulate Galette

Toco Toucan

Toco Toucan Gift Box

Tropical Colors Water Fountain

Buggy Squawkamole


Wolf Gift Box

Red-Hooded Riding Car

Braised Venison Cacciatore

August 2008

American Albino

American Albino Gift Box

Garden Stripes Table

Sugar Cube Satay

Caramel Lion

Caramel Lion Gift Box

Paws And Claws Armoire

Caramelized Eland Flan

Cocoa Dinosaur

Cocoa Dinosaur Gift Box

Prehistoric Stove

Sweet Cocoa Con Carne


Deer Gift Box

Great Outdoors Window

Buck Potluck

Fantail Goldfish

Fantail Goldfish Gift Box

Fantail Table

Daphnia Dafina

Gecko, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz Gecko Gift Box

Leafy Lounger

Sticky Spider Cider

Lioness, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz Lioness, Gift Box

Queen of the Jungle Throne

Kudu Katsudon

Magical Retriever
Promo Kinz

Magical Retriever Gift Box

Sparkling Star Bed

Presto Pesto Pizza


Manatee Gift Box

Mangrove Treasure Trove

Mangrove Leaf Manicotti

Silverback Gorilla

Silverback Gorilla Gift Box

Mysterious Pool

Silver Shoots & Roots Pizza


Skunk Gift Box

Black And White Skunk Fridge

Toadstool Fritter

September 2008


Bat Gift Box

Batwing Chair

Freaky Fruit Frappe

Bottlenose Dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin Gift Box

Leaping Dolphin Fountain

Hot Herring Hermit Cookies

Chickadee, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz Chickadee Gift Box

Treetop Lamp

Stuffed Caterpillar Calamarata


Chipmunk Gift Box

Acorn Barbecue

Sweet Peanut Pie


Eagle Gift Box

Majestic Soaring Sofa

Flying Fish Fricassee

Floppy Pig

Floppy Pig Gift Box

Flop N' Slop Bathtub

Mud Pie Flapjacks

Floral Fox

Floral Fox Gift Box

Fantastic Flowerbed

Seedle Delight

Seal, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz Seal Gift Box

Icy Ocean Bathtub

Bubbly Fish Pop


Sheep Gift Box

Counting Sheep Machine

Creamy Steamed Kudzu

October 2008

American Buffalo

American Buffalo Gift Box

Roamin' The Plains Grill

Green Grass Gremolata

Blue Trigger Fish

Blue Trigger Fish Gift Box

Bubbly Blue Bathtub

Coral Cordon Bleu


Bubblegumasaurus Gift Box

Giant Gumball Wardrobe

Bubbly Gumbo

Clown Fish

Clown Fish Gift Box

Underwater Television

Algae Alfajore


Hummingbird Gift Box

Brilliant Hibiscus Chair

Honeysuckle Sticky Buns

Pink and White Dog

Pink and White Dog Gift Box

Spiral Pink Roses



Porcupine Gift Box

Porcupine Sculpture

Pokey Porridge

Purple Monster

Purple Monster Gift Box

Fuzzy Creature Couch

Monster Mash Eye Scream


Snowman Gift Box

Frosty Fireplace

Frosted Snowflakes


Tinkerpup Gift Box

Clockwork Fridge

Bones N' Bolts Sandwich

November 2008


Camel Gift Box

Desert Oasis Pond

Neem Nog

Cardinal, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz Cardinal Gift Box

Cardinal Nest Chair

Honeysuckle Samosa


Cat Gift Box

Blue Ball Cap

Cat Chocolate Bar


Dachshund Gift Box

Dashin' Dachshund Treadmill

Teeny Roasted Weenies


Dog Gift Box

Webkinz Dragster

Dog Burger

Fire Fawn

Fire Fawn Gift Box

Molten Meals Oven

Fireweed Flambé

Grey Langur

Grey Langur Gift Box

Jungle Journey Balloon

Fried Fruited Fungi Fritters

Husky, Lil Kinz

Lil Kinz Husky Gift Box

Northern Nights Bed

Frosted Kibbly Chunks

Orca Whale

Orca Whale Gift Box

Breaching Orca Pond

Chinook Salmon Stew


Parakeet Gift Box

Flyin' High Hideaway Chair

Sweet Parakeet Frites

December 2008

Black Panther

Black Panther Gift Box

Chic Black Couch

Cervidae Cacciatore

Brown Cow

Brown Cow Gift Box

Chocolate Milk Fridge

Brown Cow Float

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel Gift Box

Amazing Acorn Armoire

Munchy Acorn Meringues


Hedgehog Gift Box

Hedgy Hedgehog

Floating Snail Fondue

Minty Reindeer

Minty Reindeer Gift Box

Candy Cane Canopy Bed

Peppermint Pastry


Seahorse Gift Box

Bright Light Sea Lamp

Teeny Tiny Shrimp Dumplings

Sea Otter

Sea Otter Gift Box

Cozy Water Bed

Juicy Abalone Macaroni

Wintermint Reindeer
Promo Kinz

Wintermint Reindeer Gift Box

Wintergreen Candy Cane Bed

Wintermint Pastry
  1. A plush version of this pet was later released in December 2011

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