(Picture Guide) 2019 Pets

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2019 Pets

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January 2019

Lil Blue Sweetheart Cow

Lil Blue Sweetheart Cow Gift Box

Blue Half Heart Window

Sweet Blue Pretzel

Lil Purple Sweetheart Cow

Lil Purple Sweetheart Cow Gift Box

Purple Half Heart Window

Sweet Purple Pretzel

Pine Wolf

Pine Wolf Gift Box

Pretty Pine Fireplace

Pine Sap Gummies

February 2019

Cougar Cub
Promo Kinz

Cougar Cub Gift Box

Quiet Cave

Sauced Meatballs

Dawn Dragon

Dawn Dragon Gift Box

Crystal Hollow

Flaming Smores Sundae

Golden Dalmatian
Promo Kinz

Golden Dalmatian Gift Box

Solid Gold Hot Air Balloon

Pineapple Layered Cake

Signature Collie
Promo Kinz

Signature Collie Gift Box

Country Cafe[1]

Golden Ossilily

You and Me Puppy

You and Me Puppy Gift Box

You and Me Vanity

Sweet Pink Punch
  1. The Country Cafe gives one Yummy Carrot Pupcake a day

March 2019

Good Fortune Hedgehog

Good Fortune Hedgehog Gift Box

Wishful Emerald Vanity

Banana Breakfast Roll

Gray Dire Wolf Pup
Promo Kinz

Gray Dire Wolf Pup Gift Box

Dire Wolf Den

Epic Bone Broth

April 2019

Kiwi Bird
Promo Kinz

Kiwi Bird Gift Box

Great Eggscape Hot Air Balloon

Earth Oven Crayfish

Lil Blue Spring Unicorn

Lil Blue Spring Unicorn Gift Box

Blue Spring Carousel Cottage

Blue Uni-Cone

Lil Pink Spring Unicorn

Lil Pink Spring Unicorn Gift Box

Pink Spring Carousel Cottage

Pink Uni-Cone

Lil Purple Spring Unicorn

Lil Purple Spring Unicorn Gift Box

Purple Spring Carousel Cottage

Purple Uni-Cone

Sweet Spring Lamb

Sweet Spring Lamb Gift Box

Pastel Paradise Wardrobe

Spring Sprouts

May 2019

Desert Monkey

Desert Monkey Gift Box

Sultan's Seat

Stuffed Figs

Fairykinz Raccoon
Promo Kinz

Fairykinz Raccoon Gift Box

Candy Cosmos Seeds

Pixie Puff Pastries

Quokka Gift Box

Sand Dune Slide

Savory Greens Stir-Fry

June 2019

Akita Puppy
Promo Kinz

Akita Puppy Gift Box

Cherry Blooms Hot Tub

Dog Bone Miso Soup

Sparkling Mouse

Sparkling Mouse Gift Box

Rainbow Tower Slide

Frozen Yogurt Pops

Tiger Lily Kitten

Tiger Lily Kitten Gift Box

Tiger Lily Gazebo

Tiger Lily Latte

July 2019

Daisy Lion

Daisy Lion Gift Box

Daisy Canopy Bed

Lazy Daisy Cupcake

Egyptian Mau Kitten
Promo Kinz

Egyptian Mau Kitten Gift Box

Pyramid Cottage

Ramses Rice and Meatballs

Pineapple Turtle

Pineapple Turtle Gift Box

Pineapple Spa

Pineapple Pancake Stack

August 2019

Soft Rainbow Tiger
Promo Kinz

Soft Rainbow Tiger Gift Box

Lap Pool

Rainbow Sliders

Tawny Lion Cub

Tawny Lion Cub Gift Box

Sweet Safari Nook

Crispy Plantain Chips

Whippet Puppy

Whippet Puppy Gift Box

Favorite Fireplace Spot

Short Rib Sliders

September 2019

Moonlight Bear
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Bear Gift Box

Sleep Under the Stars Hammock

Moonlight Parfait

Noble Elk

Noble Elk Gift Box

Magic Elven Fountain

Ancient Grains Salad

Zombie Bear
Promo Kinz

Zombie Bear Gift Box

Creepy Zombie Truck

Brain Booster Smoothie

October 2019

Lil Midnight Munchkin

Lil Midnight Munchkin Gift Box

Midnight Munchkin Cottage

Midnight Boo Brownie

Lil Magical Munchkin

Lil Magical Munchkin Gift Box

Magical Munchkin Cottage

Magical Boo Brownie

Lil Mischievous Munchkin

Lil Mischievous Munchkin Gift Box

Mischievous Munchkin Cottage

Mischievous Boo Brownie


Weremonster Gift Box

Monstrous Cave

Monstrous Sandwich

November 2019

Cinnamon Squirrel

Cinnamon Squirrel Gift Box

Soft Spice Hanging Bed

Spiced Acorn Cake

Copper Husky Pup

Copper Husky Pup Gift Box

Sing Along Piano

Cheddar Bacon Pretzel Bun

Holiday Puppy
Promo Kinz

Holiday Puppy Gift Box

Quilted Christmas Slide

Sausage Roll Wreath

December 2019

Holiday Elf

Holiday Elf Gift Box

Elf House

Christmas Candy Kabob

Quilted Robin

Quilted Robin Gift Box

Quilted Christmas Fireplace

Cranberry Parfait

Fairykinz Kitten
Promo Kinz

Fairykinz Kitten Gift Box

Fairykinz Bed

Rainbow Shortbread Bites

White Cosmic Wolf

White Cosmic Wolf Gift Box

Heavenly Harp

Planet Kabob

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